The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party

ahThe Democratic Party, the party of slavery, which openly practices the only form of discrimination that is acceptable today in American politics – class warfare – and discrimination against the successful, yesterday, for the third time in recent weeks, wrongly accused the Republican Party of racism.

Yesterday’s folly saw New York Congressman Steve Israel assert that “to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism and that’s unfortunate.” This follows remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder, who claimed at a forum on civil rights that the past five years in Washington have been marked by “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity.” “If you don’t believe that … you look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee.”  

The reality is that Holder was treated appropriately – as he is inept and this administration is constantly lying to the public.  Americans indeed should know no color when inept people govern; they should be challenged and condemned. It is unfair to assert “racism” when caught lying and cheating as a way to defend yourself.

Earlier this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blamed racism as to why congressional Republicans do not want to act on comprehensive immigration reform, claiming “I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill.” As the Republican National Committee rightly noted, “Democrats are desperate to try to discredit conservatives because they don’t have the facts on their side.” 

The Democrats’ claims are unfair, un-American, and most importantly, so untrue.  It forces me, Ronn Torossian, to ask: Do the Democrats think minorities are stupid?  Those practicing bias today are the Democrats who say if you are successful, it is permissible to discriminate.

When did the revisionist history commence about which party is racist? The Republican Party was born just prior to the Civil War for the sole purpose of combating slavery and it fought against the party of slavery.  The Republican Party is the party of freedom and economic liberty and prosperity – as it was then and now. The Democrat platform of the 1860s was a pro-slavery policy that sought to keep people enslaved. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Democratic Party was the enforcer of “Jim Crow” laws and segregation. In 1964, there was a filibuster of the Civil Rights Act by Democrat Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) which lasted 14 hours. The Act was crafted and supported by a vast number of Republicans in the Senate, while opposed by southern Democratic senators (including Al Gore Sr).

Today, the Democrats continue to keep people in place and pursue centralized government, as a further way for more government control, particularly over the poor. The Democratic Party seeks to tell people how to eat, raise their families, and in this administration, how to have healthcare.

The concepts of freedom and individualism, and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, are Republican values which should be embraced.  The Democrats’ continual race accusations offer an opportunity for Republicans – which include Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz– to jump on this discussion.  The Democrats – who wrote and enforced the Jim Crow laws – have not and will not lead minorities (or the rest of this country) in the right direction.

While minorities – wrongly – overwhelmingly vote Democrat, why is it that jobs under this President for African-Americans continue to drop? Total numbers of employment-aged African-Americans in the workforce slid from 58.6 percent in June 2007, to 52.8 percent by August 2012. There is ample history and facts which can be shared to show the long history of the Democrats with racism. 

After so many years of supporting liberals, conservatives must pursue a wide-ranging public relations campaign to remind all Americans to pursue smaller government and reduced spending as a way for all Americans to be more free, and have more opportunity. Yes, the Republican Party needs more diversity – and perhaps the Democrats’ continually raising of these issues is a way to create a campaign where dialogue with minorities can change the minds of many. The Democrats raise fear – rather than facts.

Now that there has been an African-American President, it’s time for all Americans to realize that liberty, freedom and opportunity come best with small government and economic freedom.  The liberals’ continued false accusations of race offer an opportunity the GOP must jump upon to educate minorities on the true facts of which party is best for all Americans.

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  • wileyvet

    With this administration leading the way it is not just race warfare, but class, gender, religious, you name it and Obama and the Dems will throw it out there. They have nothing but the politics of aspersions and calumnies because they are intellectually and morally bankrupt. They never actually are forced to defend their asinine plans with reason or logic. Just like a feces flinging monkey, hoping something sticks, so then their shills in the media can point and go PU conservatives stink.

  • Baudy Harrison

    was banned at the Guardian after posting the next message:

    Please can anybody explain what is wrong with the main stream media ?



