Bill Whittle: The Murderer in the Kremlin

bmRussia is on the move. But as Bill Whittle shows in this searing FIREWALL, Americans simply cannot wrap their minds around the history of terror and murder of the Russian Secret Police. Bill presents that history in horrific fashion, and shows the West just what it is up against. See the video and transcript below:



Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

Russia is on the move. And we need to know just exactly who we are dealing with here, because Americans cannot understand the Russian people without…

You know what. Let’s just stop there. Americans cannot understand the Russian people. Period. They are, in every way, a mirror image of our society and we fundamentally free and decent people simply cannot get our minds around the institutionalized murder, terror and tyranny that infects that state to this day.

So, just to scratch the surface, let’s briefly look at the history of some of the leaders Russian secret police.

This is Felix Zher-zhin-ski. He’s the father of what became known as the Checka, the Soviet secret police. Tens of thousands of political opponents were shot under his directions. Of course, tens of thousands of murdered men, women and children was small price to pay to bring about Comrade Lenin’s Worker’s Paradise, but just so there is no confusion about what his mission was, Zher-Zhin-ski once said, “We represent in ourselves organized terror—this must be said very clearly” and that the mission of his Russian secret police was “the terrorization, arrests and extermination of enemies of the revolution on the basis of their class affiliation or of their pre-revolutionary roles.” Not based on their guilt. EXTERMINATION based on class distinctions.

His successor, Vyach-es-slav Men-zhin-ski was described by Comrade Trotsky as “more like the shadow of some other unrealized man, or rather like a poor sketch for an unfinished portrait.” These were relatively quiet times for the secret police, now renamed the OGPU.

Not the kind of man you need for heavy lifting when the work of real murder lay ahead, he was replaced by Genkrich Yagoda.

Now we’re beginning to get down to business. This State Police murderer, like others before and to follow, took his orders from the Kremlin, but the actual killing took place in this stately yellow building, called the Lubyanka. It doesn’t look like a death camp; it sits right in the middle of Moscow and people go to work there every day. But as office buildings go, the Lubyanka has the distinction of having tens, or more likely hundreds of thousands, of people who entered the building but never left the building. Starting with the show trials of the leaders of the revolution, Yagoda secret police – now renamed again as the NKVD — began killing his own people in earnest. However, when he privately wrote Comrade Stalin that these executions were starting to look bad in the foreign press, this was taken as a not having sufficient zeal for the Soviet Holy Cause.  At his trial, he shouted to a closed curtain, begging the Great Leader in his defense to consider all of the ordinary Russian people he had worked to death in his name: “I appeal to you! For you I built two great canals!” Witnesses saw a flash of a match and a curl of smoke from behind the curtain. Yagoda was stripped naked, just for extra humiliation, beaten, and then shot.

He was replaced by this animal: Nikolai Zezhov. Five feet tall, he was nicknamed the Blackberry, or sometimes The Bloody Dwarf. During the Great Purge, peaking around 1937, 680 THOUSAND people were shot by the NKVD. That’s every single person in Baltimore, Maryland.

Why were you shot? Maybe you had relatives overseas and were engaged in Anti-Soviet spying. Maybe you raised your hand to make a suggestion to improve crop yield at a collective farm meeting and were guilty of lack of faith in the Soviet leadership. Maybe someone wanted your little dacha – your cottage. Or maybe someone wanted your job. Or your overcoat. Or your wife. All they had to do was write a letter and you were either sent to the frozen Gulags and worked to death, or more likely, taken to the Lubyanka and simply shot in the head. Yezhov, industrious Communist state murderer that he was, made a major improvement to the execution chamber in the basement of the Lubyanka: a sloping concrete floor with a small gutter that made it far, far easier to hose off the blood.

Now you’d think the Russians would be ashamed of this. But on December 20th, 1937 there was a gala celebration in the Bolshoi Theater to celebrate 20 years of Russian State Police terror. Yezhov’s picture hung beside Stalins, and he entered to thunderous applause.

Of course, killing thousands of people every week, by hand, all through the night can take a toll on a man. Yezhov descended into homosexual orgies and weeks of drunkenness. When it came his turn to receive his Soviet reward for outstanding service – being shot in the Lubyanka basement – this mass-murdering sadist fainted at the news, and hysterical and weeping he was carried to the room with the sloping floor and shot in the head.

