John Kerry’s Palestinian Delusions

John-KerryWhen Shimon Peres and his junta began the Oslo “process,” the “deal” with the Palestinians was supposed to be that Israel would recognize the PLO as a legitimate side to the conflict and as representative of the “Palestinian People” in exchange for the PLO recognizing the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.

Israel did, and the PLO did not. 

The idiocy of Oslo is evident in the fact that here we are – two decades later – and still arguing over whether the “Palestinian Authority” needs to recognize the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state. The latest twist is that The Crimean Crybaby, John Kerry, does not see any reason why the “Palestinians” need to recognize Israel at all.  Instead, Israel should just keep making concessions to them, and should abandon the completely unreasonable demand that the “Palestinians” recognize the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.

Moreover, Kerry has a new invention.  He claims that Yassir Arafat actually recognized Israel twice as a Jewish state.  He found evidence of these in old video clips.  Well, evidently no one bothered to let Arafat know that he had done so.  Let us recall that Arafat never changed the “Palestinian Covenant” that demanded that all of Israel be exterminated.

Kerry is simply deconstructing some old speeches of Arafat and twisting the words to make it appear like Arafat recognized Israel. No doubt he found something like Arafat saying that all the people in the Jewish state need to be thrown into the sea, and Kerry understands from this that Arafat “recognized the Jewish state.” 

Now if indeed Arafat really HAD recognized Israel as a legitimate Jewish state, then there would be no reason whatsoever for Israel to make concessions and abandon the demand that Abu Mazen and his horde also recognize Israel as a legitimate Jewish state.  If Arafat has already recognized Israel, what does the Palestinian Authority lose from doing the same?  Let Abu Mazen proclaim three times a day that not only is Israel a Jewish state but it is legitimate that Israel be a Jewish state.  If he were to do so, surely the Israeli electorate would then be happy to conduct negotiations and make more concessions.

In fact, of course, Abu Mazen and the rest of the Terrorocracy proclaim three times a day that they will NEVER recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  So even if Arafat HAD recognized Israel, which he hadn’t, this would be completely irrelevant.  Kerry’s conclusion is that Israel has to stop its obstinate insistence on being recognized by the “Palestinians.”

If Netanyahu had an ounce of self-dignity and intelligence, he would announce that until Abu Mazen starts proclaiming three times a day that Israel is a legitimate Jewish state (and not simply proclaim that it is de facto an empirical Jewish state), then Israel will shut off all the utilities, including electricity and water, to all areas under the rule of the Palestinian Authority, deny all residents of those areas the right of passage through Israel and the right to work in Israel, and will freeze all their bank accounts. 

How is that for a response to a refusal to recognize Israel? If Kerry whines about it, Netanyahu can simply point out that he is responding the exact same way that Abraham Lincoln responded to Confederates who refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Union!


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Mudar Zahran, a leader of Palestinians in Jordan who has been living in exile in the UK since 2010. He calls out John Kerry on the “Peace” Plan and asks why a U.S. Secretary of State is threatening Israel to commit suicide:

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  • Esther Suzern
    • DVult

      Good but the wrong end.

  • Fran

    Possibly when Kerry heard “all Jews are to be thrown into the sea” he thought that the PLO meant a windsurfing holiday

  • JVictor

    Why all the angst about Israel? Because HaSatan has been using people, nations, and charlatans to keep the descendants of Abraham and Sarah from living in the land Abraham saw after he and Lot parted company. He knows that his days are numbered; and, the longer he can keep Jews out of Israel by either keeping Israel in the hands of others or destroying all of the Jews, or both, the longer he keeps Messiah from establishing His eternal kingdom in Jerusalem. From Eliphaz lying in wait to ambush Jacob to Amalek attacking the Children of Israel after they crossed the Red Sea to Haman (a descendant of Amalek) coercing a murderous decree for the destruction of the Jews in Persia (Happy Purim, by the way!) to the maniacal rants of Hitler to the modern day duplicity of those who would still deny the land of Israel to the Jews–including the stooges of and in the Obama administration, the Muslim hoards and their ruthless leaders, the terror groups and nations with language in their charters calling for the destruction of all Jews and the occupation of Israel–HaSatan has been using unwitting and increasingly willing agents to continue this brutal deception that has cost the lives of literally millions of people since the dawn of time. In addition to any actions Netanyahu may take to cause discomfort for those who would deny Israel’s right to exist, he needs to invoke the rebuke that the prophet Nehemiah gave to the naysayers of his day where he told them that “…the God of heaven, He will prosper us,…but you have no portion, nor right, nor memorial in Jerusalem.” When he and the other leaders of Israel get to the point that they implore, “Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the L-rd,” the end of this madness will be at hand.


