Presbyterian Divestment Stokes Ancient Fires

symbol-bluewhiteMany Christians were in shock recently when the 221st  General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (PC/USA), by a slim margin, voted to divest from three major international companies that do business in Judea, Samaria and Israel (Hewlett Packard, Caterpillar and Motorola). Assembly leaders claim the fault lies in Israel’s “illegal occupation” of Judea and Samaria (also called the West Bank) and its oppression of Palestinian neighbors. But there is a much more sinister agenda behind this action.

While the PC (USA) asserts that they are not (at all) motivated by anti-Semitism and they take “no position” on Zionism, they nevertheless lay all problems in the area at Israel’s feet, blaming the so-called “illegal occupation.”  However, a recent article by NGO MONITOR has found strong evidence of underlying anti-Semitism in the PC (USA) leadership.

Currently, the vicious battle against the Jewish people and Israel is being waged by international alliances of Christians, Muslims, the hard Left, the press, and academia for the express purpose of instigating Israel’s destruction.

Thousands of representatives of Christian organizations like the PC (USA) gather annually or bi-annually in national enclaves to discuss the business of their denomination as they have for centuries.  In some more liberal leaning activist denominations like PC (USA), the agenda includes Israel. The Methodists, Presbyterians (USA), the Scottish Reformed Church and the United Church of Christthe Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Church of England, The United Church of Canada, and the World Council of Churches all seem to have a stake in proposing schemes to punish Israel.

The most vocal of Israel’s defamers are Christian pastors and leaders like Stephen Sizer (Anglican), Naim Ateek (Anglican), and Gary Burge (Evangelical/Protestant).   They cloak their mission to undermine Israel under an aggressive “peace and justice” cover-up. They ask the question, “Does Israel really have a legitimate right to call the land its own (Zionism)?” to which their answer is a resounding “no.”

If you bother to read Steven Sizer’s recent book Christian Zionism The Road to Armageddon, you will discover there that Christian Zionism is not simply Christians standing for the rights of Israel to live in the land. According to Sizer, Christian Zionism is a plot to undermine the USA and the world. Needless to say, Sizer affirms the decision of the PC (USA) to divest from the companies who do business in Judea and Samaria.  Steven Sizer speaks around the Western and Islamic world against Christian Zionism and Israel’s right to continue to live in the land of its ancestors.

In order to justify this Anti-Zionism stance, PC (USA) and its allies need to do to the Jews the very same thing the church planned to do in the second century.  They need to invert the truth, demonize, and ridicule Israel in order to accomplish what until now has been their elusive goal of destroying Israel and the Jewish people.

Just like the Presbyterian (USA) Council last week, the church councils of centuries past turned their language against the Jews. Name calling couched in fancy theologies justified the persecution of Jews.  While the world is burning in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Africa, while Christians are slaughtered in those same lands, the daily headlines accuse Jews of blocking the progress of world peace by building apartments in Jerusalem or manufacturing seltzer in Ma’ale Adumim.

At the root of the Christian animus towards Jews is a theological narrative which has stoked the ancient fires of hostility for two millennia.

In her recent column, Melanie Phillips wrote, 

Within the Protestant world, many churches are deeply hostile to the State of Israel —  What is less known is the more disturbing fact that this perverse animus is increasing fed not by the politics of the present moment but by theology.

The theology that Ms. Phillips mentions is known by a variety of names but is undergirded by the concept of “Replacement Theology.”  This term grew out of the early Church where the Founding Fathers laid claim to the promises God made to Abraham and his offspring.  They accused Jews of being “Christ killers” and said that God had nullified His covenant with Abraham and transferred his “Covenant blessings” to the Church which they called “The Israel of God.”

Christianity, birthed from the womb of Judaism two thousand years ago, continues a mission to assassinate its very own Jewish parents. Ridicule, defamation, distortion, fire, and the sword, have all punctuated the Christian enterprise for two thousand years.  “God,” say many Christians, “has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people.”