Surely, you’d think nothing could be worse than Yezhov – the Disappearing Commissar, the man airbrushed into a Soviet non-person. You’d be wrong.

Under Lav-rent-tee Beria the NKVD – later to be renamed again as the KGB took  the slave labor camps – the Gulags – into high gear. Who was worked to death in this frozen, dysentery ridden, institutionalized hell? Scientists. Musicians. Poets. Steelworkers. Peasants. Not people who had committed crimes so much as people who might someday commit crimes. Oh, and other people too: women. Lots of women. This entire system depended on signed confessions produced by torture. The wives of these innocent men had to denounce them as spies and traitors as well. Most of them did. But many did not, and they are buried in the permafrost, on orders from the Kremlin, because the sentence for not denouncing your husband for crimes he did not commit was ten years slave labor on the TIE-GA – the frozen Russian forest plain, where the temperature dropped to 40 degrees below zero. That’s where these women died. Their children were sent to state orphanages to be beaten as enemies of the state.

Beria was proven to have committed scores of rapes – the actual number was likely in the hundreds. He would cruise the streets of Moscow in his limousine, pick a woman that appealed to him, take her to his sound-proofed room and rape them, telling them “Scream or not; it doesn’t matter.” After they were raped they were given a bouquet of flowers as they were shoved out into the snow – the implication being that it was all consensual.

When his turn came, this animal also collapsed, begging on his knees for mercy, wailing and crying so loudly that his Comrade executioner shoved a rag into his mouth in order to shut him up before he shot him in the forehead.

We always assumed the KGB was a spy service, just like the CIA. It’s not. Its primary purpose has been to impose terror on the Russian people. The Checka was renamed the OGPU. The OGPU was renamed the NKVD. The NKVD was renamed the KGB. And in 1991, the KGB was renamed the FSB – the Federal Security Service. And the FSB director, descended in an unbroken chain from Zher-zhin-ski through Yagoda, through Yezhov and Beria was named Vladimir Putin, and his office was in the same Lubyanka building that had seen so much horror and blood.

As I said, we Americans cannot conceive of such people – let alone the terror of living under them. But these men got to where they are through a willingness to commit cold blooded murder in service of the Russian state. Like all bullies, they view weakness with contempt, and like all bullies, they turn into whimpering, sobbing cowards the instant that the violence they deliver with such lack of conscience is delivered to them.

That is whom Barack Obama is up against. And if we don’t hit them, and hard, and soon, then he will commit an act we can’t ignore or forgive. Then the world will see something it has not seen since 1945: America all the way angry. And fundamentally kind, decent, generous people all the way angry is not something he is going to want to see.

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  • Gamal

    What’s missing from here is what’s people suspect Putin has done. An American who was in the U.S. govt who favored tough policies against the Russians was shot in the balls in front of his home, I believe it was in Maryland. A opponent of Putin’s was poisoned with Polonium in England. Many journalists in Russia who opposed Putin’s policies have been killed. I say this and I’m no expert on what Putin has done.

    • Ace

      You raise excellent points. None of which was raised by Mr. Whittle.

    • Hktony

      Yes Putin he created the financial disaster the mortgage crash, the bail out of corrupt banks, the overthrow of govts without a thought of the disaster after the events, the spying on enemies and Friends, the lies from a leader who does not give a damn about America . And Putin is the bad guy? I like bill W but this anti Putin stuff is too weak to sell. Get more facts first and focus on your country which is not only imploding but taking other countries with it!

      • Gamal

        Putin has supported Iran, the country most likely to nuke America, Western Europe and for that matter Russia. He has invaded Georgia and Ukraine. He has bombers repeatedly invading American air space. He has created a dictatorship of fear in Russia. And it goes without saying that he has spies everywhere. Of course you’re right about Obama.

        • RMThoughts

          US has supported the Saudis and ISIS in Syria. He has not invaded airspace but flow mission outside our airspace to probe American defense especially since the USA has declared our nuclear strategy is a first strike strategy and just as we do to Russia. We are the ones with a total surveillance state where the IRS is a political tool against opposition while Putin has an 80% plus approval rating in his dictatorship of fear.

          • Gamal

            I’m amazed that he doesn’t have a 110% approval rating in his dictatorship of fear.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Aw gee, a Russian muslim traitor was poisoned by Po in England, I think I’m going to have a good cry.