    I consider this a rather shameless attempt to discredit those who oppose Islam as an ideology. Since terrorists attacks with an Islamic background are almost a daily issue for more then a decade a huge and growing number of people considered it their duty to invest considerable time in studying the causes of this resurgence. It is their and mine conviction that terrorism is a logical outflow of the interpretation of the sources of Islam which are available to everybody.

    I believe that those who oppose the ideology have a right to be heard and express their opinion and the facts they bring up must to be examined. This in contrast to another attempt to silence them. To this I would like to add that the counter-jihad movement consists out of people of all kinds of different backgrounds and races, a major part is even formed by former Muslims.

    The awareness of fundamental problems with Islam has caused a counter reaction from people who are associated with Islam, of which this article is an example. If we look at the world we can look at the consequences of Islam in countries with a Islamic government. And we can look at developments in countries with growing number of Muslims, countries like Nigeria, Mali, Lebanon, Central African Republic, Somalia and Sudan to name a few. I absolutely can not see any positive results from these developments and the existing situation in Muslim countries. Considering the very negative influence of Islam I just described we must look at things that are happening at our doorsteps.

    In the US it is known that under the Obama administration on many crucial governmental positions and administrational offices, people associated with Islam do have a devastating effect on American policies. A real worrying result can be seen in a video of a couple who explain why and how they lost their son in ‘the war on terror’.

    Please watch this video without any prejudice, and be willing to discus this item openly with both sides, those who defend and those oppose Islam as an ideology. The times we are living in demand that all of us have an well informed opinion on this matter.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    Divide and conquer.

  • johnlac

    The admin that meets with and gives a scoundrel like Al Sharpton support and respect deserves no respect. I challenge all the libs reading these comments to justify any good person associating with a despicable jerk like Sharpton. And clueless libs call conservatives racist. A sane person can only shake his or her head at the lib race hucksters now running our government.

  • the truth

    Good insight Ronn.
    Breitbart had an article last week about ‘5% Nation’ which is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam whose platform is that all white people are sadistic racists. It’s typical Muslim conspiracy theory stuff that fits right in with the Democrats. Jay-Z was pictured in the article at a sporting event wearing the groups bling which means he overtly supports their agenda. Just another example (not taken out of context) of his contempt for whites, the very people who’ve made him so successful including you. How does that sit with you?

    • bigfred41

      Yes, Jay-Z the repeat honored guest at the White House.

      I was pleasantly surprised that most of the comments at the Daily Mail on this story were condemning Jay-Z. A few years ago, most of the comments would have been condemning the article exposing his black racism.

  • BagLady

    The concepts of freedom and
    individualism, and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, are
    Republican values which should be embraced.”

    How cruel of you. You sent all the work off-shore and now you demand the redundant leftovers, “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”. What exactly does that entail? Where exactly should the factory workers go?

    • CowboyUp

      Who’s this “you?” It’s not the Republicans who are hostile to energy, business, and manufacturing, or proclaimed profit to be wrong, if not evil. It was the labor unions, not the GOP or businesses, that fought automation tooth and nail. It’s not GOP tax, regulatory, and labor policies that are running businesses overseas and drying up foreign investment. Democrats will beat the horse to death and then blame it for dying on them.
      I’ve run the machining department for a small manufacturer for 20 years now, and our biggest headache, waste of time and resources, and impediment to expansion has always been the federal government. For instance, federal tax policy is prohibitive of saving money for expansion, one just about has to go into debt and finance a larger or more modern facility. Luckily my state isn’t also hostile to business and manufacturing, or we would have gone the way of Michigan.
      And I can tell you from experience what “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” entails. It entails getting a job, any job, and not quitting it until you find another job that is more secure, with more room for advancement, training, and with better compensation. It means working long hours, living small, and spending your spare time and money pursuing and gaining marketable knowledge and skills. It entails sacrifice, commitment, delayed gratification, and years without a vacation or much in the way of leisure time. People have been doing it in this land for centuries, Ben Franklin even wrote a book on it. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

    • reader

      Did you ever set your foot into a factory? Just curious.

      • BagLady

        Yes, but irrelevant to this conversation.

