Andrew Klavan: Why Democrats Call You Racist

llIn this Truth Revolt video and transcript below, our host explains why leftists can’t stop talking about the historic suffering of black people in America — Because they caused most of it!



I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Many conservatives feel hurt and confused by the fact that Democrats keep calling them racist. If you think black Americans should be treated exactly the same as white Americans, they call you racist for opposing affirmative action. If you point out that the poverty rate for blacks has increased sharply under President Obama, they call you racist for criticizing a black President. And if you complain that Democrats treat black people like helpless children, they call you racist for calling black people helpless children…  which you didn’t but, too late, it’s already in all the headlines.  Which are written by Democrats.

As a conservative, sometimes you just want take a Democrat aside and ask him straight out, “How’d that feel?” after, you know, you’ve kicked him in the groin.

Now I’m in the center of the political spectrum, because I stand to the right on matters of personal liberty, limited government and free markets but I stand to the left in relation to the random picture of Gary Busey on my right.  So maybe I can explain to conservatives why Democrats are so quick to level this ugly charge.

You see, Democrats have a special insight into the mistreatment of African Americans because…  they committed most of it. Now, we don’t want to dwell on the distant past when Democrats defended slavery against Abe Lincoln and his Republicans…  or when they formed the Ku Klux Klan or passed oppressive Jim Crow laws… or when Democrats like Al Gore Sr. or Robert Byrd… or George Wallace or Lester Maddox… or Bill Clinton’s mentor J. William Fulbright… stood as staunch segregationists.

The modern Democratic party is much different.  Appalled by the way evil slavemasters once tore black families apart, Democrats fashioned welfare to subsidize unmarried motherhood so that free African Americans could tear their families apart themselves. After all, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle to support her and help raise her fish children so you don’t end up with prisons full of little fish who never had a bicycle.

But don’t worry about crime in black communities, because Democrats have insured that black criminals will be treated fairly and leniently so they can continue to prey at will on the vast majority of African Americans who are law abiding citizens.

And of course if all that Democrat sponsored illegitimacy and crime should mire blacks in poverty, Democrat entitlement programs will make that poverty as comfortable as possible so it will continue as long as possible.

And that’s why when you allude to the provably disastrous results of Democrat programs in poor black neighborhoods, Democrats call you racist. Because they feel bad.  Because you kicked them in the groin.

I’m Andrew Klavan with the revolting truth.

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  • wildjew

    Klaven calls them out.

  • solitary_dan

    Klavan FTW

  • ADM64

    This is exactly the way to respond. If only Republicans had the guts.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    They call us racists because the First Amendment allows them to, and because they get away with it. Finally, they call us racists because they have nothing else to offer …

    But Mr. Klavan’s method is a good way of responding, if only the GOP would do it. But they won’t. Why? Because if they do, they will be called racists …

    • BS77

      Racist is a term that has lost all meaning….If you oppose the mega welfare state, you are a racist. If you criticize illegal immigration, you are a racist. If you are concerned about legal immigration, you are a racist. ….If you are concerned about terror and Islam, why you are a xenophobe and a racist…and this ends all discussion. End of story. Got it?….if you have any doubts about global warming or the education system….you are no longer considered a rational person….and are dispensed with immediately. Either tow the leftist agenda line or be treated as a non entity. Welcome to 1984,

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        The Leftists didn’t figure on Ronald Reagan, in 1984. That’s why they hate him, so much.

        I get it, and I completely agree with you.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Calling someone xenophobic or racist ends the discussion in part because Hollywood and other media present these narratives about the supposed nature of man where *all* problems are rooted in “systemic racism” which is of course organized by “white supremacists.”

      They think they know the story already, so saying “racist” means, “the end.”

      It seems like a simplistic worldview, but it’s really just them being programmed to rely on the constant stream of neo-Marxist indoctrination. And it’s not protection of “victims” per se, it’s an attack on successful capitalist societies.

      Communists coopted the anti-racist movements at just about the time the problems were being resolved at least in terms of the law. And then they started fanning the flames to keep it alive as a valuable tool.

      Therefore on one level you can consider that they overuse the “racist” allegation because they’re programmed to see the world in that way. Understanding how it got that way requires looking at communist and neo-Marxist efforts to attack “capitalism” mendaciously.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        “Programming” was at the heart of the Orwellian nightmare created in the book 1984. And now, we are to believe the bright, cheerful teachers in the commercial during Bret Baier’s show on FOX, that Common Core will “help” our children. It will “help them to understand the world they live in”.

