Professors For Pedophilia

AcademiaAs Christian religious belief declines in Europe, the continent’s pagan heart comes more and more to the fore, and England, is only the latest European country to witness this growing phenomenon.

A major pedophilia scandal is currently rocking British society, in which as many as 20 prominent politicians, judges and other members of the British establishment are suspected of having abused children in the 1980s and 1990s as part of a pedophile ring. The victims were among society’s most vulnerable, being mostly boys from state children’s homes. And such abuse, it is suspected, may have been going on for decades.

“We are looking at the Lords, the Commons, the judiciary- all institutions where there will be a small percentage of pedophiles, and a slightly larger percentage of people who have known about it,” former child protection manager Peter McKelvie told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), calling the predators “an extremely powerful elite” who have been abusing children “for as long as I have been alive.”

This latest episode involving sexual exploitation of children comes on the heels of other, jarring, pedophilia scandals to stun Britain this year. One involved the BBC itself.

BBC star entertainer Jimmy Savile, now deceased, was one of several BBC employees suspected of having molested literally hundreds of children and teenagers, some on BBC premises. Perhaps most shockingly, 28 British hospitals reported Savile may have molested patients on their wards, to which he was allowed access, sometimes even possessing hospital keys.

Another scandal saw artist and “iconic” children’s entertainer Rolf Harris, who once painted Queen Elizabeth’s portrait, found guilty this month of 12 counts of indecent assault on children and teenagers. Harris was described as a “part of millions of British childhoods” and was viewed as “a national treasure.”

One can correctly say pedophilia was not invented in Western countries in our times. But what differentiates the current climate concerning this once very taboo practice from earlier decades is the equally reprehensible movement underway in the West involving some academics, among others, to minimize its devastating effects on children, garner sympathy for the perpetrators and make the practice acceptable to the public. All of which is allowing pedophilia to creep into the cultural debate.

Journalist Andrew Gilligan recently pointed out in England’s Daily Telegraph an example of this gradual, ongoing promotion of pedophilia in mainstream society. Gilligan writes that only last year in July at a conference at the University of Cambridge, one of Britain’s most famous institutions of higher learning, pro-pedophilia positions were put forward. The conference was about classifying sexuality in “a standard international psychiatric manual used by the police and courts” that is produced by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

One attendee was Ken Plummer, an emeritus professor of sociology at Britain’s Essex University. Plummer had previously stated he was once a member of the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a British pro-pedophilia group, which advocated lowering the age of consent to ten. But Plummer said he had joined the now defunct PIE only for research purposes.

The results of Plummer’s “research,” however, was to produce such disturbing statements as: “The isolation, secrecy, guilt and anguish of many pedophiles are not intrinsic to the phenomenon but are derived from the extreme social pressure placed on minorities.” And another gem: “Many adult pedophiles say that boys actively seek out sex partners …’childhood’ itself is not a biological given but an historically produced social object.”

Former PIE chief Tom O’Carroll was also in attendance at the Cambridge conference. O’Carroll was once convicted for distributing 50,000 images of child abuse. BBC news stated: “Children, mainly boys and some as young as six, had been filmed and photographed being raped and tortured.”

But the most “interesting” academic at the Cambridge conference was Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Japan’s Doshisha University. In his presentation, Trofomich stated:

“Pedophilic interest is natural and normal for males. At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children…Normal males are aroused by children.”

It is not surprising that, according to Gilligan, Tromovitch and O’Carroll went together for drinks afterwards.

But what is surprising, though, is that persons of O’Carroll’s and Tromovitch’s ilk are even present at such a prestigious international conference alongside such reputable organizations as the APA, discussing important topics like psychiatric classifications — and at Cambridge University at that. The fact alone that Tromovitch and Plummer have positions at universities is viewed by many as a sign of serious civilizational decline.

There were other, similar enlightening presentations at the Cambridge function, such as “Liberating the pedophile: a discursive analysis” and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.”

The APA representatives at the conference tried to have hebephilia (attraction to early pubertal children) listed as a disorder in the manual’s new edition but failed. Gilligan wrote that one American academic attending the conference believed such a listing would be abused in the United States, as convicted sex offenders would not be released after completing their sentences and be detained as “mentally ill” under “US sexually violent predator laws.”

The possibility of these offenders, once released, harming more children appears not to have merited the slightest consideration.

One APA attendee stated, however, that a way had to be found to include hebephilia as a disorder in the manual or that was “tantamount to stating that the APA’s official position is that sexual preference for early pubertal children is normal.” Which is probably what some at the conference want and why the APA proposal was voted down.

The attempt to normalise adult-child sex is not only limited to certain academics and paedophile groups in the West but has had its political supporters as well.

Germany’s Green Party more than outdid the Cambridge conference last year in notoriety for having once pushed for pedophilia’s acceptance. In 2013, shortly before Germany’s federal election, it was revealed the party had, at least in one German state, officially adopted in 1985 a position calling for the abolishment of the German law that criminalised adult-child sex. The party’s tolerance for pedophilia was such that it had a “Queer and Pederast” working group inside the party, promoting this position.