The Emperor Constantine (In 325 CE,) laid the organizational groundwork  of a “Christianity” designed for Roman pagans and non-Jews. The Apostle Paul was the last vestige of the Jewish foundation of the original Church.  After he died (65 CE), it didn’t take the gentile Church Fathers long to muster up a case against the Jews.

Christians claimed that God’s “everlasting covenant” with the Jews through Abraham was defunct and claimed the covenant blessings. This Christian theology of “Replacement,” also called “Supersessionism,” energized a paradigm of anti-Judaism that informs some of Western Christianity today.

This Replacement concept is the framework for the most virulent forms of  the anti-Zionism we currently see.  For PC (USA) or the Scottish Church or any of the others who demonize Israel to admit to anti-Semitism might bring world criticism. So they couch their concerns in words and actions that are subtle inversions of the truth like calling Judea and Samaria “illegally occupied.”  When Jordan actually did “illegally occupy” Judea and Samaria from 1948 to 1967, the world heard not a peep of opposition from these churches.

From roughly 165 CE through about 500 C.E., the “Fathers” tilled a garden of Jewish hatred.  To make everything official, the Emperor Constantine, who, it is said, had a personal epiphany of Jesus, called Bishops around the Empire to attend the First Council of Nicea (325 CE).   This Council, like the Council of PC (USA) last week, concocted its anti-Jewish, anti-Israel narrative which served to advance Church goals and bolster the Imperial Roman Empire at the same time.

The Nicean Council succeeded in manufacturing the first layer of this new “imperial religion.” Constantine dubbed Christianity the exclusive state religion. John Chrysostom (407C.E.) followed and honed the narrative against the Jews to a fine edge without any opposition. Later key theologians embarked on some far-flung theologies which are respected by some Christians today.

Soon, civil laws throughout the Empire followed suit, prohibiting Jews from holding public office or from eating with or marrying Christians. Forced conversions became commonplace. Demonizing, bullying, torture, and mass killings flourished throughout Catholicism and later Protestantism.

Today, much of Western Christianity occupies that very same anti-Jewish space with not even a grasp of its ancient foundations in Hebrew Scripture. Instead, its paradigm is as a stand-alone creature amputated from its root system.

The PC(USA) and their collaborators are clones of the Founding Fathers.  The theological paradigm is that Israel and the Jews of today are no longer under the covering of the original, eternal covenant with God. Today’s Jews, according to the narrative, are “different.”  And since God removed his blessings from them when they “killed the Christ.”  The church has replaced the Jews for all time.  This false theology of supersessionism is interwoven into the fabric of Catholicism, Anglicanism, Presbyterianism and other branches of Calvinist and Reformed theologies.

Within Protestantism, Catholicism, and the Orthodox Churches today there are, of course, some denominations more extreme than others.  Protestant Evangelical groups (Bethlehem Bible College, Sabeel) for example, hold conferences, like Christ at the Checkpoint, with the underlying purpose of nullifying Jewish claims to the Land of Israel and dubbing Jesus a Palestinian. Partnering together at the bi-annual Christ at the Checkpoint Conference are notables such as Sizer, Ateek, Lynn Hybels (Willow Creek Church) Tony Campolo (Eastern University) and other advocates of disabling Israel and replacing her with a one-state Palestinian solution.

Evangelical Christians, those who interpret the Bible literally, have been among Israel’s best and most loyal friends. But the winds are shifting yet again as more and more Christian Evangelicals are lured by a pro-Palestinian, pro-“peace and justice” narrative. Some Christian/Israel loyalists are concerned about this trend and are working to counter it. A few rays of light and hope peek through the cracks with groups like Christians United for Israel, Friends of Israel, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, and Bridges for Peace among them.

The paradigm that grips many Christians with a theologically based hatred of Jews and Israel must be broken.  Israel’s survival is not guaranteed.

