Support for Israel Now Grounds For Expulsion at New York Unitarian Church

CommunityChurchExtThe Unitarian-Universalist Community Church of New York, after 10 years of cooperation with and sponsoring events of the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), is now concerned that their tax-exempt status may be threatened, internal Church sources say. It comes at a time when persistent RCP presence on the Church has led to a polarizing climate.

In the background is an escalating conflict between the RCP and an alliance of moderate leftists, Israel supporters and pacifist led by Robert Reiss, a church member since 1957 who grew up in the Sunday school. The Church’s pastor, Reverend Bruce Southworth, resolutely demurs from challenging the Maoists. When a congregant complained, he said of their persistent presence: “What’s wrong with that?” And, at the May Board of Trustee monthly meeting, Chairperson Lisa Gluck turned to Reiss, who was sitting in spectators section, and said: “We demand to know exactly where you stand on Israel.”

Southworth’s first act upon coming into leadership of the Church was to take down the massive American flag from the downstairs stage where it had been for as long as anyone could remember. When asked why he did this, he said “I removed the American flag from the downstairs stage because I do not believe in nationalism. I am not a nationalist.” He also began to have speakers that reflect a reversal of the Church’s long history of support for Israel and Zionism. They include:

  • CUNY Professor Leonard Jeffries, who infamously spoke of “a conspiracy, planned and plotted and programmed out of Hollywood, where people called Greenberg and Weisberg and Trigliani and whatnot … Russian Jewry had a particular control over the movies, and their financial partners, the Mafia, put together a system of destruction for Black people,” and how “rich Jews were involved in the enslavement process”.
  • New Alliance Party official Lenora Fulani, who once said that Jews “had to sell their souls to acquire Israel and are required to do the dirtiest work of capitalism—to function as mass murderers of people of color—in order to keep it.”
  •  Alton Maddox, the Louis Farrakhan flack who was disbarred for his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax, who told Church goers: “Black babies are superior to white babies.”

In the early 1990s, Southworth visited F. W. de Klerk’s post-apartheid South Africa to support the African National Congress (ANC). When he returned home, the Church pacifists asked him about the ANC’s reliance on “Necklacing” — stuffing people into the center of a gasoline filled tire and burning them to death — as a means to intimidate their black opponents. Speaking at the pulpit made from wood donated by Mahatma Gandhi’s son and a yard from a pedestal with a bronze bust of Gandhi — all gifts in recognition of the prior pastors’ commitment to nonviolence — Southworth said: “I am asked my opinion of the practice of necklacing. I will not take a moral stand on that.”

While the Church has long leaned to the Left, the ideological extremism in issue today is relatively new in the Church. The previous pastor, Rev. Donald Harrington, was chairman of the anti-communist Liberal Party. Another previous pastor, Rev. John Haynes Holmes, was on the board of the ACLU when they kicked the Communists out of the organization and cast the deciding vote to expel Communist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. One Church member said, “Harrington and Holmes would be rolling in their graves to see the Church playing footsie with the RCP.”

The Church used to have thousands of active members, but since Southworth and his allies took over, the Church has been reduced to around 200 members today. Jewish participation with the Church had once been 40%, but this participation has plummeted as radical anti-Zionism has gained influence, consonant with the RCP playbook. Those who stand opposed to these trends are threatened with censorship and possible banishment from the congregation – and have been subject to intimidation and intolerance.

Typical of RCP activities is the constant presence of Joe Urgo, one of the RCP apparatchiks who infiltrated Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in the early 1970s and took part in the infamous 1971 Kansas City meeting in which plans to assassinate pro-War members of Congress were discussed. Urgo is one of the plants RCP puts among the congregants to steer the conversation, identify potential Party recruits, and harass those who don’t agree – including browbeating a black Gulf War veteran for not being anti-American. He openly speaks of overthrowing the U.S. Constitution and sells CDs of fugitive RCP leader Robert “Chairman Bob” Avakian to Church members.

