Ronan Farrow Is MSNBC’s Newest Liberal Hypocrite

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Today - Season 62Oscar Wilde asked in The Picture of Dorian Gray, “And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite.” 

According to The New York Post, MSNBC’s newest liberal talk-show host, Ronan Farrow, will not answer questions about his family at a Wednesday night event and reporters making any inquiries will be thrown out of the charity event. The press release for the event said: “Any press who ask guests or Mr. Farrow about off-message topics will be immediately escorted out of the event.” As Page Six asked, “While journalists are banned from asking questions as praise is poured on Farrow for his own excellence in journalism, would he submit to such rigid interview stipulations from guests on his own fledgling show? We doubt it.” (As CEO of a PR Agency, I’d ask if restricted questions refer to his family life. Or also to his show. Can reporters really not ask about his show? Doubtful.)

Par for the course for liberal journalists who often demand openness — and then when it is expected of them, the rules change. It’s the type of hypocritical double standard one can expect from liberals.

Farrow, whose new program, Ronan Farrow Daily, had awful ratings week one for his show.

Ratings placed his show third on cable, behind CNN and Fox, and the worst ranking MSNBC show of the day.  Farrow is famous for being the son of famous people, and reviews for the show have been simply awful.  The Daily Banter wrote: “If you missed the premiere of Ronan Farrow Daily yesterday, or watched any part of it today, chances are you avoided succumbing to an inadvertent afternoon nap. The show is, to put it bluntly, dull.” While it remains to be seen how the show will do, reviews on Monday noted many areas for improvement. Some of the harshest words came from Entertainment Weekly, which gave it a C- grade, and the Guardian said, “You’re going to have to try not to put us to sleep.”

Farrow has wasted no time expressing far-left viewpoints. Hypocritically, he tweeted a few weeks ago: “New Gallup poll says 67% of Americans dissatisfied with wealth distribution. 7% are ‘very satisfied’ and I would like what they are smoking.”  Farrow was quickly lambasted via social media, with people responding: “I know. If only people born into wealth didn’t take all the good jobs, right?”, “Says The Rich Kid,” and my personal favorite: “@RonanFarrow I am dissatisfied, Ronan please send me my part of your paycheck, thanks.” 

Farrow in many ways is par for the course amongst rich, liberal New Yorkers.  Amazingly, I have yet to receive any money from my wealthy Upper West Side neighbors who clamor about the need for wealth redistribution.  As I have told them, if they feel guilty about their wealth, they can give me some of their money. (Memo to Ronan: If you’d like to donate to me after reading this, send it to Ronn Torossian, c/o Front Page Magazine. Set the example on redistribution.)

Farrow made offensive anti-Republican comments after President Barack Obama’s January State of the Union address. While Obama said that Army Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg, who suffered injuries fighting in Afghanistan, “still struggles from his left side,” Farrow tweeted: “Cory ‘struggles on the left side.’ Congress relates.” Imagine the outrage if a conservative were to mock a handicapped military veteran?

Thankfully, good TV, led by conservative thinkers continue to achieve the best ratings on the airwaves. Fox News ended 2013 as the top-rated cable news network in America – for the 12th straight year. The channel beat MSNBC and CNN combined in total viewers.

Daniel Boorstin, an American historian who was the twelfth Librarian of the United States Congress said, “Our illusions are the house in which we live; they are our news, our heroes, our adventure, our forms of art, our very experience.”

Ronan Farrow’s house is the only reason anyone has heard of him – as a liberal journalist he’s happy to probe others, but won’t speak himself.  As the wise Ronald Reagan noted, “Liberals don’t like me talking about liberals.”

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  • The Facts

    Am I to understand that Mr. Torossian feels cheated of another in depth plumbing of Woody Allen’s perversion, or is that just a rhetorical foil to complain about Frank Sinatra’s kid not being part of The Lobby? Seriously, the only thing less credible than 5WPR’s positive PR attempts is its negative PR attempts. No wonder he’s begging for a handout.