        • reader

          Why is it irrelevant, when you stir up your indignation over factories moving off-shore? And why are you so cruel to the workers off-shore?

          • BagLady

            Am I? A strange remark, given the definition of ‘cruel’ and the fact that I have no contact with factory workers off-shore except in a neighbourly fashion. I would happily help them to raise their monthly income from $100 to a living wage, but that would require a little co-operation with your average western shopper.

          • reader

            You seem to be missing the point surpriselessly. Let me put it another way: why do you think the comand and control economies, i.e., economies where the so-called “living wages” and “fair prices” are set by bureacrats instead of market, ivariably fail? Is it beacause those bureacrats are dumber than youare? Do you think you can do better than them in setting those “living wages” and “fair prices”?

  • Rebel

    “The left made the political decision to slice and dice the country into buckets of victims. It’s probably the most despicable form of gov this nation has ever seen. It’s a deliberate effort to make people feel small, hated, afraid, intimidated and have hopelessness” Charles Payne, African American Economist

  • bigfred41

    It’s about time that whites stop being such wimps always on defense (“I’m not a racist”) and start pointing out the real truth that blacks are the biggest racists of all.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Revealing that, will have you labeled as a “racist”. You cannot win” this with a logical argument. You’re fighting decades of propaganda that basically says anyone who isn’t black, is the enemy.

    • Charles Martel

      True. And quit trying to win over a small block of the overall population. What does it matter is we get an extra 10% of the black vote or and extra 25% of the Hispanic vote by promising to keep open the flood gates for third world immigration legal or otherwise.

      We must do exactly what Israel does and deport people and protect our borders.

      Republicans are doing nothing but turning off the very people who tend to vote for them with the republicans’ current strategic trajectory.

  • Bill_H2

    The new Democratic party – building a “fake” reality one insane lie at a time, a reality where only they rule based on the thoroughly insane and discredited political philosophy of Karl Marx. Insanity and the Democratic party, perfect together.

    • dwk67

      The modern Democratic party would rather rule in hell, than be a citizen in heaven. As such, they have no qualms about creating hell on earth as long as they are assured of presiding over it. They live and breathe to destroy the mature and realistic perspective on life that nurtures contentment in favor of one that sows only ignorant and immature spite and resentment among the people. Every imperfection in life as it exists in America is viewed as a sign of our self-righteous hypocrisy, rather than a sign of our innate human frailty. The same imperfections that exist elsewhere in the world (and to a greater degree) are invariably blamed on America rather than the other countries and their respective people. An imperfect America can never be viewed in the positive light of perspective, but only in the harsh unrealistic view of perfection = good, and imperfection = evil, there is no middle ground. No other country today, or in the past, has ever been judged so harshly. I consider this a tactic of psychological warfare designed to demoralize and weaken our populace, which will eventually bear evil fruit both for America, and rest of the world…

      • Judahlevi

        The Democrats are the party of the KKK, and now also the party of Al Sharpton – in both cases racist.

  • Gee

    I have noticed that any time anybody expresses an opinion that is not favorable to this administration the cries of racism are heard.
    Yes some of the opinions are racist – there are those types everywhere in every group, but most are expressing the idea that they are against actions and not tied to any racial group but the screams are the same.

  • Michael H

    Several hundred years ago, ignorant and irrational people unable to engage in analytical thought, used to yell “witch”. Today, those same type of people yell “racist”.

    • CosmotKat

      Think the middle ages and replace “witch” with “heretic.” I think the medieval mind is much closer to the truth of the level of evolution that has occurred under democrats and that appears to be nil.

    • Judahlevi

      It is not just “racist” they yell, they also shout “homophobia” for not supporting homosexual marriage. The new ‘Scarlet Letter’ is for religious people who don’t agree with the liberal agenda/religion. Although they are not burned at the stake, their right to gainful employment is taken away and they are to be shunned.

      Intolerance is intolerance whether practiced by the left or right. Currently, the most intolerant groups in America are those who support the Democratic party. The left truly are the new “witch” hunters.