      • Gamal

        Litvenko was the one Putin poisoned with Polonium. Litvinenko described Vladimir Putin’s rise to power as a coup d’état organised by the FSB. He alleged that a key element of FSB’s strategy was to frighten Russians by bombing apartment buildings in Moscow and other Russian cities.[9] He accused Russian secret services of having arranged the Moscow theater hostage crisis, through their Chechen agent provocateur, and having organised the 1999 Armenian parliament shooting.[10] He also stated that terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri was under FSB control when he visited Russia in 1997.[11]

        Just two weeks before his death, Litvinenko accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of ordering the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya.[12]

        Under Putin “Russians have been subjected to an intense, aggressive and blunt disinformation campaign in which they are bombarded by images of violence, chaos and fascism in Ukraine, sinister plotting by the West and evidence of Russia’s strength and nobility in response.” Since these words were written Russian broadcasts have grown even coarser and more routine. It is worth remembering, as well, how Kremlin media czar Dmitry Kiselyov, on Russian TV Channel 1, spoke of why Obama’s hair might turn gray after phoning President Putin. “Russia is the only country in the world that really can turn the USA into radioactive ash,” said Kiselyov.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          I couldn’t care less what Litivenko did or did not assert. Moslems lie as a matter of course.

  • Matt

    When large numbers of people in the US side with monsters against Israel, how can they possibly see a problem in Russia?

    • P.Moss

      Go to

      • Dan Knight

        You do realize that signing petitions like this may be equal to confessing to be an Enemy of the State. ;-)

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Yes, but only because the zero regime is a trustworthy defender of our Constitutional rights.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      It’s insane. The US federal government is a ready and willing arms dealer and financier to islamic-fascist states all over the world. If I was Israel I would be looking into cementing ties w/Russia, because the US is no longer a defender of the free world.

  • retired

    I am glad to say that as an American Jew I Am proud OF the U.S.A. & Israel,both are societies governed by the “Rule of Law”.The law meant for everyone.
    We have slipped a lot but hopefully we will get back to where we were in the past.
    Most of the world’s nations,however,are societies that are governed by “great men”.Russia is one of them!
    Many,if not most,of these great men (and women),were & are,either Psychopaths,Sociopaths or Narcissists. Some were literally insane lunatics.
    The Rule of Law is what is supposed to protect us from the likes of Stalin,Trotsky,Hitler,Mussolini,Tojo, & all of the rest of the rabid killers who have ruled the world!
    In America the current weakness in the Rule of Law has allowed our own baby tyrant,Obama,to come to power!
    Hopefully we will be rid of this perverted degenerate & begin to rebuild our great nation!

    • Ace


  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The next three comments have said all that I would have said. Thank you, Matt, Gamal, and Retired. And thank you, Bill Whittle, for reintroducing perspective.

  • Ellsworth Toohey

    China was as bad as the USSR and now is worse than today’s Russia. How many US firms in China ? Russia has improved, nothing like the USSR but true, far from a democracy but to get there, it takes time. Want to reform Russia ? What about Irak, Libya … ? Want to try the same with Ukraine ? What about today’s US ruled by obama and its minions ? Rule of the Law you say ? Are you kidding ? Does Russia intervene in US politics ? Does Putin condemn Israel like obama does ? Oh and Putin despises obama. He can’t be that bad then.

  • Lost_Lenore

    To understand the Russian people, I think we need to look further back into the centuries before the Soviet Union. What formed Russian political culture such that the people are to willing to accept and even acclaim despotic rule? What kind of view of the world does this acceptance of despotism come from?

    • Atikva

      That’s the $100,000 question. Many people infinitely cleverer than us, most of them Russians, tried to answer it without much success. The History such a great people managed to create for itself is mind boggling for our rational minds.

  • rbla

    Putin is bad no doubt – but typically bad like
    most authoritarian leaders. But he is no Hitler or Stalin. Perhaps you can
    compare him to Khrushchev or Brezhnev, both of whom we were able to cut deals
    with. Also he was KGB and a Communist but now he is a Russian nationalist
    running a capitalist economy (crony to be sure but so is ours) and he meets
    with bishops and promotes Orthodox Christianity like an old style Czar –
    probably why he is so hated by the modern cultural Marxist successors to the
    Communists in Europe and here. But forget Putin; ANY Russian leader
    even a Mr. Rogers(ov) would object to our actions over the last twenty years. Long before Putin was a twinkle in Yeltsin’s eye
    knee-jerk cold warriors allied with leftist advocates of abolishing European
    nations have treated Russia as the enemy (it should have been our ally),
    pushing NATO up right against Russia’s borders, bombing and dismembering
    Russia’s little brother Serbia, expressing support for Chechen Muslim
    separatists (worked really well in Boston didn’t it?) etc. Now we have finally
    succeeded in turning Russia into an enemy and restarting the cold war.