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  • royalmarshall

    as article shows the reality. we need to proven it out for this time,


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  • mollysdad

    Suppose we begin the Christian narrative of peace and justice by identifying the Palestinian Muslims as infidels, blasphemers and idolaters who have no covenant of any description with God, and so are foreigners in the land He has declared top be holy.

    • El Cid

      Molly’s Dad: Logical, but Irrelevant to the Presbyterians.

      They are anti-Judaism, they are no pro-Palestinian. Also, their Palestinian allies are often Christian as well as Muslim.

      Presbyterian religious doctrine rests on the infamy of modern Judaism–it is a negative doctrine. To the extent that Muslims hate Jews, they are welcome to the hate fest. Otherwise, I don’t think that the Presbyterians will be inviting many Muslims to share a cocktail :)

      On a positive note, I have gone one-on-one in private conversation with members of the Presbyterian clergy and to my delight, many are outraged by the whole thing.

  • bwgirl

    I have a bone to pick with anybody that would call the members of the WCC “christians”. They are part and parcel of the apostasy and the One World Religion.

    The PC and the Evangelical Lutheran church both show who their father really is and what spirit they are of. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. You can’t serve Satan and Jesus Christ in your synagogs and churches. And you can’t let blatant Idolators lead the services in your “churches” either and they have both done that.

    But to plot against Israel? They can’t claim ignorance.

    Genesis 12:3
    3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    And from Matthew Henry’s Commentary:

    5. I will bless those that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee.
    This made it a kind of a league, offensive and defensive, between God
    and Abram. Abram heartily espoused God’s cause, and here God promises to
    interest himself in his. (1.) He promises to be a friend to his
    friends, to take kindnesses shown to him as done to himself, and to
    recompense them accordingly. God will take care that none be losers, in
    the long run, by any service done for his people; even a cup of cold
    water shall be rewarded. (2.) He promises to appear against his enemies.
    There were those that hated and cursed even Abram himself; but, while
    their causeless curses could not hurt Abram, God’s righteous curse would
    certainly overtake and ruin them, Num. 24:9. This is a good reason why we should bless those that curse us, because it is enough that God will curse them, Ps. 38:13-15.

    I would not want to be on the receiving end of that curse, and yet, these people who call themselves Christians, that are plotting against Israel have made themselves an enemy of God.

    • Webb

      Exactly — they are far from being Christians.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Many Palestinian churches have censored the Psalms because of their references to Zion.

    • Rosasolis

      Let us SEE your references from the Palestinian churches who have
      censored the Psalms because of their references to Zion!

  • Marty

    The pathetic Presbyterians have no shame. Happily, decent people continue to leave this Jew hating cult in droves.

    • Justicewillbdone

      I am delighted that the Presbyterian church has divorced it self from a state founded on apartheid and racial supremacy. The Zionist have no conception of justice and equality and have become landgrabbers and the world’s biggest abuser of human rights. The internet will be Israel’s downfall as the world sees your hatred and brutality.

      • Joe The Gentile

        Actually, the internet won’t be Israel’s downfall. Quite the opposite. It will be part of Israel’s preservation. Many, many people are waking up from the distortions of cultural Marxism, with its deluded anti-Israel, anti-West bias, which pervades in the mainstream media and Universities. The internet is where straight thinking is making a comeback. In fact, you’re looking at it right now, at Frontpagemag.

      • PAthena

        Are you joking, Joe? Israel is not founded on “apartheid,” the institution in South Africa separating South African whites from the non-whites. There is no such practice or law in Israel doing this. Every citizen is equal under the law, regardless of religion. It does not practice racial supremacy; Jews come in all races, including those from Ethiopia. How is it the “world’s biggest abuser of human rights”? Worse than the countries of Syria? Arabia? Egypt? Libya? Worse than China? Worse than North Korea? etc.?

        • Joe The Gentile

          >> Are you joking, Joe?

          Careful! That wasn’t ‘Joe’! :) Joe agrees with YOU!