Even the Green candidate for chancellor in last year’s German federal election, Juergen Trittin, a city politician for the Greens in Goettingen in the 1980s, had signed a party platform statement calling for the decriminalization of child-adult sex acts “that occur without the use or threat of force.”

“This formulation makes a mistake. It is simply false. There are no consenting forms of sexual relationships between adults and children,” said Trittin, when forced to address the issue during the election campaign.

Trittin also regretted that it took his party so long to disown its pedophile past. But if it had not been for the revelations, one wonders whether the Greens would ever have recanted their previous child-adult sex position.

Nevertheless, the Green Party, despite the revelations’ shock to the German public, still received eight percent of the national vote. In the past, despite its small size, it has played an important part in German politics, having been the junior partner in a federal coalition government with Gerhard Schroeder’s Socialist Party between 1998 and 2005 as well as serving as a coalition partner in several state governments.

And some Greens not only supported their party’s outrageous position, but acted on it. An openly pedophile member of the Green Party’s executive committee for Germany’s most populous state, North Rhineland-Westphalia, formed a commune in the 1980s, visited by prominent Greens, where he and others molested minors living or visiting there. He justified his abuse of the children by saying the Greek philosophers also had their “lust-boys” and sexual contact with their pupils.

“These were sentences that, for me, were quite unusual, facts, as it were, since no one contradicted them,” remembered one former abuse victim last year in a newspaper interview. Now an adult, he was 12 when living at the commune and said he never realized the abuse, which occurred daily, was wrong.

Other Greens attended party conferences where members of invited anarchist communes, called “City Indians,” were openly affectionate with their boy lovers.

“There were also 30-year-olds there; they played with the children,” remembered one Green Party member in an interview with Die Welt last year. “Sometimes I felt rotten there.”

Interestingly, none of these “progressive” politicians at these Green party conferences, whose stated mission is to save the world from capitalist oppression, especially American, ever thought to call the police or a children’s protection service. Ironically, it was also the Greens who, years later, were to scream the loudest and the longest in Germany against the Catholic Church’s child sex scandals. Like many leftists, the Greens are used to pointing out, in paroxysms of outrage, the moral failings of others while ignoring their own. One can only be thankful the Greens never controlled any schools back then.

The unstated end game of those involved in making pedophilia acceptable for public consumption is to eventually have this immoral practice legalized, as in pagan Rome and Greece of antiquity (pedophile groups’ favourite reference point). But rather than from the past, it is from the present, in the form of sympathetic academics and modern “Greens,” that the pedophile movement currently gets its intellectual support, its ideological armor and tools to promote and justify its anti-child cruelty.

It has been pointed out, by Gilligan among others, that professors who sympathise with this deviant behaviour pose more of a threat than pedophile groups themselves, since academics are on the forefront of making child-adult sex at least presentable, if not acceptable to the public, and, perhaps, even eventually fit for polite society. And it is this eroding of moral barriers that could ultimately lead to pedophilia’s legalization.

But what stands out the most in the statements and research of academic sympathisers of pedophilia, like those at the Cambridge conference, is not just the immorality of their positions but also the inhuman lightheartedness with which they trample on children’s souls. There is no realization of the damage their pedophilia madness will do to “these frail beings,” as Victor Hugo once so compassionately called children.

Even in Juergen Trittin’s statement, like those of other Greens, there was never any admission of immorality on his part or on the party’s. They had simply taken a false position.  All of which shows, without a doubt, that the emerging pagan heart of Europe is definitely a heartless one.

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  • UCSPanther

    Sickening. Rationalizing something that has left horrific psychological scars on many people over the years.

    This is another sign that modern culture is getting overgrown with destructive hedonism (If it feels good, do it, even if it comes at a steep cost to either you or someone else), and will only bring them misery in the end.

    • Frank LaFerriere

      Hedonism is one thing…but kids being raped is a totally different thing. Last time I checked…hedonism between adults is not illegal…and it has NOTHING to do with sick, twisted, soulless humans whom prey on children.

      Get it right.

      Oh and all the priests, ministers and pastors whom rape children…what do you call that?

      Saving their souls?

      • jenniferwsmith

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        • UCSPanther

          We are not your mugus.

          • 1keith1

            What is mugus? It’s not in Webster’s Dictionary. Please write in English.

          • UCSPanther

            “Mugu” means “sucker” in Nigerian and refers to victims of 419 scams.

      • UCSPanther

        Is it any less damaging if a child is molested by an atheistic, far-left wing member of the cultural elite instead of a religious leader?

  • Alexander Gofen

    The ugliest troublemakers of the society on march! All that is merely step 2 after a “normalization” of sodomy which took place a few decades ago. Forget about the religious commandments. Even the logic does not matter:

    – Infertility (a condition preventing procreation) is still an illness. People wish to cure it, and they definitely do not celebrate it. Yet …

    – Homosexuality (a condition preventing procreation) is a “variant of norm” to be celebrated. Those who cure it and those who were cured from it are cursed and outlawed, and homosexual fascism has consumed the West so much, that now the 2% of perverts want that the 98% of the sane population stay in closets!

