Kerry Visits the Place Israel Proved its Tolerance 23 Years Ago

ethIt is ironic that, on the heels of the leaking of his “apartheid” comments, Secretary of State John Kerry started May in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was in that very city, in May of 1991, that Israel heroically demonstrated that it was nothing akin to what Kerry declared it to be.

As detailed by the late New York Post editorial page editor, Eric Breindel, on May 30, 1991:

The government of Israel, having managed to gather Ethiopian Jews from around that country into the Addis Ababa vicinity over the past ten or so months, airlifted virtually the entire Ethiopian Jewish community to safety in Israel. The operation took place in utter secrecy. More than fourteen thousand Ethiopian Jews–called Falashas (outsiders)–were transported, in the course of a three-day period, to a land they had never seen.

The reason?

The Ethiopian government–long pro-Soviet and not itself particularly well disposed toward the Falashas–was collapsing. Rebel forces were eight miles from Addis Ababa when the airlift began.

Ethiopian Jews, of course, are black–as black as other Ethiopians. (And most Israelis, needless to say, are Caucasian.) But the Falashas, because they identify themselves as Jews, were likely–in the view of outside analysts, including State Department officials–to be ‘very vulnerable’ in turbulent political circumstances.

This condition, historically, is nothing new for Jews. Many times throughout their history, Jews have been–to say the least–“vulnerable.” And they’ve had no safe haven to which to flee.

What’s different now?

Zionism: the existence of a Jewish state.

Breindel was one of the champions of the battle to repeal the UN “Zionism is racism” Resolution of 1975. In this column, he took the occasion of this dramatic rescue and threw it in the face of Israel’s haters:

In the end, the Ethiopian Jews–“black Jews” who trace their lineage to King Solomon–were saved by brethren they had never seen, some of whom risked their lives to bring the Falashas to a land of which they had only dreamed.

There’s only one word that describes this extraordinary endeavor: Zionism.

Read the news reports, look at the photos, watch the film footage–one fact is plain: Notwithstanding any UN resolutions, Zionism–whatever else it may or may not be–is not “a form of racism.”

A few months later, the Soviet Union itself collapsed. The UN, unable to withstand the rhetorical onslaught of Breindel and his allies, combined with the forcefulness of then-U.S. Assistant Secretary of State John Bolton, repealed the infamous resolution.

However, thanks to Kerry, the battle is now going to have to be re-fought. As the New York Post columnist Benny Avni wrote on May 1st:

During this week’s UN Security Council debate on the Mideast, no Arab diplomat missed the opportunity to use the word “apartheid” to describe Israel. With one closed-door comment, Kerry managed to reverse Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s diplomatic heroics of more than 20 years ago: The “Zionism is racism” talk, supposedly eradicated from Turtle Bay in 1991, is back with a vengeance.

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  • HamBaconEggs

    Oh yeah, “Israel” is a very tolerant place for Black people:

    • mezcukor

      You are a liar. These BLACK people are ECONOMICAL refugees. And most of them Muslims. Muslim is not a race. Israel is a very tiny country and a Jewish state. This is where Jews can go if they are persecuted. They are totally right to not accept them. Look what is happening in Europe. Rape, and murder by Somaliens in Sweden. Good for Israel not to accept them. These people are predators and nothing else.

    • Gee

      I noticed that those migrants had to pass through at least 2 Arab countries to get here. Why did they pass up Islamic paradise to be in ‘racist’ Israel and why do they not want to leave?

    • UCSPanther

      Seeing how you VNN vermin hate non-whites, you have absolutely no foot to stand on.

      There’s a word for morons like you: Hypocrites

  • Lewis

    If only anti-Semitism could collect dust! Anti-Semitic terrorists often wear a mask: anti-Zionism. Jews have been unwelcome in places simply due to their beliefs. (1) While it’s true life is not easy for Palestinians, countries will go through a “potentially dangerous period” and the only thing holding them back is when they try “not to think of” any solution to violence! (2) It is due to these threats that Israel is carrying out well-teseted security traditions (which have also faced unfair boycotts in the past). (3) Thus, the legitimacy of Israel should not be in question any more than other European people’s fighting for their nationalism in the same way. The president of America himself said “Israel thrives as a diverse and vibrant democracy.” (4) While it’s true some Palestinians might fall through the cracks of a very complex legal system faced with the problem of so many different groups, folks like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch never include this fact: it’s very common for a country surrounded by enemies to have to defend itself. This has happened in history before. (5) Israelis frequently volunteer their time to enforce the law when the state has laxed. (6) As the great Zionist Max Nordau wrote, it is impossible for a Jew to hate since he “knows what terrible harm centuries of slavery… have done to his originally proud and upright character, and seeks to cure it by means of intense self-training.” (7)


  • Shein Ariely

    The anti Israelis interest is:
    —to keep peoples mind closed by their dark propaganda.
    — to prevent peoples mind open by the lightening Israeli achievements.

    The anti Israelis blame the defending Israel regardless on the reality on the ground.
    To the hall with moral values as long it is lined up with Obama faulty
    international policy!

    “” As 2013 ends, President Obama has lost credibility with many
    people who trusted him at the start of the year””

    1:Life years expectancy by country:

    Israel =82 years
    Arabs in Israel live 9 years more than Arabs in ME.
    You demand that the quality of helth care and social rights to be linedup with the standart Arabs in ME?
    ME countries average ( not including Israel)= 73 years

    (Compare to other countries: UK= 81::USA=79::razil=76::Malasyia=75 ::Russia=

    2:Freedom in the world report:–Final.pdf
    Counties list of freedom and political rights (1 highest—7 lowest)

    ***Israel: freedom status= free: Political rights =1
    Arabs in Israel abjoy equal rights! You demand to equalize their rights to the ME standard?
    (equal to Australia- Canada- USA- France)
    (higher than Brazil, Argentina, Greece)

    *****Arab countries and Iran: Algeria,
    Egypt,Iraq,Jordan.Oman,Qatar,Iran,Saud Arabia,Syria, Sudan,Lebanon

    Freedom status = Not free : Political rights either 6 or 7
    (Turkey: partly free Political rights 4)

    3:World Happiness Report, countries ranks:

    (Down from place 11 to average place of 125)

    *****Israel ranked 11th. Citizens are happy!
    Arabs in Israel should not be downgraded from place 11 to 125.
    (United States ranked 17th, United Kingdom placed 22nd)

    *******Arab and Iran: Citizens are unhappy!
    Jordan =74.–Lebanon =97–Egypt =130—Syria=148–Sudan=124
    Iran=115.–Iraq =105–Tunisia=104–Syria =148.

  • cacslewisfan

    When the terrorists besieged a Nigerian mall several months ago, Israel was there to help. Israel sent aid and volunteers to Haiti after the earthquake and Indonesia after the tsunami. Keri and his ilk are just plain crazy. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • dennis x

    Per Donald Sterling , ” Blacks are treated like dogs in Israel” I’ve never been to Israel , can someone comment on what he said. I have yet to heard it discuss. Thanks

  • mackykam

    Thank God Kerry is no longer part of the Jewish gene pool.
    Sorry for the Christian gene pool.

  • watsa46

    With friends like Kerry & Obama, IL needs no more enemies.