      • iluvisrael

        that’s rich considering that so much of the technology the world uses was created in ISRAEL – happy eternal nakba haji.

      • wileyvet

        You are a retard. A despicable, loathsome Jew hater. You have no concept of justice and equality, unless you subscribe to the abomination called Sharia that your Muslim pals live under. Fifty six Islamic countries in the world don’t even come close to affording their citizens the rights and legal system that Israel provides to its people including 1.3 million Arabs with Israeli citizenship. There are Arabs in the Knesset, and in the government. They enjoy a higher standard of living than any Arab anywhere in the Mid East. Your shameful lie that Israel is the world’s biggest abuser of human rights is absolutely baseless. How about Iran, The Sudan, North Korea, Somalia, The Yemen, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Egypt to name a few? You choose to vilify Israel and hold her to a higher standard than the rogue regimes that permeate that useless organization known as The U.N.. Why? Because of your rabid anti-Semitism. You relish in the Muslim attacks on Israel, but don’t realize those same Muslims have no use for you either. Islam hates Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists atheists and anyone else who isn’t a Muslim. The internet will be Islam’s downfall as the vile words and grisly actions of Muslims around the globe are on display 24/7 for all the world to see. To see it for the barbarous doctrine that it is. For Muslims themselves there is a plethora of information for them to find out the truth about their religion, and people are leaving Islam when they realize they have been lied to. Islam is the enemy of all mankind, so we know where you stand. Go read another chapter of Mein Kampf and then maybe a Surah of the Koran before bed. Surah 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9 are right up your alley. Nighty night, douchetard.

      • PhilByler

        It is not the Presbyterian Church. It is a left wing political organization called the PCUSA. And your attack on Israel, Justicewillbedone, is totally wrong.

      • Drakken

        Boy aren’t you in for one h*ll of a rude awaking, if you side with the Islamic savages, that makes you an enemy of us all. Say, if your all hot an bothered by those mean Jews, why don’t you put your money where your jihadist loving mouth is and go join them there. I’ll grab a bourbon and have some giggles as the savages show you how much they appreciate your help, Darwin is just going to love you.

        • KyraNelson

          You had a bourbon yesterday. :)

  • Burlington

    Anyone interested in the ancient schism between early gentile Christians and Jews should read SLANDERING THE JEW by Susanna Drake.

  • notme123

    with all the persecution of Christians and Jews by the Muslims, how could any so called Christian sect have such a leaning. Sad and disgraceful.

    • Rosasolis

      Good for you! Thanks for writing the truth about this terrible
      small-minded, sect. It is so sad that during these modern times of
      “enlightenment”, that such people still follow an indoctrination of hatred
      against the people who were the first to follow God’s Laws!

    • truthbetold

      Don’t believe everything you hear from this author. Just as I assumed, she went from a narrow focus on the Presbyterian Church to an all-encompassing rant against all of Christiandom. Typical anti-Christian bigot. That would be like accusing ALL Jews for the actions of the ACLU or SPLC.


        The ACLU and SPLC aren’t religious organizations.

        And you are a MORON nakbabetold.

        • patrickhamilton

          truthbetold is not a moron (certainly not a MORON). There are Jews who don’t have a good thing to say about Christianity. The writer of the article is verging on that. BTW not all presbyterians are against Israel. Far from it actually.

  • JVictor

    Replacement Theology is one of the most damaging antisemitic lies that has ever been created. Instead of embracing Hebrew thought (which looks for similarities and builds upon them) as well as the Hebrew Messiah (Yeshua Ben Joseph), Who IS the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world, the Greek-thinking (which looks for differences and is linear) church fathers rejected the Jewishness of Jesus and placed Him outside the Hebrew Scriptures. Yeshua Ben Joseph, more commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth, is the fillment and fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures aka The Old Testament. And He will return as Yeshua Ben David at an upcoming Feast of Tabernacles to fulfill ALL of the Scriptures. Jesus is the center of God’s restoration of humanity’s relationship with Him, to the Jews first and then for the rest of us. The narrative of God’s redemptive plan for humanity doesn’t begin in Matthew; it starts in Genesis. When people are able see how God didn’t change His mind in mid-stream it’s like a light is turned on and the entirety of God’s story makes sense to them.