    Agenda 1958 on march:

  • Yami

    Forget Greece and Rome. This “movement” is surely proto-izlamic in nature. If they somehow manage to normalize this utter evil, there will be no other normative muzlim practice that infidels will be able to object to.

  • Guest

    First of all, his name is Juergen Trittin. It is not good when the simple things are wrong and what you can see here is that all these crimes where commited in the good ole christian days in these bad modern secular times they are adressed and this is the difference.
    It is not about christian belief oder secular, it is about questioning authorities. When a child comes home and tells his or her parents about an incident the parents, the police and the public have to listen and act and it can´t matter who the offender is, A priest, a MP, a Tv Host or the uncle of the child.
    That is the point and not a christian or secular society.

  • Chris

    The article doesn’t mention the Islamo-pedophile groups in the UK who have been seducing, raping and whoring young white girls for many dirty years all over the country. And let us not forget that in these cases when the girls had gone to the police to complain they were just callously ignored. The bishops were bent, the BBC IS bent, the politicians ARE bent and the new Islamic colonialist are bent. How do you think all this is playing out in the minds of the young people?

    About a year ago I met a young man, a maths teacher from Cardiff, and he told me that white women were having a real hard time of it. I early choked on my beer. It’s an upside down world alright.

    • Frank LaFerriere

      Why don’t you take care of the tens of thousands of pedo priests, pastors and ministers of the Christian religion?

      Didn’t Jesus say something about before you remove the mote from someone elses eyes…you should remove the log from your own.

      And while I am NOT defending Muslims whom rape kids…clean your own houses first..

      Here is one problem…maybe though..because it is a Christian denomination…we do not see you on here running your mouth in outrage about them eh?

      A study done by The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect found
      that even though only 25% of citizens in the U.S. are Roman Catholic,
      54% of the sexual abuse cases were perpetrated by Catholic priests. The
      church has paid at least 2.6 billion to settle sexual abuse cases. In
      2007 alone the Los Angeles Archdiocese on July 15 announced the largest
      church settlement of sexual abuse lawsuits to date,
      agreeing to pay more than 500 alleged victims a total of $660 million.
      The abuse continues and the wealthy Vatican is easily able to cover
      these claims. The Vatican even has insurance policies to cover these
      operating costs.

      Oh yeah…it’s the Roman Catholic Church pedophiles right..I keep hearing their defenders say this is not a pedophile problem in their churches, this is a homosexual one and then turn around and tell victims of their pedo priests…hey don’t prosecute us…forgive us….because prosecuting us and seeking to put us in prison…well that would be so UnChristian of you.

      • Frank LaFerriere

        or even worse..tell the people whom were raped by their priests that because they did not punch their pedophile raping pig priest in the face when they were raping them, that shows they not only wanted it, but were willing participants in it, and enjoyed it and are therefor homosexuals because of it.

        Gotta love you hypocrites…whom scream about the Muslims and Islamists…while you Christians do even worse….see at least they openly admit to what they do..while you all hide behind the oh Holier than thou, defenders of children stance..oh wait…that is right…no fetus may be harmed…as you all say…but once that fetus is born then you all can rape them and say…He look at the Muslims aren’t they evil for raping kids…but not us…we are holy…

        What a bunch of two faced hypocrites people like YOU are.

    • Frank LaFerriere

      Here is a whole list of Christian-pedos for you to go after too…or is it just the Islamo-pedos whom should be prosecuted for it?

      I got a whole list of child rapists and their supporters if you want them…they are at this site:


      and this site:


      and this site:

      and this site:

      and this site:

      should keep you busy for a while..but I will post many more…if you
      would like it I will also post individual ministers, priests, pastors
      and others whom raped kids…that you should go after.

  • Larry Larkin

    The leftist “intelligentsia” tried this in the late ’60s and early ’70s and failed. Since then they have redefined things so much further and are now trying again.
    I really don’t give a damn about consenting adults with a high degree of social equality doing what ever they want to do in their own homes, but any time they start on children or animals I draw the line.

    • Nabukuduriuzhur


      Isn’t it interesting that when one moral evil becomes public like the push for homosexuality in every school and church, that all the other evils like pedophilia, incest, polygamy, etc. all come out of the woodwork, too?

      • CapitalistPig

        People don’t take into account a simple truth–laws are how we order our society. Read my comment above, marriage isn’t just about your or the couples personal happiness. It’s how we define families, get the children cared for, give recourse to woman have children to hold the fathers accountable, have some system in place to minimize the number of indigent elderly & not have a few dominant males pigging the women as was so often the case in polygamist societies (maybe the main reason those societies weren’t very successful–lots of unattached, testosterone fueled males running loose isn’t a formula for good social cohesion).
        Your marriage isn’t just about your happiness–it’s about everyone’s happiness.