  • LawReader

    Listening to liberals scream ‘Racism!’ on a non-stop basis is a bit like listening to a small baby cry for a bottle. You might shut ‘em up for a minute with a bottle, but they’ll soon be screaming again – as the issue isn’t the *milk* – it’s fulfilling THEIR needs.

    Growing up in both Manhattan and the ‘Deep South’, I was greatly amused to read rather bright NYC liberal’s evaluation of ‘race relations by region’ last year, which noted – In the South, people don’t seem to have much use for the ‘race’, but they don’t have a problem with the *individual*. Up North, we *love* the race, but will cross the street to avoid the individual.’

    You could pretty well apply that analogy to the difference between liberals and conservatives…

  • LudicrousSextus

    No administration in our history has used ‘Race!’ as a defense for criminal wrongdoing – until this one…

    Go figure.

  • 11bravo

    The science is settled!! America is not a racist country! It is also the least Homophobic, least misogynistic, and the most tolerant society/country on the planet!!

    • Chuck Silva

      Actually, there ARE more racist, homophobic and misogynistic countries in the world than the U.S. I’ve been to several of them, in fact. Just saying.

      • 11bravo

        They? Meaning (for me anyway), the US is the least on the entire planet!

  • john53

    The Democratic Party has continuously been a racist organization throughout its history. The KKK was not as prolific as the DNC it its subjugation of the black community. They have resisted every civil rights action the government has addressed in our history.

    The DNC propaganda has always blamed the Republican Party in their supposed outreach with the minority communities. They own and operate most of the “Minority Leaders” NAACP (Black KKK), Rev Jesse, Rev Al and that allows them to convince the low information voters to support their agenda even when it is a detriment to their well-being. The media of course gladly supports the agenda and ideals of the liberals since most of them appear to believe the same ideals.

    The liberals only wish to remain in power and could care less about equality and they gladly bribe or influence the black community with toys and gift like most people would do to children so their attitude is the same as the slave holders of pre-Civil War error but much more sophisticated.

    I do not believe any of the major political parties give a damn, but just want the power of the government to be theirs, I am an Independent and only vote based on the plans and ideas of the candidates. I have not voted for a Democrat since the first Clinton administration, which tells me that the Liberal DNC/ Media propaganda effort is being successful.

  • 11bravo

    Hey Ronn, not to bust your PR chops – but where have you been on this.
    Many of us here, and on a plethora of conservative sites have been begging the GOP to attack! Update their messaging – it SUCKS!!
    Here in IL, I have been trying to contact the IL RNC about volunteering to reach out to the black community in Chicago.
    No one will respond to my repeated contacts. I am trying to find out if they have an outreach program, how I can help etcetera – all with no word back. I have even emailed Reince about national outreach = nothing!
    Rove, and all the TV spot funders, should be showing much of their ads nationwide. Even if the candidates are not local, most times the democrat being exposed is known – or his socialist leanings are recognizable universally. Pointing out these un-American and failing policies all over the country will remind regular Americans that these liberals are in fact ruining the country.
    Planting the seeds of doubt, or reinforcing the message of progressive policy failures is always a good thing.

    • Drakken

      H*ll has a better chance of freezing over before you get the black community to vote republican. The blacks are going to ride the democrat party into H*ll no matter how much outreach and kumbaya you try.

      • 11bravo

        Reverend Meeks here in Chicago was just on the news dogging Obama, and meeting with Rauner, the GOP candidate for IL governor.
        He has the largest congregation – the GOP just doesn’t have the stones to try. I don’t think your right – until someone really tries and fails.

  • mtnhikerdude

    The New Democratic Party is Saul Alinsky’s wet dream.

  • Admirer Ronn Torossian

    Brilliant commentary and thank you mr. ronn torossian – why don’t you run for office?

  • Charles Martel

    I think it is you who has made the mistake of thinking minorities are stupid. They constantly vote for the people who will give them the most. Are you insinuating that they are too stupid to realize those things come at the price of their liberty?