    • Sussex Girl

      Well put.

  • TBK

    “Israel’s survival is not guaranteed.” Susan Warner – thats where you are very wrong. Look what Jehovah says:

    Jeremiah 31:35-37King James Version (KJV)

    35 Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The Lord of hosts is his name:

    36 If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever.

    37 Thus saith the Lord; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.

    Be strong. Jehovah is still the “God of Israel”

    • Sussex Girl

      Excellent references.

  • tagalog

    What exactly is the illegality involved in the “occupation?”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Enough talk. PCUSA has clearly staked out a Jew-Hating position. There is nothing more to discuss. The only course of action is for American Jews, at least the ones who aren’t already in the Hamas camp, to break 100% of all relations, interactions and ‘dialog’ with 100% of the membership of PCUSA. Every single man woman and child in it. From now on the only response to anything coming out of PCUSA should be total silence total disengagement.

    • El Cid

      Yes, that is what the Presbyterians hope for.

      Do not forget who controls the economic power in the US–it is protestants to a very high degree.

      Yes, they hope to put us Jews in our place.

      • Hard Little Machine

        PCUSA is marginal and only a tiny sliver of Protestants. There are more Unitarian Buddhist Gays in America.

        • Questions

          PCUSA represents a couple million people, which is a signficant number. The point of this article, moreover, like it or not, is that anti-Semitism is deeply woven into the fabric of official Christian teachings.

          • PhilByler

            The PCUSA total numbers have dropped down to 1.8 million and are continuing to drop. The PCUSA’s total numbers would have dropped even more already but for the PCUSA’s efforts to enforce its trust provision to seize church property that the PCUSA Presbyterys never paid for and were never deeded. Nevertheless, the day is coming when other traditional and conservative Presbyterian denominations (ECO, EPC, PCA) will out-number the PCUSA.
            “Replacement Theology” as stated in the article is not what adhered to by conservative Christians in America.

  • Rosasolis

    The Church of England (The Anglican Church) does not belong in this list
    of discriminating churches against Jews!…As a former vocalist soloist and member of a well-known choir of an Anglican Church,
    I remember many services where
    there was a reading from the Old Testament as well as from the New Testament.
    And there were often sermons based on the Old Testament teachings.
    G.F. Handel, the composer who wrote Messiah, also wrote many oratorios
    based on Old Testament stories. After Handel many composers have carried on
    the Oratorio tradition, and are still writing beautiful and inspiring music based
    on the Psalms, and other Old Testament scriptures.
    More than ever before, Christians and Jews must join together and support each other….
    if our Western Civilization is to have a future! Frans Schubert, who was a Catholic believer, wrote a beautiful composition
    for Ladies Choir, entitled “Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd”.
    This well-known lovely 19thC. composition, shows that the Old Testament
    will Always be the Basis of the Christian Faith

    • Soxtory

      This is only partially true. By the way, nearly all Christian churches have a reading from both the Old and New Testaments. The Anglican and the ECUSA (Episcopal) church have had their hands full with the homosexual issues and thanks to the more conservative laity, dare not bring up another hot potato, since over 1000 parishes in the ECUSA have split over this one.

      Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the most vociferous anti Israel voice along with the ECUSA retired Presiding Bishop Edmond Browning, National Cathedral Dean Gary Hall, homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson and most other leaders want to see Israel “taken down a notch,” to quote Barack Obama’s wish for the US. Look to hear about divestment here very soon.

