Obama & Kerry’s First Foreign Policy Success

Obama-KerryCurrently, we are witnessing the first time that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have achieved precisely what they detailed, described and worked on in the realm of foreign policy.  With terrorists attacking Israel by the minute, the international world condemning Israel, and the Obama Administration’s (now-lifted) decision to ban flights to Israel, while simultaneously continuing to fund Hamas, a terrorist organization, the words described by America’s leaders have indeed come true.

In February, John Kerry tried blackmailing and bullying claiming, “[F]or Israel there is an increasing de-legitimization campaign that has been building up. People are very sensitive to it, there is talk of boycott and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?”  Kerry predicted a “high risk” of increased boycotts and a higher likelihood of international isolation for Israel if peace talks broke down.  Precisely what the Obama Administration prescribed for Israel with the travel ban (and ongoing travel warnings) – as the FAA still permits flights into Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

As Senator Ted Cruz stated, “The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands.”  Fitting for his statements in November 2013, when Kerry said that Israel’s “isolation” would be its own fault if a peace deal with the Palestinians falls through. Kerry further warned the Israelis that “the alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos.”  Now as Israel refuses to give in to a terrorist organization devoted to destroying the nation, we see the Obama Administration banning flights to Israel.  Chaos and isolation. Are Kerry and Obama rejoicing?  Still have Israel’s back Mr. President?

Senator Ted Cruz wisely said,

[S]ecurity concerns in Israel are hardly breaking news, and given the exceptional challenge Israel faces, Ben Gurion has rightly earned the reputation as one of the safest airports in the world due to the aggressive security measures implemented by the Israeli government. Given that some 2,000 rockets have been fired into Israel over the last six weeks, many of them at Tel Aviv, it seems curious to choose yesterday at noon to announce a flight ban, especially as the Obama Administration had to be aware of the punitive nature of this action.

Cruz added,

Today we have similar noxious efforts by the Boycott, Divest, Sanction or ‘BDS’ movement, which seeks to punish Israel for the fact that the militant terrorist elements embraced by the Palestinian Authority make any peace deal an intolerable security risk to Israel at this time. But the Obama Administration has refused to robustly denounce this effort to undermine our ally. Instead, Secretary of State John Kerry issued a veiled threat last February when he encouraged boycotts of Israel and said that absent serious Israeli concessions at the negotiating table, Israel’s economic prosperity was “not sustainable” and “illusory.”

Secretary Kerry unfortunately reprised this theme just this April, when he threatened that Israel risked becoming an “apartheid state” if Israel did not submit to his chosen solution to the Israel-Palestinian crisis.

This Administration has overseen an IRS which unfairly targeted and audited conservative organizations during the 2012 election. Billionaire conservative Sheldon Adelson suggested before Obama was re-elected, a second Obama term would bring government “vilification of people that were against him.”  This PR agency owner says it sure seems like it.

Targeting Israel seems to be the same – an attack upon those who don’t go along with the Obama way of doing things.

Isolating Israel encourages and rewards terror – and harms America and Israel.

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  • jimships

    The agenda is clear. The MIC is in charge. Congress is without moral obligation or spine. The people are not interested in anything but reality shows. The result is God’s wrath on this country for abandoning His providence. The best is yet to come and no this will not pass for a generation. Those who abandon or attack Israel will be be destroyed…not by man…but by God.

  • El Cid

    First, the state department threatened Israel with violence and isolation if they did not capitulate to demands that would undermine Israeli security.

    Then, the White House recognized Hamas as a legitimate member of a Unity Government.

    This was a formula that any terrorist organization would take as a signal to attack. Hamas, predictably attacked.

    Now, the White House is offering tribute to Hamas in the form of $47 million and is insinuating themselves in negotiations with Egypt’s government, the sworn enemy of Hamas, to mitigate on Hamas’s behalf.

    The only question remaining is–why? Has Obama been promised a huge personal payout by a Qatarian prince? He doesn’t look like a stupid man–what’s in it for him?

    • John Kinory

      “the White House recognized Hamas as a legitimate member of a Unity Government” – in breach of USA law. Thus, par for the course from this serial criminal.

      “He doesn’t look like a stupid man” – I do consider him very stupid indeed, but yes, he may be motivated by greed.

  • Joe The Gentile

    The truth is that there was no rational basis for the flight ban. These passive, non-guided rockets pose *extremely* low risk to air traffic–ironically, almost certainly much lower actually than on ground targets, because of the vastness of the third, vertical dimension. Obama’s administration is well-aware of the math. The truth is that this flight ban is a covert-aggressive sanction on Israel by Obama’s administration. They have given a victory to Hamas, and indeed a new strategy — if and when Hamas’s passive rockets become active missiles, expect major attention on Israel’s airports, and rightly hold Obama’s administration responsible for Hamas’s perception of the payoff. No Jews or Israelis should forgive this administration or the Democrats. Liberals do NOT have your back — except to stab you.

    • John Kinory

      Except that I wouldn’t call reactionary scum who fund terrorists and hold USA law in contempt ‘liberals’.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        The FAA ban was the Democrat party attempt to isolate Israel as Clinton recently indicated that this conflict will result in the isolation of Israel.

        Obama and Kerry: small wonder the true Israelis hate their guts

        His wife’s foundation, the Heinz Foundation, apparently gives money to the Tides Fund.The Tides Fund gives money to Muslim CAIR as well as groups encouraging muslim immigration to the U.S.

        Tzipi Livni and Ha’aretz rejected his proposal so you have to agree, it must have been really bad for them to even
        say no!!! He had to apologize to his Saudi/Rockefeller pay masters. Hard to deny that he is doing his best to keep Israel in chaos and terror.

        Based on his conduct to purposely rescue Hamas, the effort to
        achieve a lasting solution would be more effective if he were replaced by Mickey Mouse and Goofy, who are both on standby to fly in from Disneyland.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is why Kerry had to fly to Israel on a Hamas provided plane. So they wouldn’t shoot it down, I guess. Israel needs to seriously consider dialing back relations with the US at least until The Retard in Chief has moved on to some other job.

  • USARetired

    Just who the hell gave these two ‘Stumble Bums’ permission to sleep with the enemy ?? Hamas consists of a bunch of idiot stumble bums who deserve to get their butt kicked from here to eternity !

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  • USARetired

    Once again, we have officals supporting an enemy and should be tried for Treason against America and our allies!

  • Jill F

    This article is absurd. Obama, Kerry and the entire US government have supported Israel unconditionally. They even gave Israel ADDITIONAL funding for weapons and ammunition during the Gaza bombing. On top of the BILLIONS of dollars WE, the American people give Israel every year. And the way Israel treats its friends, it’s no wonder it has enemies.