    • CapitalistPig

      I reserve the right to legally define marriage & still place restrictions–I can’t marry my mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin (not that I want to).. But………
      Consenting adults for behavior I’m OK with for the most part.
      Consenting adults as a legal definition becomes much more problematic. If my dad has an expensive cancer treatment is single & I’m single, can I marry him, put him on my company insurance & then when he finally does die, then I would be his “surviving spouse” & thus could receive my entire inheritance without paying a nickle in estate taxes? We’re both “consenting adults” right? Shouldn’t we get the same rights that marriage offers other adult couples? If the courts can throw out restrictions for gays why not us?

      • Frank LaFerriere

        Yeah right…there is a difference you CapitialistPig…see for the Founding Fathers had this to say about religions making the laws and this means ANY religion…first Thomas Jefferson and read it you twisted freak:

        Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely
        between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between church and State. -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Danbury Baptist Association,
        CT., Jan. 1, 1802


        Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common
        law.-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10,1814


        The Treaty of Tripoli, signed by President John Adams,carried UNANIMOUSLY BY CONGRESS:

        “As the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen [Muslims] …
        it is declared … that no pretext arising from religious opinion shall ever product an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries….

        “The United States is not a Christian nation any more than it is a Jewish or a Mohammedan nation.”

        Oh and for those Christianists whom will come back with the lies that the Founding Fathers were Christian? I would rather listen to Mr John Adams when he wrote:

        “The founders of our nation were nearly all Infidels, and that of the presidents who had thus far been elected [Washington; Adams; Jefferson; Madison; Monroe; Adams; Jackson] not a one had professed a belief in Christianity….

        “Among all our presidents from Washington downward, not one was a professor of religion, at least not of more than Unitarianism.”

        The United States of America have exhibited, perhaps, the first example of governments erected on the simple principles of nature; and if men are now sufficiently enlightened to disabuse themselves of artifice, imposture, hypocrisy, and superstition, they will consider this event as an era in their history. Although the detail of the formation of the American governments is at present little known or regarded either in Europe or in America, it may hereafter become an object of curiosity. It will never be pretended that any persons employed in that service had interviews with the gods, or were in any degree under the influence of Heaven, more than those at work upon ships or houses, or laboring in merchandise or agriculture; it will forever be acknowledged that these governments were contrived merely by the use of reason and the senses.– John Adams, “A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America” (1787-88)

        So hey…practice your religion all you wish…but as Thomas Jefferson said…KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND DO NOT TRY TO SHOVE IT DOWN ANY ONE ELSE’S THROATS.

        • CapitalistPig

          Could you please point out where I mentioned religion anywhere in my post?–or even in my related post below in answer to Nabukuduriuzhur ?
          BTW, law is based on some sense of morality. Otherwise why the concept of protecting life or private property?
          So when I step into a voting booth & vote for laws based on “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. And you vote for laws against murder based on what your atheist parents taught you about the value of life—why am I “imposing morality”–but you’re not?
          Any law has as its basis the concept of morality–someones morality–maybe even bad morality–but morality nonetheless. When I step into that voting booth I can base that vote anything or any morality I choose to base it on–& so can you. I base mine on Christian values but you’re not required to accept Christ as you personal Savior. Where in my post is that even mentioned?
          The fact is most of us, including the Founder’s seemed to believe the basic societal guidelines & mores of the 10 Commandments work pretty well when applied to government. I’m quite sure you can be a raging atheist & not have all that much difficulty accepting the idea that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” protects Christians & atheists alike–same with Steal (implies property rights)—is that really all that controversial?
          So where do you base this non-religious morality that you would substitute? And why wouldn’t it be an imposition on the rest of us in light of the fact that the majority have seemed to arrive at the conclusion that Judeo Christian morality is the basis of how we’ve chosen to govern ourselves?

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Ahhh a little subterfuge on your part eh?

            So first you ask me could I please point out where I mentioned religion anywhere in your postings..but you quack like a Christian, and then you come back and state that you are a Christian.

            See why we have such a hard time with you brain dead idiots….you only expose yourselves for the hypocrites that you are…by just opening your pieholes.

          • CapitalistPig

            You brought it up. Not me. I left it out. But if you do I assume you wanted to make it an issue.
            There’s nothing that an atheist can disagree with in the idea that we shouldn’t murder each other is there?
            I gave you the basis for my belief but you haven’t given me the basis for yours.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            No you brought it up Capitalist.

            Oh and an Atheist has more morals than any Christian I know.

          • CapitalistPig

            Please carefully peruse my 2 initial responses (the responses to Larry Larkin & Nabukuduriuzhur that triggered your rant) –there isn’t a single reference to Christianity or any religion whatsoever (that, BTW, is by design) –you brought it up.
            You quoted at great length the Founders views–now, quote me in either post one teensy, tiny reference to religion that I made or even a single point that I made that couldn’t be perfectly acceptable to even the most raging atheist you know–even you.
            And once again–you’ve mentioned your morals without sourcing them–do you just make em up as you go along? That isn’t very reassuring.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Hey brought it up with your quasi christian rants…when it smells like a Christianist psycho, and quacks like a Christianist psycho…then it proves like you did…that you are a Christianist psycho.