      JVictor AKBAR!

  • ntvnyr30

    Is it so surprising that he’ delusional? He declared our biggest threat was “climate change”!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The whole process is a farce and anyone who takes these would-be
    talks seriously is a fool. Israel must demand one very basic precondition before wasting time on any more talks. Palestinians must first reject Islam. You cannot have a peace treaty with Muslims because their religion orders them to conquer the world – they are at war with the non-muslim world and any peace treaty they sign is simply taqqyia – a deceit prescribed by the Koran to lie and conquer. Reject Islam and then you can have peace talks. And some advice to Netanyahu on dealing with Obama, Kerry & Company – adopt Egypt’s realistic stance. Throw the bums out and keep them out of your country.

  • Capt Bob

    What do you expect from a guy that waanted a metal for a scrach

  • wildjew

    I think I understand the thinking behind PM Netanyahu’s demand that the Palestinian leadership accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and the reason Palestinians and the Muslim world at large do not want to recognize Israel’s right to exist in the region as a Jewish state. I do not accept the premise in the first instance which seems to be if Mahmoud Abbas utters these formulaic words and makes an attempt to end incitement against the Jews then Israel will give up thousands of square miles of precious and strategic land to these peoples.

  • gmeades

    Like Obama, Kerry is a total Narcissist. He’s always been an arrogant, whiney, incompetent fool. He has no idea what he’s talking about, but having attaied a position of power, he flaunts it at every opportunity and loves to play the bully. He doesn’t understand the Palestinians are Muslim, and are sworn enemies of Israel. He hasn’t got a clue that the Palestinians mission is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    He doesn’t have a clue what Islam is about, and thinks he can just step between these two parties and get them to come to an agreement…. never comprehending that any agreement with those who follow Islam is a guarantee that is going to be broken.

    Look what he did with the negotiations with Iran in Geneva recently. He unfroze all their assets and lilfted all sanctions from them, while within days the Iranians said they never agreed to slowing down their nuclear developmnt, and boasted that the United States had totally surrendered to them by giving them everything they wanted and getting nothing in return. The man has no clue what he’s dealing with whatsoever

    Kerry is a total incompetent and a fool who loves the sound of his own bluster. In the meantime, he misreads everything, understands nothing about these situations he’s dealing with, and puts people in uncomfortable and awkwrd positions they should never be put in, and in the end makes a mess out of every situation he’s allowed to handle through his gross incompetence.

  • Docs357

    The got the wrong boy in the game again


      Kerry is Full of Botox – and the botox has smoothed out the surface of his brain.

  • KyraNelson

    You Go Steve!

  • sweetolbob

    John Kerry is a putz who thinks he can make “Palestine” a legal state just by his continually referring to “The Palestinian People”. Hey John ! There ain’t no such folks and no such place and there never has been. Anyway John, your word is way short of the clout needed to make a difference. You are in that job because Barry had to find a way to apologize to the world for sending a poisonous, vindictive, bit………….. uh…….. person like Hillary to represent the U.S.
    He thought a little comedy relief was called for. So just stand there, keep your hands in your pockets, and smile a lot. Don’t continue to muck things up by speaking, OK ?

  • fixento

    Israel in only interested in expansion. Why would the release terrorist? This whole issue is based on hatred that will never be resolved. US should back out and let the whole middle east explode and winner take all. It it’s the Muslims nuke them if Israel isolate them