The Barrier to Peace

palnaziThe New York Times reported this week that President Barack Obama sees Israel as being responsible for the failure of the latest round of the Middle East peace talks. The unnamed official was described as saying, “At every juncture, there was a settlement announcement.”

Anyone truly interested in peace should join me, Ronn Torossian, in applauding those responsible for building settlements in Israel – the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. Martin Indyk, who served as Obama’s envoy to the last failed round of negotiations, also blamed Israel’s “settlement activity” as being the main reason for the failure of the talks.

These absurd – and absolutely wrong – accusations are consistent for an administration that continues to be more committed to fighting Jews building homes in the ancient Jewish homeland than Arabs building a nuclear bomb in Tehran.

There are so many questions that one should consider when pondering the Obama administration’s perpetual casting of blaming on Israel:

Why is it that throughout the Muslim world, Arabs are killing Arabs?  Would not 125,000 Syrians being killed be of more interest than Jews building homes if indeed Middle East stability is the concern? Is Israel to blame for that as well?

If Israel wasn’t building in these so-called settlements, would there magically be peace? And, if Israel only reclaimed the areas of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) in 1967 – why was there no peace before that? Could it be that peace is not possible with the Palestinian Arabs because they will not recognize a Jewish presence in the region at all?

How come after Israel – a nation the size of New Jersey – has given back land on multiple previous occasions, peace has not arrived?

Why can’t Jews build homes in all areas of this region? If Jews can own property anywhere they choose in the world, why not in the land of our forefathers? Christians and Muslims can build in this region, but if Jews do so then it’s a reason for “peace” to fail? Doesn’t this deprive Jews of equal rights?

Why doesn’t America insist that Jews should be able to live in all Arab countries in the interest of “peaceful” co-existence?  When one speaks of “refugees,” why not discuss the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees forced out of Arab countries in the region?

Christians believe that Jesus is the story of the birth of a Jewish baby to a Jewish family living in Bethlehem. This man was circumcised, and lived and prayed as a Jew in the Land of Israel. If many in the world believe this, then how can it be possible that Jews can be occupiers in Israel? How much simpler than this can it get in showing that indeed Jews have always lived and had sovereignty in the so-called West Bank? Simple reading on the subject will reveal that Bethlehem was a Jewish town – and today someone can claim it was an Arab region? Two billion Christians around the world celebrate the fact that the West Bank has always been the home of the Jewish people – are they wrong?

Is it appropriate for America to pressure Israel repeatedly through the media, intelligence leaks and more?  Have nations such as Cuba, China or others seen public shaming? Wouldn’t issues like Iran or Russian involvement in Ukraine be a better use of time for American resources?

Do the Palestinian Arabs – who asked to join 15 international conventions and signed a unity deal with an organization which America recognizes as a terrorist organization – Hamas – hold any responsibility? Is Hamas committed to peace? These are today’s partners of the Palestinian Authority.  And, if Hamas is committed to peace, then when will Mr. Obama be meeting them?

Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the ideological forefather of the ruling Likud Party of Israel, put it best many years ago when he said that “settlement of the “land” is the only “law.” “There is no justice, no law, and no God in heaven, only a single law which decides and supersedes all — [Jewish] settlement [of the land].” Jabotinsky – rightfully – noted, “We hold that Zionism is moral and just. And since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Joseph or Simon or Ivan or Achmed agree with it or not.” “Is a situation moral in which one side can commit any crime or murder and the other is forbidden to react?”

The Obama Administration remains more concerned with Jews building homes in the State of Israel than Arabs building a nuclear bomb in Tehran.  It’s radical Muslim extremists that pose a danger to the West – not Jews who seek to raise their families in the Land of Abraham.

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  • Ny’er

    Arabs want to destory the world

  • StanleyT

    This article makes way too much sense. Obama, Kerry et al are not persuaded by common sense.

  • Barry Meridian

    Ronn, Read these 2 articles which talks in detail how Indyk did everything to appease this mass murderer Arafat and how Indyk was trying to get Israel to give away Jerusalem and surrender to the Terrorstinians.
    David Bedein
    July 23, 2013
    Indyk: a Disastrous Choice for Mediator
    Isi Leibler
    July 26, 2013

    • victoryman

      Indyk was, is and will always be no better than a pimp…….with my apologies to all those hard working pimps out there.

  • WillielomanIII

    Good article, thanks!!

  • Consider

    But those in Teheran are not Arabs!
    Ron Torossian, given his expertise “tous azimuts” and presumably Armenian background, should know better.


      Those in Tehran are Muslims.

      DEATH to Fascist Iran!


  • nood2

    Very good article. Thank you
    God bless

  • monostor

    Arabs don’t kill arabs. Sunni muslims kill shia muslims, shia muslims kill sunni muslims. Both kill christians and jews.


      Both kill christians, jews, hindus, buddhists, bahais, atheists, animists…

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The New York Times reported this week that President Barack Obama sees Israel as being responsible for the failure of the latest round of the Middle East peace talks.

    Actually, it’s not Arabs that are building bombs. It is Muslims. As a matter of fact, the conflict in Israel is not a conflict between Arabs and Israelis at all. Never was. Instead, it is a jihad (holy war) waged by the Islamic totalitarian world against the infidel Jews in Israel through their proxies, the so-called Palestinians, to not only make Islam supreme in Israel, but to also subjugate the infidel Jews into Islamic totalitarianism, i.e., harsh and degrading dhimmitude, via the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law. Furthermore, the jihad being waged against the infidel Jews isn’t substantially different from the many other jihads the Islamic totalitarian world is also waging simultaneously around the world against various infidels.

    Indeed, since the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam (the only kind) is the subjugation of all infidels and all religions into Islamic totalitarianism through both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia (Islamic totalitarian law) to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world, it is impossible for Israel or any other infidel country, for that matter, to ever make peace with Muslims. Not to mention that if Israel’s jihad problem were somehow miraculously solved, it would not solve the myriads of other jihads being waged against various infidels around the world.

    Hence, the only solution to Israel’s jihad problem and indeed to the infidel world’s jihad problem requires a total comprehensive solution involving the entire collective infidel world acting together in unison. Otherwise, the Islamic totalitarian world will continue to wage jihad against us infidels perpetually, as they have done perpetually since soon after the Hijra in 622 AD.

    We have two solutions: kill every last Muslim to eradicate Islam, or otherwise render the Islamic totalitarian world into total abject poverty, then isolate it until such time as Islam as a force ceases to exist. Either way, the first step in the process would involve banning and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage. Failure to act one way or the other will result in permanent and perpetual jihad.

    • Newspaniard

      Well said. I thoroughly applaud these sentiments.