        A long time ago, there was a group of people called “Wandering Birds” who loved to commune with nature, were environmentalists, believed in free love, the latest music, dressed in colorful costumes, and some even passed out flowers to passersby.

        The Wandering Birds, or Wandervogel, as they were called, became the very heart what was called Schutzstaffeln, and were responsible for the greatest mass extermination in Western European history.

        Our hippies of the 1960’s are poised for the greatest triumph in their lives. One of their own stands ready to take the reins of power. She calls us “racists”, too. I haven’t the slightest doubt that Hillary Clinton would kill anyone who disagrees with her programs, when she gets control of them.

        It’s her Weltanschaung, as you correctly point out. But what does it matter, right?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          I don’t trust any of them. I never trusted their judgment before, but now I don’t even trust them to participate in good faith.

          We may not be able to prosecute them, but they’re traitors that have no business in elected office.

        • kikorikid

          The week Hillary put the hyphen in her name,
          Hillary-Rotham Clinton, I gave her the title,
          “Queen of Diversity”. She is fueled by malice
          and would murder millions if given the opportunity.

    • kikorikid

      “Diversity” ideology clearly states: “If White, then Racist”.
      Here’s some NEWS!
      Scientist completed the “unraveling” of the “Human Genome”
      a few years back and, VOILA!, they didn’t find any “Racism Gene”.
      Racism is a “Learned” behavior but Cultural-Marxist Diversity
      Ideologues,rape and bully, the language to turn an ascribed
      characteristic, White , into a achieved characteristic, Racist.
      It is intellectual fascism to insist this position has any veracity.
      Diversity minions and Social-Justice Progressives ,in support,
      use this ideological base to carry out schemes of oppression
      against, Whites, and particularly White-Males. notdoneyet.
      OK Wolfthatknowsall , I think we need to know the
      Racial Distribution of the forty(40) dead at VAMC Phoenix, as
      well as those 1,300-2,000 on any “Secret List(s).
      How many African-Americans died?
      How many Hispanics died?
      How many Native-Americans died?
      How many Women?
      How many White-Males died?
      What if all forty(40) are White-Males?
      We need the data that will define Truth.

  • DaCoachK

    Calling someone a “racist” is a way of “Jamming” the individual (vilifying them) into shutting up. It is a common tactic the homos are using right now. It ends the conversation, and that is the point when you want a fascist state.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Certainly the history of the Democratic Party is one of doing everything possible to reduce, not just one race, but all people of all races, creeds, colors, origins, sexes, and sexual preferences, to utter slavish dependence on the government.
    And we know who will be in charge of that government, a never ending series of dealers in socialist poison, Barack, then Hilary, then whoever.
    But I think the real reason that that Democrats call people racist is because they have no valid ideas and therefore cannot even begin to engage in a debate.
    They must end the debate quickly by a rather pathetic attempt at intellectual blackmail, calling anyone who disagrees with them a ‘racist’, or ‘homophobe’, or ‘Islamophobe’.
    When a Democrat calls you a racist, simply point out that their utter intellectual and moral incompetence is showing.

  • Clare Spark

    Not all Republicans were anti-racists, and it is a historical error to make that claim. The Republicans worth emulating were called “black Republicans” before, during, and after the Civil War. See “Margoth vs. Robert E. Lee.”

    • Shel Zahav

      Was Abraham Lincoln a black Republican?

    • gray_man

      “Not all Republicans were anti-racists, and it is a historical error to make that claim.”

      And it is dishonest to imply anyone made that claim.
      However, it is not an historical error to claim the Republican Party was the anti-racist party, and that the DemonRat party was the racist party.

  • greatj

    Obama, media, and the Democratic party uses race baiting when they cant answers for all their scandals.

  • Michele Gardnerr

    Why do African Americans make much less than whites? Why are blacks unemployment rate so much higher?

    • barrycooper

      In a free market you are paid according to your value. Nearly half of all blacks can’t even make it through a high school curriculum dumbed down for them, and many of those who graduate can’t read. In my view, this is a CULTURAL problem, and not an inherently racial one. Blacks very simply do not value education the way, say, Asians do, and this is reflected in their incomes, which is to say their economic value.

      • FlaVet

        The Bell Curve is factual. Average IQ’s…low. Asians are decidedly smarter and have higher average IQ’s than whites. Does that make me inferior to them? Whites come next….someone has to be at the bottom…that’s life.