    It does not make any difference that decades ago the democrats were racist. It doesn’t matter if they still are. What matters is who will give them the most. The problem is, most minorities are less smart. They have a problem relating current desires with future problems. This is why they have a much more violent nature. This is why they can’t create a stable prosperous western society. See Vox Day for a better explanation.

    Let me ask some simple questions.

    Who cares who is called a racist?
    Are you a conservative?
    What are you trying to conserve when you try to prove to liberals that you are more liberal than they are. Case in point, we like minorities so we do more for them. Oh yeah, well we like minorities more because you are only exploiting them. Bottom line is the argument is advancing minority rights and damn anyone else,s.

  • Christopher Riddle

    What Political Party Sponsored The KKK?What Political Party Sponsored Segregation???Come On People,Is This REALLY That TOUGH?????????????

  • Josh Randall

    FDR and LBJ are the Godfather’s of the disgrace that is the Democratic Party. The Dear Leader has taken it to a new level with his allies of the MSM, political correctness and the race card. It is time for a real third party to fight back against these jackals.

  • johnnyangel10

    Since lib-marxists are superb at spreading false innuendo, in this case the talking point is racism as a way to bring out the vote,the right should also mount the same type of attack using facts instead. By continuously harping on one truth that affects minorities brought about by terrible Democrat policymakers, if it “hits home” enough times it will have the desired outcome. This is one method that the Republicans can turn the tide of the accepted narrative. Sticking together and HARPING on one idea is the way to take control of the prevailing conversation. Go for it GOP !!

  • antioli

    If I were black, I like a lot of Black Folks would easily recognize that the Democrats ,by favoring unrestricted illegal immigration, are destroying my ability to find a job. However I would also recognize that the Republicans also favor unrestricted illegal immigration . I would continue being a Democrat because the Democrats are at least providing a safety net.

    • Pappa Bear

      Although I agree with your assessment, I am puzzled why you would vote for either?

      • Chuck Silva

        The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the speed that their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door.

        • Pappa Bear

          They seem to be equal in that respect

  • Rebecca

    The Left used a campaign to get minorities into the Dem party. They used big city Dem tactics nationwide to win minority support. By the 1976 Dem National Convention, they were paying for minorities to attend the convention, instead of doing it as usual, that is whoever went to the convention paid their own way. This was because they were already Socialist, and no longer offered anything to the white American voter. Whites like their rights, religion, and guns, and don’t like the government and unions bossing over them…. This info is per a Socialist I knew who worked in the Dem party over the years.

  • Maynard

    Nancy Pelosi blamed us of racism but I didn’t even realize that she was black. I thought we just hated her because of her stupid policies.

  • lillymckim

    I dont think Eric Holder or Obama could have made themselves any more small.
    They are such an embarrassment.
    The people that voted for Obama are on to him he has overplayed his hand..

  • WillielomanIII

    Good column. And yes, the Dems do think that minorities, blacks and Hispanics are stupid, and unfortunately the Dems continue to get the black vote massively and the vast majority of Hispanics as well. Even the Jews, who are the tiniest minority of all, vote majority Dem… So the question is why do people vote that way? One reason is that the Repubs have the second worst PR team in the world…the only PR team that is more incompetent is that of the government of Israel. Second, the majority of voters vote on a 80% superficial level…feeling of like and dislike, certainly on some policy analysis basis. The Repubs are constantly talking about the Budget deficit…Which is by far the dumbest issue in the world for them to talk about as most US voters live paycheck to paycheck and really have no place in their heads for worrying about the Fed gov not having money…literally this is idiotic but since the Repub establishment leadership is made up of people not living paycheck to paycheck, they actually think this is a real issue. The Dems go after the visceral vote and they are very successful at it. Repub leadership still focuses on policy issues…really just shows the Repub leadership are more worried about their personal issues than about good public policy. The Dems make no attempt to talk about good public policy, they could care less, they are all about owning the levers of power in government to give big payoffs to their billionaire and millionaire funders, this is why insurance companies and banks are very supportive of Democrats…it is called getting paid off.

