Lessons for Israel From America’s Civil War in Coping With Treason

treasonIsrael is currently under a worldwide assault, one whose foundations are anti-Semitism.  The campaign of demonization and delegitimizing has many forms, including the economic warfare of the “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions” movement or BDS.  The goal of the campaign is the annihilation of Israel and its population, and victory for the movement of Arab terrorism and Islamofascism.

It is impossible to understand fully this assault against Israel and the Jews without an appreciation of the role of Israeli leftwing traitors, collaborating with anti-Israel Arab nationalists.  From the beginning, the initiatives calling for worldwide boycotts of Israel have come from a small group of disloyal radical leftist Israelis, many of them holding tenured positions at Israeli universities.  These lead the calls for boycotts against their own country and their own employers.  They provide a figleaf of respectability for anti-Semites around the world who can claim that even “progressive” Israelis are endorsing their campaign to boycott Israel and Israeli institutions.  The disloyal tenured radicals are also the inventors of the canard that Israel is an apartheid regime.  They are the moral equivalents of Vichy French and other European collaborators with Nazi Germany during World War II.  Their aim is to provide legitimacy, aid and comfort to the enemies of their own country.

The belligerence of the Israeli Radical Left is not restricted to endorsements of BDS.  Radical Leftists in Israel have led campaigns for mutiny and insurrection among soldiers designed to persuade Israelis to refuse to serve in the military.  The Radical Left wants to impose its political agenda on the country undemocratically, by conditioning army service on the adoption of its own political agenda.  (Some rightwing groups have also called upon Israelis to refuse to serve in the military unless their own political agenda is adopted.)  In some cases, the radical Leftists have openly endorsed terrorism and violence.  In almost all cases the Radical Left opposes freedom of speech for non-leftists.

The Israeli government has always coddled the disloyal radicals and excused their behavior as protected speech.  But as the world campaign of anti-Semitic aggression against Israel escalates, it is increasingly clear that something must be done about the treason involving Israeli radical leftists.  Simply stated, Israelis who call for BDS warfare against Israel should have their own property seized, sequestered, and confiscated by the state.

Too radical, you say?  Undemocratic?   Well, think again.  The effective means by which Israel can deal with its own Fifth Column may be learned from the history of another great democracy – the United States – in coping with disloyalty.  It is time for Israel to deal with sedition the same way that Abraham Lincoln and the Union did.

Shortly after the American Civil War broke out, both the Union and the Confederacy passed confiscation laws that seized the property of those living in the territories of the enemy belligerent.  Penalties for disloyalty were not restricted to seizure of property. The Confederacy’s law was called the Sequestration Law and, if anything, went even further than the Confiscation Act of the Union.[1]

The Confiscation Bill S151 of 1862, which replaced a weaker similar American law from 1861 (passed right after the first Battle of Bull Run), was largely the initiative of Lyman Trumbull.  He was a Republican Senator from Illinois and chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  He was from a middle class family that traced its origin back to the earliest settlers in New England, and he was a descendent of the Puritan preacher Cotton Mather.  After studying law, he settled in the Illinois western wilderness, and forged early close personal ties with Abraham Lincoln.   He built a reputation as a highly skilled and intelligent state legislator, and was a moderate on the controversial issues of the day, including abolition.  He first served as a representative in the state legislature of the pro-South Democrat Party, but later joined Lincoln in the newly-created Republican Party, where he was disliked by the more radical members of the party due to his moderation.

Trumball’s confiscation law authorized the permanent seizure of all property of anyone involved in treason against the Union, including notably anyone considered to be offering “aid and comfort” to the enemies of the United States.  The property in question could be located either in the North or the South, and could be seized without due process.  There would be no compensation whatsoever for any property confiscated.   The message was: endorse the enemy of your country and forfeit your property!