      Whitewashing the “marriage” of 9 year old Aiesha to a perv called Muhammed?

      Have some decency.

      • The Facts

        Your comment presupposes that I care about the integrity of the public image of Islam. I don’t.


          Just rattling the cages of your comrades.

  • JeanneD

    Upon watching a portion of Mr. Farrow’s TV program, online, the one word that came to mind was, “uninspiring.” There didn’t appear to be anything beside his comely face, that would prompt one to watch his program. Farrow’s words just chime right in with the typical MNBC sentiment. “Nothing new here, keep moving.” Perhaps if Farrow waited a few years, matured and experienced a little more of life before starting at the top, (?) he could be taken more seriously in the news media. How about a reporter, journalist or correspondent, really anything where he would be in more contact with the public. If his left leaning views are still permanent then, maybe showbiz is where he belongs.

    • 11bravo

      He doesn’t come close to all the hype. It probably will not end well for him.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Never heard of him, won’t ever watch him and he’ll probably go the way of Piers Morgan.

    • A Z

      He’ll last 3 to 6 years partly because he is young and partly because he has a pedigree.


        Great minds think alike. LOL!

    • Crassus

      Piers Morgan lasted three years on American television. Ronan Farrow will be lucky if he lasts three months.


        He’s better looking than Pierce Morgan – and his pedigree is better – so expect him to be around a while.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Hey Frontpage, why the moderation? Pretty sure there were no dirty keywords in what I wrote…Unless Piers Morgan is it.


    He does look like Frank Sinatra.

    • Crassus

      Looking at his photo there really can’t be any doubt that Frank Sinatra is his pop. Ronan gets off lucky there. No way he’d want to look like Woody Allen.

    • Crassus

      Judging from the photo there’s no doubt in my mind that Ronan is Frank Sinatra’s kid which is a good thing for him. Surely he doesn’t want to resemble Woody Allen.

      • Bigrich104

        Given his hatred for Allen, don’t you think he would have bee lined down to the local DNA clinic and had his tested against the Jr.s, Nancy or Frank and against his sister, whose paternity is not in doubt (and who also looks nothing like her father), and if it matched Frank’s and not Woody’s would have shouted from the rooftops that he is not Allen’s son? But the one who knows for sure, his mother, has told him who his father is, hence no blood test…why bother?Besides which, Frank was 72 when Ronan was born and the idea that (a literally) Old Blue Eyes was pulling wood over a not too gracefully aged 50+ year old Mia, who was never hot to begin with, seems unlikely. ‘Poor’ Ronan is stuck with his provenance…

        • laura r

          a famous dictors wife had twins @ age 52. how old was mia?

    • 11bravo

      A waif Frank maybe. Eyes like Frank, ALL the rest like Mia.

    • highcourt

      he’s Rosemary’s Baby..

  • A Z

    Ronan is a poster child of a high IQ, elitist special needs child.

    Ronan Farrow has never held a real job. He also is no brighter than anyone else. In fact his sheltered life makes him more foolish.

    Ronan wanted military intervention in Sudan’s Darfur region. Why would not it end the same way Somalia ended. Ronan without shame or irony is arguing that we intervene in Darfur like we did in Somalia.

    If we had intervened he would have argued we are creating enemies in Sudan like we did in Somali. He has a book out in 2015 explaining to the Great Unwashed how America is making its’ own enemies.

    Seriously, he would argue that we created enemies by intervening in Somalia to feed the starving. So if we intervened in Darfur to feed the starving would we not make enemies of the TPTB in Khartoum and their allies?

    • Well Done

      The left claims the West “create enemies” by doing whatever we did. Intervening, not intervening, giving aid, not giving aid, speaking in support, not speaking in support, backing a U.N. resolution, not backing a U.N. resolution… very much the same strategy they use for climate change, where no matter what happens, it’s bad, unprecedented, and man’s fault.

      • A Z

        I would be for saving Darfur if we had saved Somali.