  • XoroxVotes

    Nonsense and wrong on so many points

  • Robert A. Hall

    Actually, the democrats also support race-based discrimination,
    as long as they can appeal to interest groups on the basis of diversity, in
    affirmative action, or against Asians at the universities. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog. (

    Robert A. Hall
    USMC 1964-68
    USMCR, 1977-83
    Massachusetts Senate, 1973-83
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    All royalties go to help wounded veterans
    For a free PDF of my 80-page book, write tartanmarine(at)

  • Fabien

    The democratic party and republican party are not what they once where. Google political realignment. The old democratic party was once racist, pro-states rights, and anti-big government. The republican party was once pro-big government, pro-social safety nets, and for equality. This is no longer the case. To say that either of these parties where the same as they were 60 years ago is completely misleading.

  • Mark

    Hehe, Republicans are cute

  • Mike Mastela

    This is the first time I’ve seen this site – what an unadulterated pile of trash it is – inside every conservative there is a fascist expressing himself and apparently on this site more often than most!

    • reader

      Mike. Your genius is dazzling. Particularly your debating technique. Who’d have thought of linking the words conservatives and “pile of trash,” hate” and – repeatedly – “fascist”? Apparently, even without clear understanding what the word “fascist” means exactly. But, what a marvellous effort! This board was missing someone as smart as you are. Not that we did not have huffpo trolls before. But you must have a double IQ than that of Biden. What a find!

      • Mike Mastela

        Anonymity, where cowards find courage. At least i have the courage of my convictions to post with my name not as a guest, that makes you the troll.

        • reader

          You’re not getting my social security number – that’s for sure. But if you want to meet me face to face, I’ll give you time and place, Einstein. But, seriously, – at the very least – have something semi-intelligent to say when trying to make the first impression. Good grief. Another tun of the mill thug with sand between his ears.

        • reader

          By the way, you’re confusing knowledge and convictions. Convictions was something that people burning other people at the stake valued exclusively and proudly so. Did not make them particularly admirable from where I stand.

    • GJN66

      What a marvelously predictable Leftist response! Here’s the Leftist train-of-thought, when confronted with the facts (documented, historical and irrefutable facts, by the way): Hmm…once again, I see that my world-view is complete fiction and my knowledge of history non-existent. I know! I’ll call those Conservatives a bunch a names….thus, winning the argument! Hooray for me! I’m going to Starbucks to celebrate!

    • SuzyQue

      Classic projection. You think you see what is inside of you in other people.

  • Mike Mastela

    Front Page Mag – where the fascists come to spew hate

  • DanielKassmieh

    I think that it is funny that many people are complaining that the Democrats are calling Republicans racist, yet these same people are calling Democrats the real racists. I think that we should realize that both sides have people who are racist. By racist, I mean the common term known throughout society as being ‘mean’ to an opposing race. For anyone who also majored in Sociology with a focus in Race and Ethnic Studies, they would know that real racism is not at all what they think it is. In fact, in America it is impossible for anyone who is not white to be racist. I say this only in reference to the ACTUAL definition of racism. So before everyone starts to yell about what I have just written, please take a moment to look up what racism really means from an intellectual/university standpoint. With that said, both parties have their issues. We need a party who wants true freedom. Each party stands for a different sort of freedom. One party wants economic freedom while the other pushes for social freedom. We need a party in this country that allows absolute freedom for its citizens as long as those freedoms don’t harm their fellow citizens… Since I am on a site that seems to lean heavily to right, I am sure all I have said will be bashed. For anyone who belives that learning is key to our developement, look up what the definition of racism is in Race and Ethnic Studies before bashing what I’ve written on the topic.

    • BagLady

      You are indeed visiting a rather right wing site and many on here are past redemption. However, I stick around because there are a few good writers and, at least, there is freedom of speech….. except, inexplicably, sometimes not. Ho ho.

  • Jerry St John Wyatt

    Cloward-Piven Strategists are trying to take us down!

  • Joe Knowles

    Anyone who really wants to understand which party is racist, and why, will read this. I’m sure most of you won’t.