“Property” included lands, business assets, securities and bank accounts.  The law allowed for seizure of assets left as bequests by northerners to family members living in the south.  Where a person was considered to be disloyal but his heirs were not, the government would seize dominion over the property as a “life estate,” one lasting as long as that person himself lived, to revert later to his heirs after his death.  Conservative legislators who were concerned with due process and uncomfortable with the constitutional implications of complete seizure of property without trial found the idea of seizing a life estate in rebel property to be entirely acceptable.  The Act’s orders for seizure of property were made more popular when it explicitly included slaves as “property” that could be seized without trial and without compensation (and freed) by the forces of the United States.

Trumbull was subject to much criticism by more radical politicians for not going further in confiscating the property of supporters of the Confederacy.  For example, his bill did not allow wholesale seizure of property of slave owners in the “border states” that had not seceded from the Union, and provided for compensation when any property would be seized from people in those areas.  Trumbull was the leading advocate of the doctrine of “dual sovereignty,”  which held that those supporting the Confederacy retained certain rights and privileges of citizenship, but at the same time they could be treated in some ways as enemy belligerents.  In his words, “We may treat them as traitors and we may treat them as enemies, and we have the right of both belligerent and sovereign so far as they are concerned.”

The Confiscation Acts at the time were considered quite moderate and restrained because of American experience and policies during the War of Independence.  During that War, a significant portion of the population was “Loyalist” and supporting Great Britain against American independence.  Every one of the original thirteen colonies that were to form the United States confiscated the property of “Loyalists” without trial, and in many cases the Loyalists themselves were expelled en masse from the territories of the United States.  Disloyalty had been regarded as legal grounds for seizure of property under English law going as far back as 1351.

In some areas American confiscation began as early as 1775.  In November of 1777 the Continental Congress recommended that all colonies seize all property of Loyalists without compensation and sell it at auction.  Among the most enthusiastic supporters of this wholesale confiscation were Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.   Large swaths of land were confiscated in New York and it is estimated that 11% of the property in Boston was seized.  “Loyalists” opposed to Independence were considered to have forfeited all rights of protection for their property.   After the war ended, no compensation was made to previous owners of “Loyalist” property, with limited exceptions in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Later chapters in American history also saw rigorous measures taken against manifestations of disloyalty.  These ranged from the banning of the pro-Nazi German American Bund in 1941 to the wholesale internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II.  Ethnic Germans and Italians in the United States were also interned, although in fewer numbers.  Before that, the Sedition Act of 1918 (repealed in 1920) implemented a wide range of penalties for disloyalty, including imprisonment up to 20 years.  Public figures opposing service in the military and promoting refusal to serve were jailed for sedition, including Eugene V. Debs, leader of the Socialist Party of America.

The lessons for Israel from all this are clear.   Radical leftist Israelis, including tenured traitors, who endorse BDS economic warfare against their own country, should be forced to pay a price for their disloyalty and sedition.  Those Israelis who are endeavoring to cause economic and financial harm to their own country because of their animosity towards it should suffer harm to their own economic interests.  Those who attempt to undermine the willingness of citizens to serve in the military should be subject to personal sanctions, whether they be from the Left or Right.

Most important of all, it is high time that Israel gets serious about dealing with treason and sedition.

[1]  Much of the historic material presented here is based upon Daniel W. Hamilton’s “The Limits of Sovereignty,” University of Chicago Press, 2007.

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  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Nice idea, confiscating the property of disloyal Israelis. It will make the disloyal think twice, or three times, about their actions. But will it happen?

    • Alec Stuart

      Not going to happen. But it should.

      If the crap really starts hitting the fan over there, though…I reckon it will happen quickly.

    • BagLady

      How will your judicial system decide who is guilty or innocent. Will kangaroos be involved?

      • Tron

        No kangaroos needed. It is a very simple process of identifying and assessing the damage they intend for the nation. Without exception, they all suffer from a pathological form of altruism whereby they place the needs and wants of others above those of their own even to the point of sedition and violence. We’ve seen it here too with the “white privilege” movement, unbridled immigration policies, and toxic affirmative action plans. It is the same psychotics behind these nation-destroying schemes. The “other” must be placed above your own even to the point of death.