    • Olive

      You might want to check out the Anglican Journal from July 6, 2013
      “Anglicans pass hotly debated Palestine – Israel resolution”
      I think if you do some research you will discover Stephen Sizer (Anglican) who co-leads the Anti-Israel ‘Christ and the Checkpoint” conference.

      And John Stott the famous Bible teacher who has written with some “authority” about how Israel really has no right to the land.

      Check it out.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The ministers in power in the Presbyterian “church” either not know or don’t care that God has declared in His Word, the Bible, that all this land that now composes the State of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. As shown in the Bible ,for example in Genesis 28:13-15. 35:10-12. Deuteronomy 32:48,49. Psalm 105:7-11. 135;4. Thus the Presbyterian clerics don’t know or don’t care what the Bible really teaches. So either way that speaks only for itself only terrible things about them. How very ignorant those Presbyterian leaders are. In sum, the Presbyterian “church” is an affront.

    • PhilByler

      It is the PCUSA, a dying denomination that is not Presbyterian.

  • Rebecca

    Although I agree with the writer that there has been a long standing anti-Jewish element in the Christian Church, to put it lightly, I don’t agree with where he says it started. For instance, in Nicaea the beliefs of the Christian Church were clarified, and that had to do with Arianism. Also, many of the churches were infiltrated by Marxists and Unitarian (Marxists), by the late 1800s. John Spargo wrote about combining Marxism and Christianity before he wrote against it. The Christian churches have piles of money which have been donated to them over the years and re-invested, and the nons and antis have gotten in there to use that money to help destroy actual Christianity along with Judaism. The same thing has happened in our schools, the Left has gotten in there and they are using the money and the bully pulpit in the schools to propagandize the society. Marxists write or approve all of the textbooks in the schools today and have for the past thirty years. What I don’t understand is why even non-Christians or Jews would want a world with a one party, two class system, with no morals and where brute force reigns. All the Marxist countries support the narco-terrorists. The people on the Left actually want to destroy the family, and get rid of nurturing parents, in order to make people pliable to their perverted ideas. What is so attractive about Leftism? Is it do what you want to do unto others, even if it is wrong?

    • Olive

      FYI For the sake of an accurate history, you might want to take a look at the writings of Tertulllian, Justyn Martyr and John Chrysostom. You search enging will make these readily available if you enter the Church Father’s name and then the word “Jews” or “Israel”. Susan

      • Rebecca

        And here I thought my pre-PC encyclopedia had the right info in it on Nicaea, since it lined up with what I was taught in Church. And, I thought reading John Spargo and the Marxists, would let me in on what has been going on in the world for the last 166 years.

        • Olive


          • Rebecca

            Glad you think so. We don’t want to go into the Talmud and anti-Christian quotes. Let’s all just get along.

  • DaveGinOly

    “The Apostle Paul was the last vestige of the Jewish foundation of the original Church.”

    Paul actually sowed the seeds for the Christian assault on Judaism by 1.) insisting that gentiles could become followers of Jesus (early “christianity” was a sect of Judaism, and not an independent religion) and 2.) by insisting that followers of Jesus didn’t have to abide by the old laws and dismissing the old covenant (e.g., circumcision wasn’t required). Paul was very coy about his audience with James the Just, and was probably reprimanded by him for his beliefs. Had the Jesus movement remained Jewish, there would be no Christianity to be opposed to Jews and Judaism today (but there would be a rift in Judaism, if the movement had survived).

    Later, the Torah became the “Old Testament” as the early Christian church’s “Fathers” attempted to assert their authority as the true inheritor of “Israel” (in this use meaning “the Kingdom of God”), and in doing so had to re-interpret the Old Testament as a promise of the coming of the Christ. This re-interpretation invalidated Jewish belief, and accused them of repeatedly turning against God’s prophets (Jesus, his own son, being the last of them). The whole idea was (and is) a fiction, but the Fathers had to show (to assert their authority over the church) a direct link between Jesus, his Apostles, the early “overseers,” the first bishops, and themselves, and in doing so had to divorce the story of Israel from the Jews so that they could co-opt it for themselves.