        But we did no such thing. Instead of saving Somalia:

        1. We made ourselves look weak
        2. Somalia is probably worse off
        3. We made ourselves weaker by inviting Somalis to live in our countries

        Rona is not that bright. I would assume he has an IQ of 140 to 165. My belief is that most people can get there. So my point is that he is not special. In fact he is foolish because although he may have good hardware between his ears, he has been fed garbage and therefore Garbage comes out (GIGO).

        • laura r

          IQ doesnt mean you can think critically. people can memorize things, give references, & still be idiots. douteful his IQ is 165, thats genious. what has he dont or written that would mark him 165? hes more like 130 to 140 tops. maybe less. hes using his intellienge to grasp @ straws. some of the dumbest people i know have PHDs.

          • A Z

            I gave a range, because I genuinely do not know. I am guessing at the upper range.

            I have seen correlations between various levels of achievement and IQ such as obtaining a post graduate degree. Of course one has to increasingly take those with a degree skepticism. Not all degrees are worthwhile.Some are merely polemical in nature. The you have to wonder if certain students were carried by the teacher (merely assigned grades).

            He graduated law school and passed the bar. I do not believe he was merely passed. John F. Kennedy, Jr. failed the NY bar exam 2 times before passing. So I suspect there is some meritocracy left. given that people who earn a masters are considered to have an IQ of around 140 and that Ronan earned a law degree that is why I gave the lower bound.

            He could have an IQ of 100 and have completed law school. The correlation between IQ is better than mere chance, but it is not especially strong.

            Maybe I should have given a range from 100 to 145.

          • laura r

            for under grad you need an IQ @ least 120′s. (these days who knows- w/affrimative action). to do a PHD you need 130s. i guess its the same for masters. i read this. my brother is an scientist, w/ PHD, head of the dept @ a top prestigious university. he hasnt discovered anything, he does research, reports, he travels all over middle east russian border for govt etc. opinions are party line. he is so in a box, he cant put together other sciences, or see the big picture. yes, he has a high IQ, as i do. but we have completely different kinds of intelligence & interests.

          • A Z

            I gave a range (a 90% confidence interval) estimate. Rowan’s true IQ could be 20 points than the lower limit of my range estimate. I admit that.

          • laura r

            would not watch him no matter what. i dont view MSNBC. its as low as they go.

          • A Z

            I agree. IQ does not necessarily translate to wisdom or morality.

          • highcourt

            la.. lol.. just like Rafael Cruz.

          • tickletik

            Who cares? Linus Torvalds probably did more for software engineering than anyone else alive today. I’ve never heard anyone caring what his IQ is. Either he does good, or he does crap, the rest is just stamp collecting.

  • 11bravo

    The guy looks a LOT like Mia (if you know what I mean), but he has Franks eyes.
    If the Chairman were alive, the relationship would be akin to President Reagan and Ronnie.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    I am sure this has been used before, but I just have to say, “Ronan the Barbarian”.

  • barbarajoanne

    When Sinatra sang, “How little we know, how much to discover” he exhibited more prescience than he ever could have suspected.

    And when he triumphantly blared, “That’s why the lady … is a tramp!”? Don’t get me started.


      barbarajoanne AKBAR!

      • barbarajoanne

        Sorry Screw Socialism, I do not know what you mean by AKBAR.

  • Matthew

    FOX rules !! Matt

  • Damien LeGallienne

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that guy Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s son by Mia Farrow — Mia Farrow even suggested as much when she was asked about the identity of Ronan’s father. According to what Mia Farrow said, she and Frank had a lot of little get togethers long after they divorced back in the 1960s. All you have to do is look at the kid to see that there is no way Woody Allen is his father. The more telling reason to believe that he is Sinatra’s son is that the Sinatra family ( Nancy, Frank Jr etc) have made statements where they say vague things like — “we know who Ronan’s father is” —- boy is this kid a moron — Frank is rolling in his grave.