        • booger

          But not their deaths of course. No, they intend for the consequences to be felt by the masses and not themselves. Its like Chrissy (Tingles) Mathews condemning “white flight” while he himself lives in an exclusive all-white neighborhood. These durks never have to live with the rules they intend for us. A confiscation law would make them put their money where their pieholes are.

        • Joe The Gentile

          Tron, you’re on to something with this ‘pathological altruism’ thing. I think the disease may be better captured as “hyper-outgroup-bias as a narcissistic moral demonstration”. The people in question are NOT very altruistic—it is not that their altruism has gone into hyper mode. If they were very altruistic, they would not be oblivious as they are to injustice to their own people.

          Rather, they are engaged in putting the wants and needs of other *groups* above those as their own people as a demonstration of their assumed moral superiority. They are ethnically self-hating, and they attempt to cleanse themselves by acting destructively towards their own.

          BUT they aren’t really moral people. They are moral preeners, moral grandstanders. They may be at any level of immorality in their own personal lives.

          • kikorikid

            “assumed moral superiority”
            “But they aren’t really moral people”
            I think you took some Truth here and
            just flung it out like we wouldn’t notice!
            I think your post is insightful.
            No morality but you just ask them if
            they know Right from Wrong. They’ll
            try to bite your head off. Of course,
            Right and Wrong are what they say it is.
            I say they are Hubris driven Narrsisists
            heading directly towards their Nemisis

        • CivilusDefendus

          “For the greater good” is the siren call of tyranny.

        • BagLady

          It is a very simple process of identifying and assessing the damage they intend for the nation.

          Does not sound like a simple legal process to me.

    • chicagotrance

      Sadly, they’re protected by our crap Leftist judiciary.

  • The Facts

    Some people are always looking for reasons to be murderous thieves. Mr. Plaut is one of them. It’s grotesquely amusing that his understanding of Abraham Lincoln is Beginite fascist. I think he has typed up quite a wild example of wickedness. I will have to refer to this on many occasions.

    • Zion Gonna Win

      The Facts simply hates dem Joos because his pecker is so tiny.

      • doubleblack4

        Your biting pointed humor hits the spot concerning obvious traitors.
        I am with you 100%.

    • No RNC

      Well old dishonest Abe Lincoln & his Red Republicans were the favorites of old Karl Marx & his followers. Funny how tyranny just boils right out of those Yankee Puritans & Israeli Zionist!


      Here are some Facts for The Fascist Facts.

      1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • BagLady

    one whose foundations are anti-Semitism. ”

    I’ve only reached line four and already I disagree with you…. and for quite obvious reasons, as you well know.

    I shall read on, fearful that I shall witness an attack on basic freedoms.

    • Zion Gonna Win

      Bag Lady is not seriously going to try to pretend that Israel haters are motivated by concern for “Palestinians” is she? Back to your supermarket cart home, dimwit!

      • BagLady

        Hate is a bit strong. Disapproval is nearer the mark.

  • BagLady

    The message was: endorse the enemy of your country and forfeit your property!

    You are very flippant with your Constitution.

  • BagLady

    Disloyalty had been regarded as legal grounds for seizure of property under English law going as far back as 1351.

    So has practising your archery every Sunday on the village common, There are many ancient statutes that no-one has bothered to rescind. Enforcing them would not stand up in court since we all have the right to disagree with our political leaders.

    You must be Netanyahu’s right PR man.

    • Zion Gonna Win

      You must be Yassir Arafat’s squeeze

    • Al Bionne

      I’m sure there are some witch-dunking statues we could apply to you.

