A Hollow Victory

Iran-Kerry-3_2728466b“They should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

Once again, Secretary of State John Kerry came home from Geneva this past Sunday, amidst a great deal of euphoria, boasting of an agreement between the P5 plus 1 nations and Iran that is scheduled to take effect on January 20th, saying, “As of that day, for the first time in almost a decade, Iran’s nuclear program will not be able to advance, and parts of it will be rolled back, while we start negotiating a comprehensive agreement to address the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.”

These triumphant words were over a signed agreement, the details of which are so fabulous that the Obama administration absolutely refuses to reveal them to journalists or the public at large.

This sense of triumphalism over the agreement has not been shared by most Americans. According to a Pew Research and USA Today Poll, (taken December 2nd through 9th), 43 percent of Americans disapprove of the deal, while only 32 percent approve of it.

However, the triumphalism is shared in Iran, where on Wednesday morning, President Rouhani spoke before a demonstration of throngs of thousands of ecstatic supporters, where he boasted, ‘Do you know what the Geneva agreement means? It means the surrender of great international powers against the nation of Iran.”

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Araqchi, told the country’s state-run television on Sunday, “We will in no way, never, dismantle our nuclear centrifuges.”

Yet they are getting an estimated 20 to 25 billion dollars in sanctions relief, plus an additional 8 billion dollars from the unfreezing of the assets that have been frozen in America since the 1979 Islamic revolution. There is a tremendous economic, psychological boost. Businesses from many regions in the world are flying into Tehran seeking new markets. The stock market in Tehran is soaring.

The Iranian mullahs are nothing, if not masters in cunning. They understand this American president, and its war-weary population.  They understand that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the American taxpayer over 4 trillion dollars, and more importantly that over 4,400 American servicemen lost their lives in Iraq, and 2,108 in Afghanistan.

They know that President Obama repeatedly pledged that when it came to Iran’s nuclear program, “all options are on the table.”

The Iranians are very careful observers. They watched vigilantly when President Obama had vowed in a press conference on August 20, 2012:

“We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”

Then on August 21, 2013 in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, the unthinkable happened. At the hands of Syrian leader Bashir Assad, over 1,429 people, including 426 children were brutally gassed to death. Our television screens showed the ghastly images of rows and rows children lined up, some flinching and quaking in agony, screaming and writhing in pain, without bullet wounds or scars. It was obvious that these were victims of a chemical attack.

At which point, Secretary of State John Kerry took to the airwaves and made an impassioned plea. “A thug and a murderer like Assad is trying to get away with this,” Kerry said, adding, “We are the USA, the country that’s tried to honor a set of universal values around which we’ve organized our lives…This crime against conscience, this crime against humanity, this matters to us. It matters to us and who we are. It matters to leadership and our credibility in the world. It matters if nothing is done-if the world speaks out in condemnation, and nothing happens.”

And then, President Obama put his finger to the wind, and realized he did not have the support of the American people. He then decided to take it to Congress, and when he realized he did not have the votes in Congress for the authorization for the use of force, he did an interesting little international pirouette, and made Iran and Russia responsible for the disposal of their chemical weapons (which is about as responsible as letting two known pedophiles baby sit for your children).

Not only did that elevate the status of both of those countries’ international credibility, it sharply diminished ours. To make matters, worse, in a press conference in Stockholm, President Obama stated, “I did not set a red line. The world set a red line.”

The Iranian mullahs have been taking careful notes. They appreciate the fact that this administration is, despite the strong rhetoric, almost constitutionally adverse to any renewed military action. They also understand that the biting sanctions that had been put in place by the United States Congress and the international community were breaking their economy, although it had little or no impact on the nuclear program.

They realized that their former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s honest rhetoric about “wiping Israel off the map,” was serving to isolate them economically. So they allowed a pretty, fresh face to run, that of Hussein Rouhani. Of course, Mr. Rouhani had to be approved by the reigning mullahs. And it is hardly known that Mr. Rouhani was a close friend and confidant of both Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei, or that he had been part of the committee that had planned the attack on the Argentenian Jewish Center in 1994.

The overall Iranian objectives of regional and global hegemony and Shiite supremacy, let alone their genocidal intentions, have never diminished one iota. Their tactics, however, changed.

While running for office last May, Mr. Rouhani was interviewed on Iranian National television, in which he boasted about how, when he was chief negotiator for the Iranian nuclear program between 2003 and 2005, the Iranians went from 150 centrifuges to 1,750; that he introduced the yellowcake, and the heavy water plutonium enrichment facility in Arak.

When elected, papers such as The New York Times and the Washington Post wrote glowing editorials about him as a “reformer” and a “moderate.”  They failed to mention that the very day before Mr. Rouhani came to New York to embark upon his charm offensive, he spoke in front of a military parade where a fleet of trucks carried a convoy of Shahab II missiles that can easily reach Tel Aviv with the words in English, Farsi and Arabic, “Israel shall cease to exist.”

Mr. Rouhani came to the United Nations and delivered a speech on September 25th that seems reminiscent of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, or Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream Speech.”  Among the lovely words of Mr. Rouhani were phrases such as, “Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s security and defense doctrine, and contradict our fundamental religious and ethical convictions.” He expressed the hope of “universal acceptance by the people and the elite all across the globe of ‘yes’ to peace and ‘no’ to war, the hope of preference of dialogue to conflict, and moderation over extremism.”