            I refuse to call someone like YOU a Christian…because I know real Christians…and you sir are no Christian.

          • CapitalistPig

            Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, & the Sung N. Korean dynasty were/are all atheists. (yes, S. Hussein was technically Muslim but it was a facade for the people of Iraq–& he said as much).
            Now, unless you tell me where I brought up religion in those posts I’m really not interested in your childish rants & will probably ignore any future posts because I’m beginning to feel like I’m arguing with a woman who is in the throes of a PMS induced, plate flinging irrational tirade.
            Honestly–come up with it—or clam up. No one is “imposing” anything on you that couldn’t fall within the guidelines of any reasonably moral atheist. (wherever that morality is derived–something else that you’ve yet to reveal).

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Hitler was a Christian you idiot…but of course we know how much Christians love to deny that point.

            Oh and again, subterfuge…you can look at the wrongs of others but you can defend the slaughter of almost 1 BILLION people by the Christian religion right?

            Oh I guess that because they were Christians…they were justified in all that bloodshed right?

            You Christians are just as bad as the ones you named, only worse…because you all have the AUDACITY to claim you are all the most moral, holy people on the earth.

            Yeah right and I got a bridge to sell ya in Brooklyn real cheap.

            Love your digs at Atheists but here is the difference between Christians and Atheists…they do NOT need some stone age religion to tell them how to be moral…they do it on their own.

            Sure Pol Pot, Stalin and others were Atheists, some of them had reason to be.

            Stalin was terrorized by his father and literally beaten out of the church. No wonder he turned into the psycho he did because of the evil treatment to him at the hands of Christians.

            That is why he started destroying the Russian Orthodox Church..he saw them for what they were…a bunch of moraless, hypocrites. So he sought to wipe out that cancer from his country.

            I say more power to him.

            I love it when Christians are slaughtered anyway…you know why?

            Because it puts the shoes on their foot…maybe if more Christians did get slaughtered…they would empathize with those whom they slaughtered.

      • Frank LaFerriere

        You reserve the right? Whom died and made YOU KING?

        and your analogy is so stupid it really does not deserve to comment on.

        • CapitalistPig

          Self governing citizens can do that–deal with it.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Good then as a self governing citizen…we should execute people like you…for being a waste of humanity and a religious bigot…oh does that make me a bigot too?

            I will also start executing all those Christian Ministers whom proclaim we should be going around executing others, like gays and lesbians.

            How is that for being a self governing citizen?

            Matter of fact. I will gather a hit squad so we can take out all those pedophiles raping kids in the Christian churches…now that is an honorable duty for a self governing citizen like myself and my friends.

          • CapitalistPig

            Write it into law…………good luck.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            No need…we will do as Christianists do…make our own laws and say…hey you cannot step on my FREE RIGHT to execute the scum and perverts of the Christian religion…because we are doing it to protect children from being raped by your twisted pedophiles.

          • CapitalistPig

            Ha ha! Do you really expect to be taken seriously? If I wanted to convince people that we better exclude atheists–I think i would show them your posts. Ha ha!

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Why not…you expect me to take you seriously?

          • CapitalistPig

            OK–I’ll put my reasoning side by side with yours (when we actually do see it) & we shall see which is taken more seriously. I’m not worried.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Yeah right…the trouble will only put your reasoning side by side with mine…to your fellow Christianist bigots.

            So how do I win that? Why not do it in a balanced way?

            How about we post our reasoning on a totally neutral site and let them decide?

          • CapitalistPig

            Is it my fault most people think family law is a good idea? There’s parts of the country where they, for all practical matters, no longer exist—the South Side of Chicago comes to mind.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            No…but you promote it..therefor your just as much a loser as they are.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Here is another example of Christianist hypocrisy on the subject of marriage and it’s sacredness.

            Christians divorce rate is 57%. Some of those whom call themselves Christians have been married two or even three times…so where is all this sacredness of the matrimonial vows the Christians proclaim are so valued among them?

          • Frank LaFerriere

            and you NEVER answered my questions on the topics of pedophile Christians…all of those priests, ministers, pastors etc whom rape children..with seemingly impunity?

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Thing is CapitalistPig…I am not an atheist…and I am a believer that as you sow…so shall you reap.

            Seeing Christianists have destroyed a beautiful spiritual path that I LOVE..then it is only right that I get to take out the trash Christianists/

          • Frank LaFerriere

            See I am SICK AND TIRED of Christianists like YOU and your buddies, taking what is essentially one of the most beautiful spiritual ideas ever handed to mankind…to love our neighbors as we do ourselves…and twisting it to say…love only fellow Christianist bigots while hating every one else whom do not agree with us.

            See this Christian/Gnostic/Spiritualist is sick and tired of people like you taking the teachings of Jesus Christ and turning them from something beautiful into something degrading and evil.