      • BagLady

        My point was, of course, that once laws fall out use naturally, the powers that be never get round to repealing them. The very idea that ‘disloyalty’ — that elastic noun — could ever be proved in a court of law. Years would go by as the wigs discussed it over port. Perhaps you advocate a similar legal system to, say, Egypt. You could conduct a mass trial over 2 days, find everyone guilty and bang up all your ‘enemies’ and pinch their houses. What a wonderful country you could create.

        Just popping off to ask Mr Google for the masculine equivalent of ‘squeeze’. I have a feeling it is a singular, misogynist insult, peculiar to men with old brains who have failed to move with the times.

        Must be horrid to be bested by a ‘mere’ woman. Such a punch to the inflated ego.

        I see that most commenting on here are ‘grey heads’. I must presume then that they all fit in the same little grey box.

  • guest

    Leftists are the enemy, check, already knew that.

    Where ever there’s a leftist, there is a low grade civil
    war taking place. That’s the first point that the author
    implies, then glosses over right on to solutions.

    Take their property, and they’ll move to London.
    And how much property do lefty professors really have?

    What the lefty could never tolerate, would be more along the
    lines of social stigma. Strip them of citizenship, and exile them
    or not. In this status, no eligibility for hand outs or positions of
    social prominence. Lefty fancies himself as the new man of his
    imaginary new world with his new morality, that has failed every
    where it has been tried, but he wants to try harder, because in
    his mind he is better. Property would be tied up for a non-citizen

    As non- citizens, the other leftys would probably turn on them.
    Lefty isn’t much for loyalty.

    There would be a sweet justice to stripping them of citizenship,
    it would be a swift kick from the thing lefty hates the most,
    his own country.

    • BagLady

      Rambling rubbish

  • Zionosphere

    We are going to strip them of their sinecures, give their North Tel Aviv apartments to Sudanese infiltrators and lock the narcissist cowards in secure kibbutzim in Shomron.

  • Tradecraft46

    Well they won’t because it violates the stated ideals of the place. Further, no Jew wants to place another Jew at hazard. Worked well in the ghetto, no so good when you are the authorities. Many would treat the anyone working with the government on this one as Moser.

    • Habbgun

      To at least strip someone of property and tenured influence is not against Jewish ideals. The secular intellectual class is meant to be a mind for the rest of us. It is a division of labor and not an excuse for parasitism and activism against the group itself. They can always get a job at an Arab university if they are wanted.

      • Tradecraft46

        I agree with you, knowing the culture as I do, but who are we against so many?

        • Habbgun

          Sometimes its not how many but how. Certainly questioning how University professors get to hand down moral judgements and do activism against the interest of those who pay them is a good place to start.

          The University system is an artifact of more religious institutions. They have devolved to the point that they can take up the mantle of righteousness but have no underlying reason to claim it. They just do and the world accepts it. I understand the Enlightenment ideals of secular, scientific inquiry but that would mean more free market solutions for delivery of knowledge and not this antiquated debt creating suckhole we all have now. Attack their validity first because they have none. Let’s try that. It hasn’t happened as yet and gets them where they live.

      • Tradecraft46

        You see, that is the Jewish fail, letting other think for you. Being a WASP, I would never do that. I know what you say is true, because I follow the Israeli press and have links to US intel.

        You make me very very afraid.

    • kikorikid

      Fairly recently, CAIR is supposed to have “Advised” Muslim
      communities to NOT cooperate with the FBI.

  • Randy E

    A confiscation law to deal with traitors and sedition sounds like a keeper to me and, I would argue, is needed right here in the U.S. even more than in Israel.

    • BagLady

      Go on then, prove it.

  • justquitnow

    The jews that work for FPM are becoming everything they are suppose to hate. And while you try to undermine America at every turn, you can’t wait to punish perceived traitors of Israel.

    • Zion Gonna Win

      Justquitnow, your swastika is showing

      • justquitnow

        You can’t always run to such references every time someone tells you something you don’t like. It’s kind of pathetic actually.