      • kikorikid

        A Culture that does not value Education
        is basically anti-Intellectual. Look thru the
        “Culture” of Blacks and Hispanics. At a
        certain “Economic” level, you will but rarely
        find a bookcase in the living room or a magazine
        on the coffee table. Asian Cultures, I think all of them,
        revere Knowledge and Elders.

      • kikorikid

        A Culture that does not value Education
        is basically anti-Intellectual. Look thru the
        “Culture” of Blacks and Hispanics. At a
        certain “Economic” level, you will but rarely
        find a bookcase in the living room or a magazine
        on the coffee table. Asian Cultures, I think all of them,
        revere Knowledge and Elders.

  • barrycooper

    I like how you have both a video and a transcript. I have never had the patience for videos, but many people like them. It is more effective this way.

  • Boots

    As a white male married to a black conservative woman I don’t care that Democrats call me racist. I care that the Republican Party refuses to go into the black and other minority communities and sell why conservatism is superior to the culture of government dependency and violence as described in the article. Until they are willing to meet with minority ministers and businessmen and educate them on how insidious liberal policy is (designed to destroy the two parent family and make children more difficult to educate)… and have some family based solutions designed to restore two parent families… they will keep losing the branding wars.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I’ve got a mixed-race granddaughter who is lucky to live in a loving, supportive family that cares for her. Pity the ba$tard who dares to call her any racial epithet, to her face.

      The Left would have her live in the inner city in a “single parent” family. They have destroyed the black family, by and large, purposely, and in some cases, with unintended consequences (consider the obscene ten-year waiting list to get into Cabrini Green … a series of filthy hovels, wracked with crime). This was not done for the benefit of black people, but so that they would be absolutely dependent upon the government … and in Chicago, this meant the DEMs.

      • Boots

        And that is the problem… I agree the destruction of the two parent family is on purpose. The message looks noble and people are lured to it not understanding the long term goal. If liberal policy were designed to eliminate poverty you’d think we’d have far less after spending over $15T in the war on poverty.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          As you say, the long-term goal is the real purpose behind the “war on poverty”. The real purpose is power. A secondary purpose is the ability to call anyone who disagrees with the politicians and activists, who have committed this atrocity, a “racist”. In so doing, they hope to silence the opposition.

  • Shel Zahav

    America has two parties: The Democratic socialists and the Republican socialists.

  • monostor

    President Johnson said and I paraphrase: “we will have them vote Democrat for the next two hundred years”…

    • FlaVet

      You left something out of that quote…afraid to use the ‘N” word”? cause that’s what he said.


    What has the prez messed up today?

    • karpenter

      He Outed A CIA Chief

  • Christopher Riddle

    NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrUniteUs1

    Let me guess another right wing Jew playing the race card again. Why?

    Note welfare started in the 1930’s for whites only. Most Blacks are not on welfare and most welfare recipients are not Black. Funny no mentions of the millions of Whites on welfare. Why not? Racist Southern Democrats became racist Southern Republicans after the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights were signed into law a century after the passage of 14th and 15th amendments were signed into law. Yep it took a century for our government to enforce those rights. Now imagine if that happened to Jews in this country.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Articles like this seem out of date. Perhaps because there’s nothing haven’t read before. Perhaps because I live in one of those states where the majority of the population is neither Black or White. The more time spent on Black and White racial tribalism the more ground Blacks and Whites lose literally. Most of the people buying real estate these days are not Black or White. Most of the engineering and science students are not Black or White. I recently saw an argument on a city bus, between a Black man and a White man. They were well over 60. Everyone else on the bus was Hispanic or Asian. I yelled out “Hey!” Everyone stopped and looked at me. Then I said, “Set a good example for the immigrants!” The two Americans stopped arguing and some of the immigrants laughed.

  • kikorikid

    Revolting, just Revolting!
    A very groovy, descriptive, narrative,spot on!
    But there’s more.
    Here, you are addressing “Traditional” Democrats, today, a profoundly
    baffled and delusional crowd. The are beginning to realize they
    have been hijacked by Marxist-Socialist/Islamist, but are perplexed
    as to the next step,Out. The Left is rapidly becoming aggressively
    fascist. It’s gonna get really nasty under them. I think the
    Tra-Dems are “seeing the light” and will walk over in November.

  • Maynard

    Calling everone a racist is causing whites, who would otherwise have no problem dealing with an Afro-American, to become afraid to have anything to do with them for fear of being labelled “RACIST”