    • Susan

      You are absolutely right! I think I would suggest that the watershed moment in which the Jews split from what became ‘Christianity’ was in 325 Constantine. The anti-Semitic writings were gradual from about 165 onward but the line was really the Council of Nicea. Nothing ever happens exactly overnight. Thanks for your comments.. Susan

    • Rebecca

      I have always wondered if the Catholic Church was formed by ex-Roman priests, say worshippers of Apollo? And, if this is how the Roman style of worshipping God came about.

  • PhilByler

    The PCUSA, formed in 1983, is not the historic Presbyterian church in America. Peter Marshall would have nothing to do with it. There are other Presbyterian denominations in this country that are populated by true Presbyterians, such as the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCUSA is an imposter and is really a left wing political organization that while dying, is intent on seizing property and supporting various left wing political causes. The 2014 General Assembly of the PCUSA showed its moral bankruptcy; and yes, the overture to divest is anti-Semitic.

    • Susan

      It is important I think not to put too much emphasis on the PC(USA) as the fall guy. The problem is systemic in Catholic and Protestant Christianity and it’s history of Replacement Theology. Susan

      • PhilByler

        No, the basic problem is that mainline Protestant denominations have been corrupted by left wing politics, and being anti-Israel is part of left wing politics. Evangelical and conservative Christians, whether Protestant or Catholic, very much believe in their religion, but are usually very pro-Israel. I don’t partake of Replacement Theology, but like a lot of Evangelical and conservative Christians, we do believe in the words Jesus spoke to the Roman centurion who had come to Jesus about a suffering servant and whose faith astonished Jesus — that the day would come when people from all parts of the world would sit at the table of Abraham.

  • Leslie

    Are the Presbyterian USA Jew haters going to have on their persons some sort notification that they are boycotting Israel so that in case of an emergency no device, medicine, method or scientific contribution made in Israel will be used to treat them or save their lives?

  • johnmcadams

    Boneheaded essay. The Christians who are most theologically conservative — most inclined to accept all the traditional teachings of Christianity — are also the ones most supportive of Israel.
    The liberal “mainline” denominations are in thrall of secular liberal and leftist ideologies. Their views are shaped by secular orthodoxy, not anything from Christianity.

  • PAthena

    Did the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (PC/USA) say that it supported the “Palestinians”? Arabs are miscalled “Palestinian” because of Soviet propaganda. The name “Palestina” was given to Judea in 135 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Hadrian after he had defeated the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. He wanted to eradicate all memory of Judea, and he also outlawed Judaism and renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina,” “Aelius” being his gens name. From then on, “Palestine” was synonymous with “land of the Jews” and “Palestinian” with “Jew.” After World War I, Great Britain was awarded the “Palestine Mandate” to be “the homeland of the Jews.”
    What changed this was the founding of the “Palestine Liberation Organization” (P.L.O.) by Gamal Nasser, ruler of Egypt, and the Soviet Union in Cairo in 1964. (The name shows its Soviet origin.) This organization came to fame when it massacred the Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, and an effect of this was to call Arabs who are enemies of the Jews and of Israel “Palestinians,” with aloo the phony history and propaganda that follows.

  • Barbara

    If you call yourself a Christian, Presbyterian, Protestant, Baptist, etc. and either siding with Arabs in Arab-Israeli conflict or taking non-interventionist attitude you’re helping to bring Sharia to the place near you.

    • catherineinpvb

      Agree. . .and no question; the ‘anti-Israel’. . .and too. . .’we can all get allong with Muslims’ – while denying; ignoring Christian persecution wherever Muslims claim a terrotory – or try to – is also, part of the ‘Church’s updated education. A death knell; if you listen closely.
      No question, nature ‘abhors a vacum'; and no question; Christianity in America; by it’s increasingly Liberal MO’s. . .is creating one.