      • justquitnow

        Derp….learn to take criticism without your cudgle/crutch.

        • Zion Gonna Win

          The jerkooff doth protest too much….

          • justquitnow


          • Habbgun

            OOH…..the white trash element has arrived….you should meet with the Facts and share an Occupier bucket…you both seem to cheap to pay your own.

          • Freedom Call

            He probably can’t fit through the trailer door anymore.

    • profug0

      You’re wrong. You can be sure that 99.9% of Jews in the world are strong supporters of the US because the US is the one major country that has supported and helped Israel consistently.

    • Drakken

      You leftys will sooner or later bring us to that solution you so fear. You richly deserve what is coming.

    • kikorikid

      Attack! Demean! I think you are a Jew-Dhimmi or
      a Jihadist out playing Taqiyya. Back to your bridge, Troll!

      • justquitnow

        Attack demean? It’s a comment section to discuss the article. Are you guys really this unselfconscious about trying to shut down any negative comment about FPM, Jews or Israel as jew hatred or jihad. Really?

  • chicagotrance

    I’ll be sure to post this article in the English language Jerusalem Post.
    For the record, the people Prof. Plaut is talking about are a very small number of marginalized cranks & crackpots, despised by the vast majority of Israelis.
    Sadly, they have influence far above what their numbers would merit.
    I would add to Prof. Plaut’s recommendations that these traitors be expelled, deported, & dumped in Gaza with their terrorist friends.

  • James Keir Baughman

    I know this is serious business, and my support has always been with Israel. But these back and forth accusations and personal sneers have given me my morning guffaw. Thanks folks. I needed that.

  • Joe The Gentile

    OK, I’m FOR sedition laws. But *due process* we do want and need. Keep in mind that if due process goes out the window, a leftist government would take great advantage of a culture of lack of due process.

  • danshanteal

    Are those laws still on the books in the U.S.?

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      There is a partial abrogation of such laws with the First Amendment. Now, actually giving material support to foreign enemies is another matter, but merely voicing support is protected by 1A.

  • Reuven

    Professor Plaut has presented an excellent idea. I fully agree with him. But as Israel is fighting for her very life, additional steps must be taken. Fifth columnists who encourage and justify terrorism against Israel, such as Mr Openheimer of the so-called “Peace Now” organization has very recently done, .should be tried and imprisoned for sedition. And outright academic traitors, such as Neve Gordon and Jeff Halper, of Ben Gurion University, should not be allowed to continue poisoning the minds of their young, impressionable students. Clearly, they should be removed from their teaching positions. They have used them as bully pulpits for far too long. Doing so would not be a violation of freedom of speech. Doing so would be an act of self-preservation on Israel’s part.

  • Reuven

    Professor Plaut has presented an excellent idea. I fully agree with
    him. But as Israel is fighting for her very life, additional steps must
    be taken. Fifth columnists who encourage and justify terrorism against
    Israel, such as Mr Openheimer of the so-called “Peace Now” organization
    has very recently done, should be tried and imprisoned for sedition.
    And outright academic traitors, such as Neve Gordon and Jeff Halper, of
    Ben Gurion University, should not be allowed to continue poisoning the
    minds of their young, impressionable students. Clearly, they should be
    removed from their teaching positions. They have used them as bully
    pulpits for far too long. Doing so would not be a violation of freedom
    of speech. Doing so would be an act of self-preservation on Israel’s

    Discussion on
    FrontPage Magazine

    • Drakken

      The folks that belong to peace now should be lined up against the wall and shot, enough is enough with our traitors.

      • BagLady

        That’ll help your ’cause’ no end.

    • BagLady

      I fully agree with him. But as Israel is fighting for her very life”

      Really? It isn’t on tonight’s news.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    “(Some rightwing groups have also called upon Israelis to refuse to serve in the military unless their own political agenda is adopted.) ”

    I think that’s over-stating it. Their basic position is that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) should focus on (surprise!) the country’s defense, not political enforcement. Recall that tens of thousands of troops in 2005 were given training geared to the coming expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria. That left troops less than prepared to deal with the real enemies in Lebanon and Gaza a year later.