            Jesus also told me to stand up to Christianist scum..and that is exactly what I am doing…see I follow his commands…not some human being who twists it around and says…I should hate gays, lesbians, liberals, women etc…because that is totally opposite of his teachings to love all.

            Though he did tell me to hate your kind and fight you tooth and nail.

          • CapitalistPig

            The only one spouting is you…….I’m all for limiting government & letting you go your own way. A few guardrails on our society to protect commerce & a basic structure to ensure the kiddos get cared for by the DNA donors doesn’t seem to me to be all that great of an imposition on anyone, is it?

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Yeah right…you just totally contradicted yourself..and showed yourself for the true hypocrite you are.

          • CapitalistPig

            You’re boring me. You’re wasting your time if you aren’t going to reason–any dumbbell can mindlessly emote like you are–but of far greater tragic consequence, you’re wasting my time.

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Mindlessly emote? Gee I thought you Faux Nitwit Newsless watchers were afraid of big words.

          • CapitalistPig

            Have the meds kicked in?

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Yeah I remember when one of these Christianist ministers said they should be able to make death squads and hunt down gays and lesbians and execute them..but realized that Congress would never pass such a law.

          • CapitalistPig

            You’re getting funny……….get Frank his meds & wheel him out to the garage, we’re having company!

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Great comeback…really first grade…but great come back…why do you Christianist CapitalistPigs always refer to meds etc?

            Oh and learn how to spell will ya?

          • Frank LaFerriere

            Really? Is your company coming over dressed in Brown Shirts wearing jack boots? Or are they dressed in white sheets, pointy white sheet hats and burning crosses?

  • Marshall Hare

    This article is incorrectly using the term ‘pedophilia’ to refer to the term ‘child molestation’.
    That’s like using the term ‘heterosexual ring’ to refer to the term ‘rapists’. I mean, I respect legit news, but why use incorrect terms? Wiki if for yourself, third paragraph:

  • Servo1969

    This can not be cured. Their heads are just as messed up as a psychopathic killer. They will never change. They don’t believe what they are doing is wrong. Many truly believe the children enjoy what they are doing to them.

    They are a mistake. They are not compatible with civilization. It matters not whether they were born with the proclivity or seriously abused as a child. Any adult who is an admitted confirmed pedophile needs to be removed from society.

    Execute them, move them to a large island in the middle of the Pacific, whatever is necessary. Does that sound radical or harsh?

    These people are simply too dangerous to be allowed to move around freely. Even the word ‘pedophile’ is too clean a term to describe them. We are talking about adults who rape children.

    • Frank LaFerriere

      So when can we start executing those priests, pastors and ministers of the Christian religion whom have been raping so many children?

      • Servo1969

        Your comment gives me the impression that you believe I may not be speaking of Christians who are closet pedophiles.
        Make no mistake- what a pedophile believes in or does for a living is irrelevant.
        What I said applies to all of them.

    • veritaseequitas

      Not harsh at all. And I am beginning to think that Frank LaFerriere is a pedophile himself, so intent is he on deflecting attention from what pedophiles really are and what should be done with them.

  • Infidel4Ever

    Fortunately, the “progressives” I know are as horrified as I am about child molestation as I am. I left the Catholic church over it (though I’m still a Christian) and I pray the institution is finally serious about eradicating this vile behavior. That so called “academics” are promoting this evil is disturbing and disgusting.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    The reversal of morality and ethics in modern society has seen the enthronement of homosexuality, the destruction of marriage as the basic unit of society, and the corruption and abuse of our most vulnerable members of humanity: our children. The only correction to this onslaught to civilization’s destruction is violence brought to the pedophile. If the laws won’t protect our children, it is time to take the unjust laws out and let one’s conscience guide us.

    • veritaseequitas

      Don’t forget the murder of the unborn. And yes, if I ever caught some scumbag messing with my grandchild they would die immediately. Forget the court, trial or jury. There is only one thing to do with a pedophile…live Gator bait.

      • Frank LaFerriere

        So does this mean you are now going to hunt down and feed as gator meat all the Christians in your religion that have raped children?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

        • veritaseequitas

          What a nonsensical question. Obviously yours is a vacant mind, not an inquiring one.

    • Frank LaFerriere

      So does that mean for the tens of thousands of priests, pastors and ministers of the Christian religion…whom raped children and teens…you are now going to take the unjust laws out and go out and do as you suggested?

      I mean hey…they hide behind the statue of limitations to deny their victims their rights how about you also go after in like manner all the Cardinals, Bishops and Archbishops and Popes whom covered up these crimes against children?

  • Demography is Destiny

    The pedophilia scandal did cost the German Greens about 1-2% of their votes. Soon after the 2013 parliamentary elections, when the debate had weared off, they rose again in the polls to their usual 9-10%. This showed that they have a pretty solid left-wing voter base, often public service people, which was only temporarily stunned. However, one important consequence of the scandal was that they irrevocably lost a part of their claimed moral superiority and got now more cautious.