RCP’s grip on the Church was flaunted for all to see on April 2nd, when their front group World Can’t Wait (WCW) was sponsored by the Church. The event aimed at encouraging an end to the use of Drones, including as a tool of Counterterrorism in Pakistan, and livestreamed it throughout the country. Members of RCP participated openly in the panel discussion, and the moderator was WCW chairwoman Debra Sweet, who at other venues has been seen taking a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book out of her bra and waving it aloft. Church money has also been funneled to the Marxist Center for Global Justice in Mexico, which coordinates closely with the Communist Cuban Government.

By contrast, all support for Israel — even mention of past support for the Jewish state by the Church and former attendees such as Bayard Rustin — is relentlessly suppressed by the Maoists and their Church Collaborators. And while Capitalism is a constant target of derision (Thomas Piketty’s book is being pushed at the Church), sources describe a congregational meeting on the church budget where these same loud anti-capitalists

repeatedly called for greater returns and yield from their investment portfolios. They wanted to make sure the investment advisors to the Church who managed the Church’s 11 million dollars receive the “greatest quarterly yields, and dividends be maintained.” Indeed, one of the Action for Justice – a church constituent group – members, said “I hope we are using an index fund.” This particular member is the most outspoken anti-capitalist of all these people, who often couples his declarations of anti-capitalism with his very vocal attacks on American Democracy itself.

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    This “church” prays to Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Castro, Chavez.

    • Notalibfool

      In other words they worship false gods.

  • David

    There’s so much hatred towards Israel which usually translates to Jews in general. Sometimes I seriously despair of the chances to defeat these people. I would really like to see some kind of major PR victory for our side but it seems like the only victories we have are preventing them from winning one divestment vote or another.

  • Trinity

    This church needs to read the Bible and what it says about Israel!

  • notme123

    Hebrew was the religion of Christ and his apostles, and Israel is the country of the Hebrews. Every Christian should support Israel. God himself loved Jerusalem. They need to read their Bible.

    • rxpc

      There is nothing Christian about the Unitarian-Universalist church. They make secular humanists look religious.

    • Painted Horse

      Judaism not Hebrew.

  • Docs357

    Do we really care who gets grown out of cult ? It may be the lords way giving these people an second or another chance for real salvation . Jesus was a Jew still is . The main thing that happened was the law was finished . We could move from the fith dispensation of time the 613 points of the law to the sigh dispensation of time Grace The seventh dispensation of time will begging with the return of our Lord . On the cross he said its is finished what was finished living under the law . No one could keep all 613 points law but Jesus . For filed the law and on to grace we moved .Praise His Holy Name forever Amen

    • Belwyn Melwyn

      illiteracy alert.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So are they fireproof?

  • kasandra

    I imagine right now the IRS is hot on the trail of this group to see if it qualifies for tax exempt status as a church or is a political organization. Probably right now they’re drafting inquiry letters asking about the “church’s” membership, the prayers it uses, handbills and other publications they’ve distributed, etc.

    • stringman

      I hope that’s sarcasm. If you’re expecting the Obama IRS, that targets TeaParty groups, to go after the exempt status of communists masquerading as a religion, you’re in for a long wait. More likely members of the Obama administration are also church members. Soon they’ll have Jeremiah Wright giving the sermon.

      • kasandra

        Yeah, it was sarcasm. I was just thinking, on one side you have Tea Party related groups, who simply want sound fiscal policies and adherence to the constitution, put on the proctoscope while, on the other side, you have this “church” partnered up with a Maoist Communist Revolutionary Group and apparently having no problem with the IRS. What an upside down country we live in.

  • Abberline

    I pass by that “church” quite often and I shudder whenever I read on the outdoor bulletin board the speech topics that are being given. There is littel doubt in my mind that the people who run the “church” are militant atheists and wealth redistributionists.

  • Robin Edgar

    “Those who stand opposed to these trends are threatened with censorship
    and possible banishment from the congregation – and have been subject to
    intimidation and intolerance.”

    The same goes for those opposed to the anti-religious intolerance and bigotry of the Fundamentalist Atheist faction of Unitarian Universalism, as well as those who expose and denounce UU clergy abuse and other internal injustices and abuses.

    Believe it or not the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations aka UUA is falsely accusing me of the crime of blasphemous libel for allegedly making “unfounded and vicious allegations to the effect that ministers of the Association engage in such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape.”