    • Ace

      Mr. Whittle does outstanding work but this is thin gruel. Not one fact ties Mr. Putin to the wholesale depravity, murder, and torture detailed in his video. All that is presented us that he was head of the FSB. There is a widespread effort – and Mr. Whittle is participating – to demonize the Russians. I’m not buying it until more substantive analyses are published. Our greasy little war against Serbia and Libya, our rush to extend NATO to the Russian border, and our dimwitted scheming and subversion in Ukraine reflect poorly on us, to say the least. Who are we to so facilely point the finger at Putin?

      Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, the Swedish morons, and just about any Western government you can name are busily destroying their native populations with open borders and wide open third-world immigration. Is Putin scheming to take over the world? Ridiculous! Are Western leaders impoverishing their people and ENSURING insurrection and civil war at home? Absolutely!

      Now ask me if I give a damn about what Putin is doing. This is only slightly more sophisticated than how Bill O’Reilly used to describe Putin – “Puty Poo.”

  • theoprinse

    G. and S. Besedina Taranenko – The Little Prince

    • Amy

      It was pretty, but I only took one semester of Russian in college.

  • dartson

    I don’t understand this recent anti-Russian hysteria on the frontpagemag. Yes, Putin is a dictator (as many of the US allies, e.g. the Saudi kings), but comparing him to Yezhov or Beria who killed millions in labor camps is ridiculous. To his credit, Putin managed to put an end to the Chechen terror, unlike Obama in Iraq or Netanyahu in Gaza. US and Russia should be allies in the war against the common enemy, the global Islam, and put this cold war mentality behind them. G.W. Bush understood this, when he supported Putin in fighting the Chechen jihadists.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      If Putin is a dictator what is the zero? I trust Putin more than practically anyone in the US federal government today. Who in their right mind denigrates Russia from the USA when we have muslims heading the CIA and DHS, the IRS persecuting organizations that support Israel as well as political opponents of the current presidential regime. a president that strong-arms Israel into releasing a hundred convicted islamic terrorists, a president that finances and facilitates the spread of islam across the world, a president that tries to blackmail Israel into reverting to the indefensible pre-1967 borders? Who is the REAL enemy of the free world today? I don’t think it’s Russia.

      • Atikva

        And who do you think organized the decay of the West that started about 70 years ago, as described, inter alia, by another ex-KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov?

        Mr. Putin is the very type of the ruthless, sly communist politician who joined, if not engineered, the unholy islamo-socialist alliance, and granted, Mr. Obama is definitely no match for him. But he nevertheless remains our worst enemy. Without the backing of the socialists, the islamists didn’t have a chance in hell.

    • Ace


  • sunday sunday

    Why isn’t Israel supporting the West against Putin? Israel declined from condeming the Crim annexation at the UN along with the West and refuses to join the West in its embargo of Putin. Israel has become a strategic supporter of Prtins Russia.

    • RMThoughts

      Israel never puts its eggs in one basket.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Why isn’t the West supporting Israel against the islamic-fascists that publicly state their desire to destroy Israel and kill Jews?

  • RMThoughts

    I don’t know if the author is able to distinguish between Russia and the USSR. We get a virtual black-out in the conservative press on the Civil War we are underwriting in Ukriane with the ethnic cleanse preformed by neo-Nazi militias. Even the New York Times has been forced to show more honesty that most the
    conservative press on this issue.

    The New York Times admits that the military campaign Kiev is carrying out against its own citizens in eastern Ukraine is brutality carried out by literal flag-waving Nazis, with the all but stated goal of ethnic cleansing and provoking a Russian invasion.

    The NYT admits that is in a large part Banderite Nazis NATO is aiding, funding, and soon to be training and arming. These Russian hating fanatics are carrying out a campaign of brutality causing “extensive deaths of pro-Russian civilians.”

