The Hot Air Presidency

4430533dd3a85f23240f6a706700e5c7-e1365513317679While the Clint Eastwood shtick at the Republican National Convention wasn’t very popular, in retrospect it is perfectly apparent that the legendary actor hit the nail right on the head.  President Obama is a disastrous President, an empty chair, who is harming American interests immensely.

As Obama’s second cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf said, “Barack Obama is the worst president in our lifetimes, If not in our history. He has been a disaster. It’s mostly because he either doesn’t understand or has forgotten what America is all about. The American idea itself is about individual liberty, limited government and free-market values.” 

Sadly, for so many reasons this President will go down in history as one of the worst:

Obama has created a system whereby people who believe in self-reliance, economic freedom and the like are to be combated.  The “You Didn’t Build That” campaign rhetoric has filtered down into political policies nationwide – and is something that will harm America for many years to come.

The reality is that there are one million less Americans working today than when Obama took office – and it is likely to get much worse. Is that what he meant when he said “Yes, we can?”

No one has been caught for the lynching of the American Ambassador in Benghazi, and the entire Middle East is in a shambles thanks to this President who claimed to have a unique understanding of the region. From Egypt, where America helped unseat a pro-West President Mubarak, to Syria, where every single “red line” was crossed, American interests are in a much worst place than when Obama took officeShameful.

No one has been held accountable for the misuse of IRS power against political enemies by the government.  This is a complete misuse of political power and a shame on American rules and processes. Imagine if a Republican had done this? He would have been impeached.

The Obama “Yes, We Can” has not created new jobs, and median family income continues to decrease.  There’s an all time record high of 48.1 million food stamp recipients – up 80% over the past 5 years. 

Taxes continue to rise, Obama promised America in 2009 that if his nearly $1 trillion “stimulus” spending was enacted, it would bring down unemployment to 5%.  That hasn’t happened – yet taxes keep rising and rising and rising.

Obama has been President for five years, the recovery still doesn’t exist and he keeps blaming the Republicans. During his State of the State of the Union address, he said, “The cold hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by.” Five years he has been President — and still can’t make anything happen? He keeps making excuses and has not performed.

American allies have learned that they cannot trust America, and those hostile to America have no fear of the hot-air Obama Administration.  Unfortunately, much worse than an empty chair, President Obama’s failures have inflicted great and durable harm on the United States.

Obama has been right in at least two aspects of what he promised:

Obama promised a “reset” in America-Russian relations, and indeed there has been a reset. Russia has gained tremendous power and America has never been less well-respected worldwide.  As Obama promised “Yes, We Can.”

Obama has fundamentally transformed this country as he promised to.

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  • PatriotAhay

    Obama has helped many nations as president – Russia, Iran – just not America.

  • Veritas1776

    Excellent article by Ronn Torossian, but one error. When he writes, “Obamacare – which has failed miserably – cost Americans more than $1 billion according to Bloomberg News. If there are 319 million Americans, couldn’t they simply give each of us $3 million dollars to take care of ourselves?”, he made an unintended math mistake. Think about it. If $1 billion dollars were given to 319 million Americans, we would only get about $3 each, not $3 million. If $3 million dollars were given to all 310 million Americans, you would need 957 trillion dollars.

    • Boots

      I think he meant trillion and not billion and since billion was correctly spelled the author overlooked it in his editing. Especially when you consider there’s no way only a billion has been dumped down the ACA drain.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        We’d each get around $3000. Sure. That’s not how income redistribution works.

        But the thing is that in theory it’s OK to “Invest” that kind of money if you’ve got some magical plan that save a kajillion dollars over the following years. It’s more like a brand new tax of about $3000 annually that is used to destroy free market medicine.

        Great job.

  • Elizabeth

    Yes, you hit it right on the head. What is amazing is that he was voted back in. Our System is broken. We need to move to a lottery system. Selection day, instead of election day. Lottery will put us all on one team, no partisan division, not worry about career politicans that have destroyed the system. Look at the texas primaries, the people voted for the same people that have been causing problems, they deserve the fall.

  • Lysander Spooner

    Evidence makes it clear that “obama” is not simply an empty chair, but something far more malevolent. The evidence makes it clear he is a fraud. He is a literary fraud, a religious fraud, a political fraud, and a sexual fraud. His birth certificate and selective service registration card have been alleged to be forgeries by duly sworn law enforcement officials, but “obama” is too important as a symbol of equality for the courts, the congress, or the main-stream media to risk subjecting him to equal treatment.

    If only he were just an empty chair.

    • NJK

      He is nothing but a character created by the leftist media. Nothing about him is real.

      • Ellman48

        Just shows you how in today’s world anything can be branded and marketed to the public and they will buy it. Obama is a work of fiction, a creation of malevolent minds, a fraudulent mannequin, an imposter and an atonement for slavery which the nation’s guilt sent to the most powerful position on earth.

        • fiddler

          I couldn’t have said it better.

  • pandamom1100 .

    Obama has been in office for 6 yrs – not 8! tell me why this stupid government couldn’t just insure the 30-40 million uninsured and leave the rest of us to our sanity?

  • wally

    Affirmative negroid action (and affirmative femi-incompetent action) is bringing the former USA down.