    Unfortunately the key word in that BS legalistic pretext for accusing me of blasphemous libel is “unfounded” and my allegations are by no means unfounded. In fact they are fully supported by news paper reports about UUA clergy and non-clergy UUs who have actually been convicted of engaging in “such despicable crimes as pedophilia and rape” in a court of law.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Good luck to you. I hope you find a place where you can worship freely. UU’s don’t believe in freedom.

      • Robin Edgar

        I “worship freely” by protesting outside the Unitarian Church of Montreal fairly regularly. A sympathetic UU minister, who is very aware of UUA clergy abuse issues, long ago referred to this peaceful public protest as my “alternative spiritual practice”.

  • iluvisrael

    I’m sure these same Jew hating worms cower at the thought of taking on moslems as they slaughter Christians all over the globe.

  • wileyvet

    Do these people not understand the vicious suppression of the Russian Orthodox Church by Lenin and the Bolsheviks when they achieved power? Communism was so hostile to Christianity in The Soviet Union, that at least 80% of the churches were closed and used for other purposes. Thousands of clergy were brutally eliminated. It was their intent to completely destroy the Christian faith in the Russian people. Oddly enough it was Lenin that said anti-Semitism is counter revolutionary and did not subscribe to it. These “church” goers are anything but Christian.

    • kasandra

      But then along came Stalin together with “the doctors’ plot” and the “anti-cosmopolitan” campaigns.

      • wileyvet

        Yes, Stalin’s anti-Semitism goes back to the early years of the Revolution if not earlier. When he consolidated his hold on Russia in the late 20s, he had the idea to relocate the entire Jewish population to Birobidzhan, near the Chinese border. It did not happen. It is most probable that had Stalin not died when he did, there would have been a second Holocaust inside Russia. Thank heaven for small miracles.

        • kasandra

          Indeed. And thanks for the additional history. I once saw anti-Semitism described as “the psychic daily bread” of Russia. (Although Stalin was from Georgia.)

          • Fritz

            It didn’t matter, it was dished out in large portions throughout Tsarist Russia throughout the late 19th century. Whether they were Bolsheviks or Monarchists they were all products of that environment.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    The Unitarian Church is a prime example of the old adage that states, “When everybody is correct, nobody is correct.” Of course, there are some people who are more correct than others.

    The others? Who are they?

    Believing Jews and Christians top the list.

    I once went to the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian Universalist Church, in Oak Park, Illinois, having been invited to sing (they knew of my background as an operatic tenor). Before the service, the minister told me that I could sing anything, unless it included the words, “Jesus, or Christ.”

    I replied to her that this would be difficult, since they wanted me to sing the primary tenor arias from Handel’s Messiah. But since it was classical music, she had no objection to this.

    So, I sang Comfort Ye, Every Valley shall be Exalted, and was scheduled to sing Thou Shalt Break Them. However, I talked to my accompanist, and told him I would replace the final aria with the old hymn Jesus is All I Need, straight out of the Nazarene hymnal.

    To be certain, the “minister” was not pleased, and I was never invited back, in spite of overwhelming applause.

    It also appears that the minister was living with her boyfriend (minister at another Unitarian church), at the time, and both of them were practicing Wiccans.

    These people are … despite the name … very selective about universal religious truths …

    Good acoustics, at that church, though …

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      By the way, while singing the hymn, I half-expected the minister to burst into flames …

      • Americana

        Wolf, that is the most fascinating story. Good for you for sticking to your musical creed and singing EXACTLY what you wished. The nerve of that FOOL!

        What opera companies have you been a member of and would I ever have been likely to see you perform?

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          I’ve been under contract with the Lyric Opera of Chicago (chorus only … no roles), and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I’ve also sang a lot of oratorio, including with the Oklahoma City Symphony (where I also did semi-professional portrayals of the Prologue from Henry V and the lead roles in Hamlet and MacBeth).

          The most fun I ever had was as one of the combat choreographers in the movie Braveheart. Mel Gibson was a great guy to work for, but I spent most of my time training the many extras, and actually got into some scenes, as an extra. Although it took several takes, William Wallace’s speech to the army at Stirling made me actually want to fight the English!

