Video: A Day in the Life of Trying to Sign Up for ObamaCare, Part II

pl[To watch Part I, click here.]

Not one doctor, or even one Urgent Care Center, in a 50 mile radius accepts my ObamaCare plan:

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  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Tough. Deal with it.

    Or, as a second thought, GET RID OF THE CANCER in the White House!

    This is liberalism and progressives at work people, either get used to it or GET RID OF IT!

  • laura r

    its all a scam. end of case.

  • The_Monk

    Back in the ’60s, somebody from the New York Times was stationed in Moscow. He wrote a book about the experience. At the time, it was a hugely hilarious recounting of the ineptitude of the Soviet “enterprise”, replete with 2-year plans and 5-year plans and scarcity of every shade and shape.

    Fast forward fifty years, and see who’s laughing now. Putin must be creamin’ his jeans over Obama and Obama’s Soviet-style re-architecture of our medical system, not to mention the massive corruption we see writ large in the (anti-)stimulus package and quantitative easing. I never thought I’d live to see the day.

    And the sad thing is, nearly everybody who voted to re-elect Obama will vote for Hillary or whoever is the progressive candidate. George Washington, John Adams and T. Jefferson must be spinning in their graves….

  • kilfincelt

    And he is a committed Democrat! Anyone who voted Democratic and now is having problems with Obamacare is getting exactly what they deserve.

  • Steven Chavez

    our great country being destroy by this one mutt…

  • Lanna

    Once again, this administration is lieing about the numbers of people who actually signed up and paid for their policy. People have heard about the fatal website too, and want no part of the calamity…Now the AG Holder is communicating to other attorney generals how to get around the same sex marriage bans in their states…What an evil lawless Regime…they are open about it now….