  • De Doc

    One of the reasons why Islamism and the extreme Left make such good bed fellows. Both groups want to make kids sexual toys for their own uses. They come at it from different views, but in the end agree that pedophilia should be a norm.

  • Shootist

    Panic and a squirrel. That’s all this is.

  • tagalog

    The English have long been known for their inverted tastes in that area. British public schools and all that… I would have expected the flap over same-sex marriage to have started there.

    • 95Theses

      I wonder how many in the FPM community understand your reference to [Wicked] Uncle Ernie. That will date us.

      • flyingtiger

        pinball wizards like me understand.

        • 95Theses

          At my age, I’m beginning to think in a few more years we
          might be saying pinballs withereds.

          • tagalog

            I suspect that if you said “pinball” to a modern person under the age of 30, you’d get a “Huh?” in reply. They’re probably not quite ready to say “Who?” if you say “The Who,” though.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    The book has yet to be written about the child sexual abuse free-for-all in the sixties and seventies U.S. communes. They were ‘happy hunting grounds’ for serious predators. Actually the Hare Krishnas and some of the Eastern religious communes were the worst of all for abuse.

  • krinks

    As the San Francisco Chronicle even said pedophiles haven been an organizing force behind nearly every homosexual event their has ever been, trying to normalize their mental illness the same way.

  • veritaseequitas

    Capital punishment for pedophiles. There is nothing natural or normal about an adult preying on a child. These people are spawns of Satan himself and deserve to die in the most horrid way imaginable.

  • Sniper’s Curtain

    Grossed me the “frack” out man! Fracken creepy to even think.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    It’s weird how “inter-generational” means something radically different from what it used to be. It used to be actual marriages, not preying on someone. My grandma (maternal) was several years older than my grandad. My dad was older than my mom. . My brother’s wife is older than him. A number of the marriages in the family were “interracial”. No one cares. When marriage was honored in this nation, people often married older or younger and despite revisionist history, it hasn’t been unusual for at least 300 years for whites to marry people of different races.

  • CapitalistPig

    In every state in the US, adult/minor marriage is permitted usually only with parental/guardian consent–though in some states cases of the very young, under 16 say, a judge is required to sign off.
    I’ve asked this question over the net more times than I care to remember & I never get a straight answer from our prog-lydyte friends: “If gender doesn’t matter & it’s all about the love & the law is already in place & you really really believe in this marriage equality hustle–are you telling me that when a 50 year old NAMBLA nut swans into the county courthouse with his 15 year old boyfriend (literally) whose NAMBLA nut parent signed off on the union–you would allow that marriage to take place?”
    All I ever get is a dodge.

  • Charles Martel

    My position is extreme. Protection of the childrend goes beyond their right to free speech. Have them jailed for even voicing such horrendous positions. We should form groups right now composed of people who will launch twitter attacks and even go to the homes of these professors and protest of their door steps. Anyone who stops us will be labeled a supporter of child abuse. We should jail for life anyone voicing support of,this movement.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    And why men in prison convert to Islam – religiously sanctioned pedophilia, wife beating, rape, sodomy, murder, bestiality, violence, many of the crimes that sent these guys to prison are now legal and blessed by Allah.

  • popseal

    Given the ignorance and immorality coursing through Western society and the religious insanity in the Middle East, I’d say talking monkeys could take over the world at any moment. Planet of the Apes.
    Had a child molester approached one of my children when they were little, I’d be in jail right now convicted of Second Degree manslaughter.

  • popseal

    Reprobation knows no limits.

  • rrtrippy

    The author makes the same mistake as most. As with the Catholic disgrace, people, mostly gay supporters say “pedophilia” when what we are really talking about is pederasty. Or the preying on of young boys by older GAY men. Gay rape is what we are talking about, and when you stop trying to make it seem like equal numbers of young girls were molested, then you get to the hart of the matter.

    • 95Theses

      The APA representatives at the conference tried to have hebephilia (attraction to early pubertal children) listed as a disorder in the manual’s new edition but failed.
      The party’s tolerance for pedophilia was such that it had a “Queer and Pederast” working group inside the party, promoting this position.

      Did you miss it?

  • guest

    “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. ” Luk 17:2

  • mackykam

    Pedophilia fights right in with the Islam-ization of Britain.No wonder muslims feel welcome in England.

  • gailimann

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    Joshua just got an almost new white Kia Rio Hatchback only from working
    part-time off a home computer. try this C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • Frank LaFerriere

    This is the database put out by Bishops Accountability of pedophile priests:

    • De Doc

      Tu quoque argument and a bad one at that. I’ve never heard any mainstream Christian leader openly claim that pedophilia should be sanctioned and legal. When priests and pastors commit these heinous acts, it is on the sly with the perp knowing that they are breaking laws and subject to punishment, if caught. Silencing the victim is also part of their M.O., because any hint of this egregious impropriety would ruin them. It should be noted that these stories are always shocking to the public at large and similar to the cases where teachers are caught sexually amusing students – the position of power and trust that these figures hold in the community is a double whammy when it comes to these tragic cases.