Like offering candy to a baby, the trap had been eloquently set. Mr. Rouhani was speaking Mr. Obama’s language. Never one to distinguish reality from rhetoric, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have done everything in their power to ignore the ominous signs coming out of Iran and have decided to proceed with a package of inducements, including the lifting of sanctions.

Meanwhile, none of us mere mortals are actually able to see what this agreement is that has been signed. According to an article on January 13th in the Los Angeles Times, Abbas Araqhi said that there is a 30-page side document or non-paper, where many significant details about how the deal is implemented are outlined.

The State Department of course vociferously denies the existence of the non-paper. When asked about the details of the agreement, State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf, said, “We will make the details available to Congress and the public as it becomes available.”

Of course the questions become: If we have already signed it, why is it not available? And, if it is such a good deal, why all the secrecy?

Secretary of State John Kerry was right when he said, “…This crime against humanity, this matters to us. It matters to leadership and our credibility in the world. It matters if nothing is done-if the world speaks out in condemnation, and nothing happens.”

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  • Paul

    It sounds to me like Obama has given Iran the secret OK to destroy Israel

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Well, not explicitly. But Obama has implicitly accepted Iran as the regional hegemon. He only *thinks* he can do business with Iran, and he won’t allow Israel to mess up his plans. Iran has already been given roles in “resolving” the conflict in Syria, and in dealing with the al Qaida resurgence in the Sunni provinces of Iraq. And if/when Iran goes nuclear on his watch, he’ll either deny he ever promised the US wouldn’t allow that to happen or come back from Iran with another piece of paper.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        So, Mr. Prime Minister Netanyahu, what are you waiting for? I’ll bet the Israelis know what’s in the agreement.

  • DVult

    It seems that the liars in Washington are quite content with the liars in Tehran. Is it because they are both speaking their mother tongue among themselves?

    • johnnywood

      Both these groups are liars because their Father the Devil is the” father of lies”.

  • CowboyUp

    Why would anyone be foolish enough to believe the democrat party would hold any hostile power to an agreement with us? They’ve proven time and time again, from the Paris Accords to the GWCFA and beyond, that they won’t. They’ll hold us to such agreements while allowing the other party to flagrantly violate it, as they did with the ABM treaty. History has consistently shown that agreements with the socialist democrat party aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

  • veeper

    Whatever the “secret deal” is…..

    you can bet your sweet bippy…….

    that obama is already unaware of it……

  • karma

    I am not a politician, nor am I a diplomat but even I can see where this secret deal is going. Anything that comes from this administration is layered in subterfuge. It is not in the American people’s best interest or the worlds. Pray.

  • gawxxx

    this cesspool of a nation is toast and if the iranian’s think we were their biggest problem are they in for the biggest surprise of their wretched lives , it will be entertaning to watch .

  • johnnywood

    John Kerry probably still believes in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter bunny. What a joke this man is.

  • Major

    Kerry earned a wall and a blindfold as far back as 1972 with his Winter Soldier treason. I’d like to see it and ask Jane if she’d put the blindfold on herself after Kerry uses it.

    • justquitnow

      Really…you want to execute Kerry because he spoke out about the Vietnam war in front of Congress after fighting in said war for years?
      You have a serious problem man….get that dark ugly sh*t out of your heart.


      • malachha avet

        Kerry did NOT fight, he was hiding on a boat far from the action, it’s history, trying reading it instead of making up faery stories

        • justquitnow

          You are sick, ugly little person.

  • justquitnow

    I know it was a big blow to FPM when Obama didn’t commit American troops to Syria in a disastrous cluster*ck, but we didn’t need to go to war with them. Because Russia has their back., they just gave up the chemical weapons and deflated out reasoning for going in there. Besides…FPM wrote articles at the time claiming that Assad hadn’t used the weapons but rather it was terrorists in country and Obama was supporting terrorist. I know, I know…”Obama is supporting terrorists” is in every article…but there you go.

  • Softly Bob

    The lessons of the Munich agreement have been so often told that nobody should ever forget them or ignore them. The fact that the Munich agreement is not even Ancient History, but there are people alive who still remember the consequences of it, also means that nobody except complete cretins could ever forget it or ignore it.
    So, once again – have I made myself clear? Any politicians who carry out any acts that repeat the failures of the Munich agreement would have to be complete cretins.

    Just in case you haven’t got it – no politician could ever possibly try to appease a violent and imperialistic, rogue nation such as for example… er… I don’t know, Iran say… because that would mean that they had failed to learn the lessons of the Munich agreement and only a complete cretin would do that!

    Finally, just in case you still don’t quite understand what I have said.
    No modern politician would ever do anything to allow Iran to continue its nuclear program freely and unconditionally, because no modern politician would be stupid enough and misinformed enough to do that – unless of course they were a complete and utter cretin!

  • turk182

    get it right,it’s TRAITOR John Kerry.
    While still serving in the US military(not yet discharged from service),Traitor Kerry worked (aiding and abetting) with the North Vietnamese without official Government permission,while the US was still engaged in hostilities with N.Vietnam. that IS treason. He should suffer the consequences for that.

    NV considers Traitor Kerry to be one of their “heroes”,and have a plaque commemorating him in their war museum.

  • turk182

    Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.

    There’s a reason why,post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan,of all places. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

    It’s all part of his efforts to weaken the US economically,politically,and militarily.
    “once is accidental,twice is coincidence,three times is enemy action.”

  • Andy_Lewis

    “What’s in Obama’s secret deal with Iran?”

    A mutual defense treaty, that’s what.