  • Americana

    Only in the U.S. would you find Communists using a local Christian church for a cheap/free meeting place where they’re espousing Communist/Marxist economic ideals while pursuing a no-support for Israel ideological platform! What a weird twist of fate.

    • Drakken

      You would be right at home amongst your leftist communist ilk.

      • Suzanne

        I think he was making a joke.

        • Americana

          Yes, Suzanne and Wolf, I was making a joke. But Drakken is at such loggerheads w/me that he isn’t thinking straight and, truth to tell, I don’t believe Drakken has much of a sense of humor. Yes, in the midst of all this torturous thinking we do on this BB, I can still find it immensely humorous that we’ve got Unitarians in bed w/Communists and Marxists in this country. It’s like a Monty Python skit or Saturday Night Live or Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        I thought about what Americana and you said, and he has a point. Only in America … where the First Amendment still thrives (even though it is under attack) … could you have a “church” that worships the tenets of Marx.

        In other countries, it’s true Christian and Jewish believers who are under attack.

  • Ironboomer

    Let’s hope their sincere prayers lead them to truth.

  • trapper

    GD communist scum!
    PS Jews are, at least, blessed by God and are therefore hated by those who hate God.

  • tagalog

    So Unitarians DO believe in something!

  • Gee

    We have been hated for so long – that not to be hated is strange.
    We have outlived so many oppressors – Asyrian, Hitties, Bablyonians, Pharohs, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Nazis, etc. etc. Some day the current crop of oppressors will be nothing more than a memory and we will still exist.
    We are the forever people

  • Lyrilia

    If we’re not going to deport the negroes back to Africa (the ideal solution to crime and mayhem in the former USA), then we should re-enslave them and put them to work eg in cotton fields. The whole welfare system has to be re-examined as it’s causing the bankruptcy of the former USA.

    • Fritz

      Be quiet you white supremacist vermin.

  • Drakken

    What a den of scum and villainy, the day cannot come soon enough where these traitors, fools, socialist and enemies can be dealt with.

    • Soylent Green

      Wait…are you talking about the Democratic Party?

  • montana83

    Obama and Madame Mao Moochelle are members, right?

    • Fritz

      No, they are members of a Black Baptist sect that preaches so called “Black Liberation” theology, the one Barry attended for 15 years, yet did not hear the sermons of Jeremiah Wright.

  • charlestonvoice

    Judaism is not Zionism

    In this church the conflict is between the Marxists (RCP) and the Zionists or Fascists. No Christian follower of Christ would ever be a member. Sheds light on the IRS granting of religious tax-exemption!

  • herb benty

    This “church” is just part of the communist infiltration in our schools, colleges, universities, unions, NGO’s, and of course, our present Government. This, God is allowing, for people to freely choose what side they are on. The sheep and the goats will be separated eventually. The “Unitarians” were always not Biblical.

  • William James Ward

    These people are not really a church, they are a Communist front
    organization and always have been subversives of Christianity,
    Americanism and morality………………William

  • lostlegends

    They have been deserted by decent people. It’s now a plotting camp for totalitarians.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    Several years ago, I attended a lecture series about childhood sexual abuse at a local Unitarian church.
    The woman in charge of giving the lectures, was a professor & a member of the church, who had recently visited India & Saudi Arabia.
    The first lecture was about “Lord Shiva” & “The Goddess” & how the goddess empowers women, “unlike Christianity, which is a destroyer of women.”
    She also talked about the “decency” of Muslim men.
    Needless to say I challenged her on her assertions.
    Second lecture was about karma.
    I asked her what karma had to do childhood sexual abuse & she replied, “well, it’s all about karma. These kids were abusers in their previous lives & the law of karma says that they must live through that abuse in this incarnation.”
    Last lecture I ever attended, last Unitarian Church I ever set foot in.

  • Fritz

    Sounds like the Unitarian-Universalist Church is one of the few places in the world where you can still find active Maoists, and that includes the People’s Republic of China. Yes, strip them of their tax exempt status, and while they are at it close down the Tides Foundation, Environmental Defence, CAIR, and all of these other foreign funded front groups acting as bogus charities.

  • Lou Hodges

    Unitarians are just communists looking for a tax exemption. Obama’s mother was a Unitarian. I checked it out personally. They’re communists, there is no church.