      In the case of the repugnant actions of the Catholic Church trying to suprress information about pedophile priests or moving them to new parishes, they too face justice when it is uncovers in the court of law. Does this undo the damage done to the victim? I can’t answer that, as I’ve never been a victim of sexual abuse, but at least we have a system where justice can be served albeit sometimes late. I can’t imagine what kids would face if suddenly laws were changed to turn their demographic into one, huge cohort of potential sexual abuse victims.

  • Jillian Becker

    It is obviously absurd to say that this has anything to do with “the decline of Christian belief” when the pedophilia of Catholic clergy – touched on in the article – was so recently revealed and remains a huge scandal.

  • Shmalkandik

    Here is where the post-christian meets the pre-crhristian.

    Young boys were indeed considered the most eroti obets in the ancient greco-roman world. Christianity, as mass market judaism, did its best to supress many of the pleasures the pagan world considered tolerable. Now, with the old constraints lifted, behavior that was once typical is so again. That, of course, is not an argument in its favor, but it is a caveat on labeling behavior ‘natural’ ‘or ‘natural’.

  • sheriteckstein

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  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    I merely said that this particular area of abuse has been overlooked and you go off on a foaming at the mouth nutty about things I never even mentioned.

    • Frank LaFerriere

      No it has not. I know lots and lots of people whom are exposing what you were talking about.

  • williamhcrump

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  • t. kerce

    Almost every pedophile I have ever heard of was a Christian. 93% of pedophiles identify as religious.

  • Frank LaFerriere

    Why don’t you pack your $hit and leave and go start a theocratic bigotry based nation somewhere else.

    • CapitalistPig

      Not even a nice try—I never once mentioned religion. But I can.
      Do you believe in property rights? Did you know there are Commandments that state “Thou Shalt Not Steal” & another one that states “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Goods” which are, for many of us, the basis in our belief that there should be a legal concept known as “Property Rights”? Do you know our Founding Fathers based their beliefs on those very principles?
      So when I show up with a well armed gang some evening & decide I like your home, car, & bank account, kick you & your family to the curb so I can enjoy the fruits of your labor, I’m just going to ignore your pleas of injustice as nothing more than you imposing your “theocratic bigotry” on the rest of us. Where do you come off telling me what you thought was “yours” really is yours & trying to impose your religion & your stupid, insipid nonsense about “not stealing” on the rest of us?—What a greedy, self centered little a$$w!pe you are. It’s mine now.
      What a phuqing id!iot.

      • Frank LaFerriere

        First off. I know the words of the Founding Fathers and you are so full of crap your eyes are brown. The Founding Fathers HATED Christianity but seeing you need to further your second grade drop out homeschooling education because your teacher was molesting you…here are the very words of the Founding Fathers…that proves….you are the phuqing idiot.

        The 1796 Treaty with Tripoli
        states that the United States was “not in any sense founded on the Christian
        religion” This was not an idle statement meant to satisfy
        muslims– they believed it and meant it. This treaty was written under
        the presidency of George Washington and signed under the presidency of John

        Thomas Jefferson:
        “Christianity neither is, nor ever
        was, a part of the Common Law.”
        -letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, 1814

        “No man shall be compelled
        to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever.”
        -Virginia Act for Religious Freedom

        have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and
        do not find in our particular superstition (Christianity) one redeeming feature.
        They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.”

        Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned;
        yet we have not advanced an inch towards uniformity. What has been the
        effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other
        half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth.” –Notes on Virginia.

      • Frank LaFerriere

        Now for John Adams:

        “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.”

        “As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?” -letter to F.A. Van der Kamp, Dec. 27, 1816

        “The priesthood have, in all ancient nations, nearly monopolized learning. And ever since the Reformation, when or where has existed a Protestant or dissenting sect who would tolerate A FREE INQUIRY? The blackest billingsgate, the most ungentlemanly insolence, the most yahooish brutality, is patiently endured, countenanced, propagated, and applauded. But touch a solemn truth in collision with a dogma of a sect, though capable of the clearest proof, and you will find you have disturbed a nest, and the hornets will swarm about your eyes and hand, and fly into your face and eyes.” – letter to John Taylor

        “The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.”

        “Have you considered that system of holy lies and pious frauds that has raged and triumphed for 1,500 years?”

        Thirteen governments [of the original states] thus founded on the natural authority of the people alone, without a pretence of miracle or mystery, and which are destined to spread over the northern part of that whole quarter of the globe, are a great point gained in favor of the rights of mankind.”

        • CapitalistPig

          Which negates my undying support for the concept of property rights……
          Christianity teaches the concept of property rights. Is that to be abandoned now? Is that your point?

      • Frank LaFerriere

        Oh and it is obvious you brain dead scum…you do realize…I am an Atheist right? That I HATE the Christian religion? That I condemn it on a daily basis? That I, a survivor of rape by a disgusting ephebophile priest…hate every thing there is about Christianity?

        • CapitalistPig

          Good thing I didn’t mention religion then, isn’t it? Why did YOU bring it up?