‘Nakba Denial’?

nakbaThe radical Left in Israel has invented a new nonsense word to capture the essence of its agenda and ideology. The term is “Nakba Denial.” It is not accidental that it strongly resembles the term “Holocaust Denial,” for the radical anti-Israel leftists seek to create a clear moral parallel between the Holocaust and the “Nakba.” The term, Nakba, of course means catastrophe in Arabic and is tossed around by the radical Left to refer to the “catastrophe” of the creation of Israel and its victory over the genocidal Arab fascists who attempted to destroy Israel in 1948-9.

The Left insists that Nakba Denial proves that non-leftists are living in denial and are heartlessly indifferent to the “sufferings” of Arabs when they were on the losing side of their war of genocidal aggression against the Jews in 1948-49.

So having coined this new nonsense term and converted it into their banner, we thought we would suggest to the Non-Left a number of new terms that should be introduced into political discourse, terms to be used by those who are NOT seeking the extermination of Israel or a second Holocaust of Jews, to describe the real agenda of the enemies of Israel.

The first of these is Treason Denial. This is the term that must be applied to many of those who insist that the radical Left inside Israel is seeking human rights and peace. It is also the term that must be used to describe those who characterize picayune overseas-funded anti-Israel propaganda NGOs as “human rights groups” and “peace groups.”

Then we should also encourage the use of the term Leftwing Fascism Denial. It is the term that describes those who refuse to recognize that the radical Left in Israel (and elsewhere) is fundamentally opposed to freedom of speech for non-Leftists and completely opposed to democracy. It is also the term that should be applied to all those justifying the people who accuse all critics of the Radical Left of being “McCarthyists” and “fascists.”

The term Stalinism Denial should be applied to all those people who pretend that they are not aware of the fact that some of the most prominent members of the Tenured Left in Israel are lifelong hard-core Stalinists. A number of faculty members posting on the Israeli Social Sciences chat list are card-carrying members of the Israeli (Stalinist) Communist Party, but any attempts to mention this fact are censored by the administrators of that list.

But of course the most important term of all that must be introduced is Anti-Semitism Denial. This is the term needed to refer to all those who insist that members of the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement and of similar anti-Israel initiatives and movements are motivated by anything other than gutter anti-Semitism. This is the correct term that needs to be applied to all those proclaiming that they hate and oppose Israel but not Jews as such. And, come to think of it, this is also the term needed to describe anyone bandying about the term “Nakba Denial.”

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    Now I’ve heard everything. Talk about jumping the shark.

    I think this time the shark actually jumped over the Grand Canyon or something like that.


      The oxymoron that calls itself “the religion of peace” jumped the shark in the 7th century.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Those damn sharks better calm down before they wear out their welcome here given that they don’t have the stature to actually eat us.

  • objectivefactsmatter

      A Little Nakba Music.


        Eine kleine Nakbamusik

  • herb benty

    Murdering innocent Jewish men, women and children should lead to nakba! Islam, let it be known, your days of fanatical murder of innocents, your days of lying, false superiority, and mass insanity, is coming to an end.

  • Radik

    Don’t worry, muzloids. We won’t deny your coming CATACLYSM. In fact, we’ll celebrate it for ten thousand years.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In a thousand years we’ll be operating kosher delis on the moon and they will be squatting round the camel dung fire shaking their tiny fists at the night sky.

    • Johnny Palestine

      A nakba happens every month in Syria and nobody wants to see it

      • Hard Little Machine

        No – no one cares. They should rape kill and eat each other to the last one standing. We can start over with humans this time.



    The “Nakba” being the FAILURE of FIVE attacking Arab armies, none of which was the army of “palestine”, to defeat and destroy Israel, just 3 years after the end of WW2 and the Holocaust.


  • carpe diem 36

    they say Nakba to the wrong thing. the bigger tragedy is the refugee camps that still exist, and they do only because the Gentle Moslem countries refuse to settle those refugees in their states. Once they realize this they will come to view their own failing in building their own state when they had a chance. They did not do what Israel did: they refuse both things to recognize the small sliver of land as the State of Israel and to build their own larger state. And they still do not wish to blame themselves for the tragedy of their people.

  • pete

    while we’re at it – why are millions of Americans in denial about Conservative Representation INEQUALITY from OUR congressfulks

    the future cannot belong to those who would insult the KUFFAR

  • Rather Soon

    Nakba Denial is similar to UFO Denial.


      Denying the “Nakba” is similar to denying the victory over national Socialist Germany in 1945.

      • Rather Soon

        I meant the people who use the term as “ethnic cleansing”