The Only World Leader Who Fears American Power Is Obama

Putin-Obama1APPresident Obama was caught by a live microphone in March 2012 telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have “more flexibility” on Russian issues after the election. He continued, “this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Who could have imagined that Obama’s “flexibility” meant America being spanked all over the world, twisting, turning and as flexible as a piñata getting hit every which way spinning with no direction? That is foreign policy in the Obama era.

Putin continues to outmaneuver Obama in the area of foreign policy — including sheltering spy Edward Snowden, protecting Syria, and ensuring Iran will not give up their nuclear capabilities. America continues to be weaker in the world.  Did flexibility mean getting run over when Obama told Russia he would have more flexibility? 

Today, only Obama, Kerry and Hagel are surprised that Russian parliament unanimously granted Putin permission to use the country’s military in Ukraine. Already, Russians have taken over two Ukrainian airports, and the Associated Press reported a convoy of nine Russian armored personnel carriers and a truck on a road between Sevastopol and the regional capital, Simferopol. This is consistent with Putin’s aggression. It is not surprising that Russia granted shelter to Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yanukovych and is protecting him.

The Obama Administration and their friends in the media mocked the Romney campaign for referring to Russia as “our number one geopolitical foe.” A New York Times editorial in March 2013 said Romney’s assertions regarding Russia represented either “a shocking lack of knowledge about international affairs or just craven politics.”  Obama mocked Romney saying in a debate, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” Would he dare to say that now, or is Russia’s handling of the Ukraine situation the way allies treat one another?

Obama has shown how flexible he is time and time again.  Putin has repeatedly capitalized upon Obama’s political weakness. As Putin wrote in his September 2013 New York Times op-ed, he described an “alarming” pattern of intervening in the internal conflicts of foreign countries.  It appears to be more of the same now with the Ukraine, and comes at the expense of American pride and honor –because Obama is weak.

As Republican Senator James Inhofe said some months ago, “Putin was lecturing to the United States, and I could hear [Ronald] Reagan turning over in his grave as this was going on.” Over the last few days, gunmen wearing unmarked camouflage uniforms erected a sign reading “Crimea is Russia” in the provincial capital and Ukraine’s interim prime minister declared the Black Sea territory “has been and will be a part of Ukraine.”

With this news, what is next? Will Obama issue a memorandum that there is now a “super-duper” red line which Putin better not cross? Will he threaten detention and double probation for Putin the bully? It’s laughable that Obama proclaims there is a “new line” that Russia must not “step over” unless it wants consequences. Surely, one doesn’t expect that the cagey KBG veteran Putin is trembling from the smallest American military in many years, led by a President who is incapable of keeping his word.

Obama is the only world leader who fears American power today.

Who can forget Bengahzi, or the “red lines” Obama drew for Syria? Surely, Putin veteran is drinking vodka and playing chess and laughing at Obama’s threats.

Obama has recently spoken of “resetting” our relationship with Russia. Does that mean that the American people should start learning Russian?

Obama promised a new America, and we got it.  There has never been a time when American has been less respected by the world.

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  • Sante Heya

    This President is laughable as a leader. He threatens – and then goes golfing. Fool. How many more days till he is OUT?

  • Americanamerica

    America didnt warn Putin – the world warned Putin. Isnt that what he said on Syria? Wait till Obama says that later this week. The man is a joke.

    • Mark R DeForest

      yes “Obummer” sure is

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    I must have been half asleep, but at first while reading the title for this story, I thought it said “The Only Country that Fears Obama’s Power is America”. Ooops.

  • Bill Mason

    Maybe if Obama threatens to hold his breath Putin with back down. I really see no other way for Obama to demonstrate his will. When Obama turns blue the Kremlin will surely understand our resolve and begin to fear us again.

  • Lanna

    Putin puts on the dog, he has oil, and that’s why he is pushing his agenda…any sane President would have stood up against him and his intimidation of Ukraine and saber rattling…the US government agrees with the ideology, we could have put the hurts to his resources, KT McFarland said it well.

    • Fingersoup

      Any sane president would of condemned their actions and otherwise stayed out of it because issuing empty threats makes us appear weak and following up on any meaningful threats to Russia over this is not worth the potential trouble that could come from it..

      – Ask yourself, what could we gain from financial / diplomatic confrontations with Russia over this incident Vs. what are the possible negative consequences of doing so..

      Someone might argue that taking action against Russia now would prevent them from repeating something like this in the future. If that is your opinion then explain exactly what action(s) we could implement that would prevent them from doing this again.. While you’re at it explain how you would implementing those actions and insure it doesn’t result in blow back / and a situation that is more detrimental to us than simply not getting involved.

      • greg jones

        the whole thing is caused by a weak leader whom pulls out our defenses around the world a makes treaty’s that totally go against our own interests

  • Indie Girl

    What sort of “flexibility” was he referring to? I suppose we will never know. As an Independent who takes pride in hearing both sides of a political argument, all I can see from Obama and his team is that little by little they are insidiously undoing America.

  • Ron Ruthfield

    You can be certain that the next Democrat who runs for the presidency will get 75% of the Jewish-American vote, even if his last name is Marx, Stalin or Goebbels. As one of the tribe, I’m embarrassed to admit that my “comrades” always, but always, vote against their own best interests.

  • ahimsa32

    This is not your country near Russia! – why are you so simple in giving opinion? Should Obama fight??? DO you think on people living there? It should have diplomatic solution. Do not spoil US opinion! If you want to fight let’s make war in your country, I wonder if you would be so brave!

    • greg jones

      no one wants war bro, we just talking about a treasonist president that is destroying our country on purpose

  • ahimsa32

    In my opinion after such mistake with switched micro, you shouldn’t even think to choose Obama!

  • Jakob Stagg

    Perhaps Obama should defect to Russia, along with Snowden. It it wasn’t for Bush and Obama, Snowden would have had little worth saying. I’d rather the POTUS show his flexibility there rather than here.

  • Disgust

    obozo is a racist, Marxist evil lying pos TRAITOR and needs to be punished as such.