    If Israel wants a force to carry out a political decision to expel Jews, let them build up the national and Border Police forces.

  • Habbgun

    The loss of property is not extreme…giving back land means loss of property for someone so at least they share in the punishment they intended to mete out.

    Loss of tenure must be immediate. It creates artificial allegiances to the University as a European institution, creates unnecessary financial strains for students who need to support what are usually underperforming personnel and removes the intellectual from his role as a researcher on behalf of his community and not against it. This applies to all countries that adapted the medievalist system and confused the delivery of knowledge with knowledge itself.

  • http://geoffreybritain.wordpress.com/ Geoffrey_Britain

    Israelis who call for BDS warfare against Israel should have their own property seized, sequestered, and confiscated by the state.”

    I agree, provided that Israel is prepared to accept the consequence of this necessary action. The consequence may well be the end of US aid to Israel and the end of America’s support for Israel in the UN. The result of that would be the imposition of an international economic blockade of Israel. This is what Obama wants and it is his goal. Israel finally confronting its traitors will come with a price. Israel had better be able and willing to pay that price before it takes actions that allow Obama to paint Israel as another ‘rogue state’.

    • teq

      I agree that Israel should carefully weigh the consequences. President Bam would want to hit back hard since most of the tenured leftists affected would likely be his fans and supporters. He could claim he was defending Jews (anti-Israel Jews) from the attacks of the right-wing Israeli government.
      But Bam doesn’t have much taste for battles and I don’t think he’d dare take on the House and Senate, where Israel still has fierce support, even among Democrats (a few).

  • RAM500

    Proper treatment of such people could bring on more hate from Obama and Europe, one reason this hasn’t been tried.

    • Freedom Call

      Israel needs to find a way to align with the non-metrosexual part of the world.
      The west is a sinking ship anyway…


        Estrogen poisoning has already destroyed the UK.

  • Freedom Call

    Unsubstaniated hate-propaganda is more pathetic in that regard.

    • justquitnow

      You mistake anything short of glowing praise as hate and you think a person’s opinion upon reading the article is somehow propaganda. So you think in the same stupid cultic terms that you post in.

      • Freedom Call

        You clearly argued that jews are conspiring to destroy america to which i rightfully claim rubbish.

        An arguement that deals not with facts but fiction and fantasies is flawed and invalid.

        • justquitnow

          you did read the comment right? I can’t tell. But I can see how racially sensitive everyone is about jews. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read another FPM article about how blacks are inferior, violent, and ungrateful.

          I guess the irony of jews wanting to name each other enemies of their own state and confiscate property is lost on you. Now they just need armbands so they can tell who is a loyal jew.

  • profug0

    I strongly disagree with this article. It’s easy to talk tough and over-simplify things, but I guarantee that this type of discourse counter-productive, damaging to Israel’s cause and only provides extremists with fodder to suggest that Israel and it’s supporters are extreme and anti-democratic.

    Under what law can you confiscate people’s property for expressing views that you don’t agree with? If there were a law of this kind, wouldn’t it be abused by dishonest people in government?

    Modern democracies do not enforce amorphous “disloyalty” laws. That is the kind of thing dictatorships like Venezuela or Egypt do.

    Is the cause for Israel really so weak that we need to resort to these kinds of idiotic ideas, using examples of laws applied 300 years ago? Please, for the love of G-d. Spare us your support. We would be little worse off if you joined a Naturei Karta demonstration.


      I’ll join in your sentiment. It is important that no one be deprived of his property without due process of law, and that Treason be very narrowly defined,. Of course, some of the Israeli Left may have crosssed the line by actually supporting terrorists – this is criminalized in the U.S. also, as it does give aid and comfort to our enemies.

