Ze’ev Jabotinsky and the Belgium Terror Attack

kjAn Israeli married couple in their 50s from Tel Aviv, touring Belgium, were shot to death on Sunday in an anti-Semitic attack. And, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightfully noted, the attack is the result of “incessant incitement against Israel by different elements in the Middle East and Europe itself.” He affirmed: “There are elements in Europe that rush to condemn the construction of a flat in Jerusalem but who do not rush to condemn, or offer only a weak condemnation of the murder of Jews here or in Europe itself.”

Shamefully, Israel seeks only to live, and Muslim terrorists continue to kill innocent people.

And this terror attack is a repeat of past and recent history. In 2005, when Britain suffered a sharp rise in anti-Semitic attacks, the Israeli government pointed to anti-Israeli media coverage as the culprit. The Diaspora Affairs cabinet member at the time, Natan Sharansky, stated, “years of hostile reporting and commentary about Israel…is now spilling into the streets.” A Sharansky adviser commented, “You can’t brainwash people for four years that Israel is an illegitimate country and that Israelis are like the Nazis and that Israelis are monsters and expect that nothing will happen to Jews.”

For every action there is a reaction.

When the world rampages against a Jewish State, what is the surprise that there are attacks against Jewish people? Today, however, unlike in years past, there is a Jewish state that protects Jewish rights all over the world.  And a state which remembers Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who said:

We were not created in order to teach morals and manners to our enemies. Let them learn these things for themselves. We want to hit back at anybody who harms us. Whoever does not repay a blow by a blow is also incapable of repaying a good deed in kind. The Latin proverb says “of two evils choose the lesser.” When we are in a position where – through no fault of our own – physical force dominates, only one question can be asked: what is worse? To continue watching Jews being killed and the conviction grows that our lives are cheap, and among the whole world that we are spineless? … [T]he blackest of all characteristics is the tradition of the cheapness of Jewish blood, on the shedding of which there is no prohibition and for which you do not pay.

The Jew is everywhere in reach; he can be pointed out at any street corner; and he can be insulted or assaulted with only the minimum of risk, or with none at all. … [O]ne permanent assignment that is entrusted to each of us, old and young, men and women, educated and ignorant, as a group and as individuals; this assignment is the defense of our people’s honor …. It is always aimed at us, and we must respond. We must end this abuse of ourselves, at all costs. And it is very easy. They spit in our faces without fear, “in passing,” for no reason – not because our insulters are blessed with courage and want to pick a fight with us, but because this pleasure is so cheap for them: they will spit at us and go on their way, and nothing will happen. We must accustom them to the thought that from now on this pleasure will come at a hefty cost. A new commandment must enter our hearts: that even where there is only one Jew, the word “Zhid'”must not be heard without response.

Wise people will come and try to dissuade us – But it is not our purpose to win in every single incident. Our objective – to create about us the belief that a slur on our national feelings is no longer what it once was, a small diversion free of cost – but will rather, with an absolute certainty and a mathematical precision, result in a sharp and unpleasant confrontation.

Unfortunately, anti-Semitism continues – and a Jewish State is needed to continue to be strong.

As Ze’ev Jabotinsky noted: “It is not the anti-Semitism of men; it is, above all, the anti-Semitism of things, the inherent xenophobia of the body social or the body economic under which we suffer.”

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  • Chris

    You’re absolutely right Ronny. If you don’t hit back you will be treated as a punch bag. I’m all in favor of a muscular Judeaism, and indeed a muscular Christianity. This turn the other cheek nonsense is a fool’s pursuit.

  • ivan

    Yes, but what exactly do you do about a gunman who appears from nowhere, shoots you up, and then disappears?
    What do you do when the people who hate you know who YOU are, but you don’t know who THEY are?

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      You either don’t go there at all, or go prepared. If they don’t let you carry, don’t go.


      They’ve done this in NYC.

      You have decoy cops, like police women dressed as regular women out for a walk, followed by plain clothes police men, police in unmarked cars, IF the plain clothes poicewoman is attacked, she has the skills to defend herself, and the trailing cops swoop down and stop the attack, arrest the attackers, investigate their associations, track down the people who egged them on – in mosques.

      Same thing with “social media”. One of the Boston Bombing swine had a facebook page. Anyone who “liked”, “friended” their rants should be picked up too.

      When there is a will, there are several ways

      Remember Ilan Halami!

    • Gee

      You hunt them down – and execute them and make sure the entire world knows why

    • 1Indioviejo1

      You keep a list of your enemies and execute from the list.

  • JohnPalestine

    I would add that the latest garbage from the mouth of Lurch Kerry of Boston lineage was the another layer of fat thrown onto the fire re: Israel will become an APARTHEID country.

    Jewish lib supporters of this lifetime political clown will argue against it but if Kerry is so concerned about Apartheid, how many black members belong to his yacht club? How many black people have been president of Harvard? Apartheid is an awful system and sent inflammatory waves into the Muslim world. This honorable boulevardier knew what he was saying.

    The question is on whose payroll is he? a Muslim or that of John D.?

    • kikorikid

      It was a “Shariah Compliant” proxy slander.

  • Ohev Shedayim

    Every Jew is a target — and thats why theres a Jewish state. Ze’ev Jabotinsky had an assistant- who was Netanyahu’s father.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Start with the public brownshirts who march around screaming for Jewish blood by smashing their skulls on the curb. Next “We hate the Jews rally” you send a few of them up to Allah. Lather, rinse, repeat. If they’re in love with terrorism, then that’s what they understand.

  • emptorpreempted

    Mr. Torossian, if it’s no great secret could you say where you got that Jabotinsky quote? I’ve found that good English translations of Jabotinsky’s Russian articles from that period (I’m assuming this is from the 1910’s) are hard to come by. Jabotinsky wrote some of the best essays on antisemitism ever written, but the online English versions tend to be so badly translated that they are a pain to read.

  • snaphanen

    A belgian newspaper today reveals, that the killer was wearing a Go pro videocamera. The police fears a Mohamed Merah copycat


    It also claims with certainty, that the israeli couple was (is) employed by Mossad, the husband only in an adminstrative position


    More uncertain source: A right-wing Belgian blog reveals the ID of the suspect in Brussels and says it has a reliable source, but does not reveal it.

    It could handle about a Algerian-French muslim with ties to Hamas.

    Further attacks are being planned, it says.


      Sound like time for reprisals against islamofascist savages.

      • kikorikid

        Recently the IDF Minister stated, “If we have to
        return to Gaza, we will bring “Total War”.


          Take out hamass – target the leaders of hamass, hezbullah.

        • Drakken

          About bloody time!


            Warn hamass that any civilian who stays in Gaza is in great danger – then start bombing the crap out of hamass.


    G-d Bless Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Meachem Begin!

  • herb benty

    There is a time to “turn the other cheek” and there is a time to fight back. God gives the wisdom to know how to react. I for one like this Jabotinsky. And I follow Jesus Christ, who is no pacifist hippie. Peter had a sword in his clothes for protection as the Lord and the disciples walked around Israel. Proverbs: “there is a time to kill, and a time to refrain from killing”. If your mind is stayed on God, you’ll know what time it is.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      I think Jabotinsky was killed by Ben Gurion because he could not control him.

      • herb benty

        Think what you want, it’s a free country.