    NYT describes the Ukrainian Azov Battalion does not simply fly a “neo-Nazi symbol resembling a Swastika as its flag.” It is the same symbol of the Wolfsangel used
    by Adolf Hitler’s various SS military divisions during World War II. The BBC
    described militias like “Azov,” who are the recipients of US, British, and other NATO member states’ aid, cash, and political support, in its article, “Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden.” In it, it profiles a member of Azov Battalion,

    It is clear that even the most “Western” media outlets cannot report on the Ukrainian conflict without coming across literal Nazis fighting for Kiev and operating in “civilian areas” in eastern Ukraine. What is incredible that the conservative media has a blackout in place as well. Now we have the irony that the NYT and the BBC admitting the Azov Battalion is far from a fringe group and was raised by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry itself NATO is giving aid to literal Neo-Nazi militant groups raised by Kiev’s Interior Ministry.

    That is what we are up against and these are the criminals we are funding.

    • Solo712

      The polite way to describe the Obama’s administration policy against Russia is “stupid”. Putin’s Russia is not a democratic state by (failing) Western standards but it is in many ways a bastion against the liberal decadence of the West. It still looks up to the West for clues and standards. Why would the US want to antagonize Russia today, when it is clearly preoccupied with internal economic development ? Putin does not threaten anyone except some among the Ukrainian oligarchs and political operators who want to stir trouble for him. In many ways Ukraine today is what Russia was before Putin arrived: a cackle of the super-rich kleptocrats at each other’s throat, scheming and looting the country while the economy disintegrates and the great majority of people suffer, some losing everything in a humanitarian catastrophe.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Gee, considering the un-investigated voter fraud committed in the 2012 presidential “election” in the USA I have to wonder how the US is still considered a democratic state. Then there’s the little fact of the voter intimidation carried out by muslim Black Panthers that was also dismissed out of hand. Then there’s Benghazi.

  • Dan Knight

    Succinct. Brilliant. The Left supports rape, murder, violence, and death. History provides the evidence. What more do we need?

  • Solo712

    Stupid. Disingenuous. The name of the founder of the Cheka is ‘Dzerzhinsky’. To compare Putin to him and Stalin’s worst henchmen is beneath contempt and shows the calibre of drooling idiocy at work here.

    • RMThoughts

      It is rather Ironic that the author would discuss here on Front Page the unimaginable depravity and cruelty of the Russian hating Bolsheviks who orchestrated the communist revolution in Russia, won Russian civil war and established a bloody suppression of all opposition without giving us some idea of their background and origins especially considering one of the first decrees they passed and enforced was making anti-Semitism a capital crime.

  • RMThoughts

    A great historical article on the horrors of Soviet Communism. somehow I don’t think the author is aware that the Soviet Union no longer exists.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Islam is spreading all over the world like cancer and Russia is supposed to be my big worry? Muslims threaten repeatedly to destroy the Great and Little Satans, but Putin is the enemy? Muslims kill 3000 US citizens on 9-11 and Russia is the enemy? Dearbornistan, Michigan isn’t a neo-Communist enclave, it is an islamic-fascist enclave. Russia warned US law enforcement about the Tsarenev brothers and I’m bloody certain Putin was involved in this decision. This article reeks of anti-Russian propaganda and antique cold war rhetoric in a world threatened by islamic fascism.

    • Atikva

      “Without the backing of the socialists, the islamists didn’t have a chance.” The socialists armed them, trained them in terrorist guerrilla, designed their tactics, invented the palestinian myth and supported them massively at the UN and on the western political scene. They still do.

      The question is: which of these strange bedfellows will attack the other first, as happened with the German-Russian Pact.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Russia has had several instances of islamic terrorism committed within its borders (even in Moscow itself). If Russia is an ally of islamic fascists then why have dozens of Russians (incl. children) been killed in islamic-fascist terrorist attacks? How many terrorist attacks have been committed in the US by Russian terrorists who aren’t also moslems?

        • Atikva

          When you play sorcerer apprentice, you have to expect what the French call “des bavures”. Do you think that such a predictable hitch would have stopped mass murderers like the bolcheviks & their successors from making a pact with the devil? They never minced words about it, Stalin himself proudly declared that unlike us, he “could spare ten million of his own people” to achieve his goal.

          Listen, if you hadn’t yet opened your eyes to such an evidence as the islamo-socialist alliance, I am sorry to have busted the bubble, but there it is.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Isn’t the US still referred to as the Great Satan in the Islamic Repugnant of Iran?