      We should also remember that it may prove impossible at this point to defeat the Left through elections. That means we’re going to have to advocate nullification, secession, or revolution, and I don’t think we want to be considered criminals for doing so. (Technically, it’s already against the law to advocate overthrowing the U.S. government, but the law would probably not survive a court test.)

      • BagLady

        Of course, some of the Israeli Left may have crosssed the line by actually supporting terrorist”

        Hm, here again there is an hazy line. Who decides who is labelled terrorist? Such an easy tag to hang around the neck of your political enemy.

    • Nabukuduriuzhur

      The 5th Amendment forbids taking without due process.

      It should also be noted that the Democrats would love such a law, because they could steal from Christians. Plank Four of the Communist Manifesto reads “Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.”

    • BagLady

      Sadly, this site is not replete with deep thinkers.

  • Real American

    Israel should deport the russkies there too lest Putin threaten to invade Israel in the name of protecting them

    • BagLady

      What piffle. Has Putin ever shown even a passing interest in Israel? Not everything that happens in the world has to do with you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

        Russians have shown in the past that they cannot be trusted to stop attacks against Jews. @disqus_MKU0C3iCR7:disqus does have a point.

  • Real American

    Soon none of this will matter because all the Holy Land will be Palestine

    • Drakken

      If you support and defend those Islamic ragheads, your an enemy of all of us westerners. So if I were you, I would be extremely careful of support of our enemies for you and others of your ilk will be held to account and it won’t be pretty.

      • Freedom Call

        Actually the muslims will kill him as well – useful idiot through and through.

      • Real American

        I wasn’t saying I support the Muslims. I don’t. But they will take over all of the Holy Land

        • Drakken

          I really hate to burst your little liberal bubble but it ain’t going to happen. The jews when they get over this idiotic nonsense of trying to make peace with Islamic savages that want them all dead, will finally say enough is enough and send them the devil his due.

          • Guest

            Jewish dominated Israel will go the way of white dominated Detroit. Demography is destiny. The yids don’t have a chance

    • Freedom Call
  • Drakken

    What is pathetic is that your a spineless creature espousing socialistic norms, sorry but you leftists forget you history at your peril.

    • justquitnow

      You say the same things regardless of the topic or content of the posts. You’re the biggest cultist of them all. Left this and left that….derp. You’re insane.

      • Drakken

        If you love the ragheads so much, go join them, we won’t miss you.

        • justquitnow


        • justquitnow

          flag and collapse from now on…so type away moron.

  • Aterg

    The country that is divided will loose. “Divide and conquer” . Little Israel against the Goliath and moneys of Saudis, has to do everything to survive, and EXPELL those citizens from the country that are against the a State of Israel . It is shameful that it’s own citizens are traitors and undermine the territorial rights for Israel’s existence. To fight antisemitism is almost impossible, each country where this is observed officially and not officially, has to do everything to teach the young and make sure a Shoah never to happens . It is the duty of every Country and church to eliminate hate and aggression towards any group of people. The ugly heads of antisemitisms are rising again (esp France and Hungary), and decapitation of these heads is a must. It does not look like there ever would be world peace, very discouraging . I only hope that Israel will be strong enough to deal with their disloyal citizens in a very harsh way. Take example of the America history during Lincoln’s time.

  • Reuven

    This is an excellent article by Dr. Plaut. Israel should start with Hanan Zoabi, Ahmed Tibi and any other disloyal Arab Knesset members, “Academics” Neve Gordon and Jeff Halper, and “journalists” Gideon Levy and Amira Hass should have all their assets confiscated and should be tried and imprisoned for treason.. Haaretz should be shut down. NY Times Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren should be deported and the journalistic credentials of the entire Times staff in Israel should be revoked, It must be remembered that President Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus as a necessary step in winning the U.S. Civil War. Israel is in a war for her very existence and needs to deal effectively with the Fifth Column seeking her destruction.