  • wileyvet

    Like most leftists, his world view is naïve at best, or intentionally malignant at worst. His ego helped to stoke the belief in his own genius, that all could be fixed with a speech or the equivalent of a Papal Bull. His only qualification was that he was the Anti-Bush, thus receiving a Nobel Prize for empty rhetoric, and bowing down to America’s enemies. The evil doers in the world saw this before he was even elected and began their nefarious plans accordingly. Like spoiled children with indulgent parents, or criminals that pray on the weak and defenseless, they saw a man that had no intention, no will to confront them and subsequently have ratcheted up their belligerency and bellicosity with little to fear from the naked Emperor of America.

  • Richie Tha

    I wish he was an empty chair which would not do damage. He damages this great country

  • william mony

    This man has succeeded, not failed. He has and is destroying America. For all those who danced and twirled when he became president, congratulations on destroying the country and I hope you starve first in the coming economic collapse.

  • GHjo

    He and his administration,with their Brotherhood ” advisers” will do irremediable
    damage to the US in the next 3 years,if not removed.This must be an legal action
    as he seem to suffer from some kind of mental disease,which is steadily increasing and leading to a alarming bizarre behavior.

  • Mary Brown

    Obama is a psychopath and must be removed before he destroys the USA, his DOJ appointment was a good example. Put someone in charge who supported a cop killer in the face of overwhelming evidence he was guilty.

    • fiddler

      That he call it a “travesty” that his DOJ appointment was not approved is a view into his psyche. To him everything is entitlement with no accountability. Arrogant. Perhaps the American public ought to put to the test how much a travesty this was and vote.

  • BillRind

    obama is a marxist anti christian revolutionary and thats what he is folks, nothing more , nothing less. just a plain ole run of the mill Stalinist and Mao Marxist ,as a matter of fact , pelosi and reid are also marxist anti americans and they should all be hung.

  • Ron

    He is a complete idiot bent on the destruction of this nation. If you voted for this fascist you should be ashamed. What a jerkoff.

  • Ellman48

    “Obama has fundamentally transformed this country as he promised to.”

    Lesson 1: Too much concentration of power in one individual.

    Lesson 2: When people vote they vote for a ‘package’ just as in a marriage. Obama’s ‘package’ included the most extreme leftists in the country in this regime. Without them and the faithful bureaucrats he could have never done so much damage alone.

    Lesson 3: Americans must vote for principles and for character, of which Obama has neither. Verbosity is not sagacity. Eloquence is not competence. Arrogance is not confidence. Demagoguery is not achievement.

  • simonzee1

    Isnt it interesting the U.S… the Brits and the French courted Gadaffi as Libya’s sovereign leader. It just that he pitched his tent outside the French palace on French soil and refused to sign an oil deal. This was his death sentence. Do you really naively think that France is intetested in human rights.of course International law prevented arms from being pumped into Libya but that did not stop other Arab countries that wanted Libyan oil.Let’s be clear. I warned Cameron and Obama of the effect of legitamising a coup in the Ukraine. The specific warning was that this precedent would inspire other protestors to sidestep the election process which is central to having a vibrant flourishing democracy. Within 12 hours protestors had stormed the Libyan Congress and shot two MP’s and now congress has to be relocated. The Western media is steering the sheep so we hear nothing of the above. Watch carefully on the Internet and tension will spike in other countries will follow this United States led model. KEEP THE MISSION CREEP IN LIBYA.

  • simonzee1

    Forget about worldwide for a moment and think about how your gas prices are going to go through the roof with the U.S exporting gas for political clout. Meanwhile Kerry gives a billion to the Ukraine only to go to Russia to pay their gas debt. This tokinism must make Americans wild when your infrastructure is falling apart and then to be hit later with higher gas prices.

  • simonzee1

    The French and Brits and America courted Gadaffi….

    He would not sign their oil deals….. uk/news/article-2113910/Colonel-Gaddafi-gave-French-President-Nicolas-Sarkozy-42MILLION-fund-2007-election-campaign.html

    And then….

    And then…

    And then….

    And then…

    Just if there is a possibility in the unrest of protestors of a return of the Gadaffi bloodline America France and Britain have another Gadaffi son returned by Niger who is given a colonial sweetner knowing that the I.C.C had been ignored over pleas to have the other Gadaffi tried before real courts. They will both be murdered.

    Hey presto this is how international law works!

  • USARetired

    What is to be expected from a ‘Ghetto Hopper’, except jive @ss rap?

  • fiddler

    “As Obama’s second cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf said, “Barack Obama is the worst president in our lifetimes, If not in our history. He has been a disaster. It’s mostly because he either doesn’t understand or has forgotten what America is all about.”

    I have another option: as Dinesh D’Sousa movie points out, this man has a personal vendetta against the USA as founded. Much if not all of what he has done if not all is calculated and deliberate. When people tout how he got Osama Bin Laden as some great achievement — that was merely a case of saying “go” or “no-go”. After assessing how that would buttress his political career he gave the nod (as if he were the one who originated going after Bin Laden in the first place).
    Now we have Obamacare faltering in no small way. True to form the prima facie priority is POWER, so with this looming all of a sudden Imigration reform is front and center so that a myriad of dependent ‘deserving’ Democratic voters can tilt the balance in November despite problems and obvious tweaks with the “law”, which really is his law to do with as he wishes. POLITICAL and self-serving don’t begin to describe his actions.