Bowe Bergdahl Is Not One of Us



Hi everybody: I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

Benedict Arnold is the most famous traitor in American history. He was a general who wanted the British to win the American Revolution. Charles Cornwallis was also a general who wanted the British to win the American revolution. So why why is Arnold despised while Cornwallis is not?

Well, Benedict Arnold was one of us. And General Cornwallis was not. General Cornwallis maintained his honor by fighting, in uniform, for a cause he believed in. General Arnold lost his honor – not just during his own time but down trough the halls of history – for wearing one color uniform on the outside and a different one on the inside. Traitors damage us in ways enemies cannot. A nation is a family, and traitors destroy their own family from within. It is the lowest form of treachery.

Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier recently released after five years as prisoner of the Taliban, apparently had some fairly anti-war feelings for a long time. That alone doesn’t mean he’s not one of us: many Americans have anti-war feelings. But: when you put on the uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, you join in a smaller family. A family that depends on you for their very lives. And you swear an oath to protect that family.

When people like Bowe Bergdahl willingly walk out on those brothers and sisters and into the hands of the people trying to kill them; when his absence weakens the security of his family members, and when six of his brothers go out into that world looking for him, and don’t come back – not that day, not ever – then Bowe Bergdahl does not deserve to come home to America because this is not his home. The six people who were killed looking for him deserve to come home – come home as heroes – but they won’t. Not ever. They were killed by Bergdahl’s real family.

We have, at the cost of many thousands of lives, killed or captured many of the Taliban that Bergdalh walked out to join. The very first American soldier killed in the war to avenge the three thousand members of our family killed on September 11th, 2001 was named Mike Spann. He was killed in a prison uprising on November 25th, 2001 while interrogating Taliban prisoners. The leader of that uprising, Mullah Mohammad Fazl, was captured and taken to Guantanamo bay. The man who killed the first soldier to die in Afghanistan was traded back to the Taliban, along with four other highly-skilled terrorists, in exchange for the soldier who caused six more Americans soldiers to be killed, searching for the brother that walked away.

When Barack Obama was up to his eyeballs in scandal regarding the appalling treatment of our soldiers at the Veteran’s administration – in Phoenix alone we let 40 members of our family die from the wounds they took on our behalf – he needed not a solution to the VA scandal, but a quick photo op that would wallpaper over that disgrace and let us know how much he cares about our soldiers.

Here’s the photo op.

So how did we end up swapping a deserter and traitor for five key terrorists? Did no one vet this deal? Does anybody actually work at the White House?

One person who works at the White House is National Security advisor Susan Rice. It’s ultimately her responsibility to look out for the National Security of the United States of America. In other administrations she would merely be an advisor, of course, and the ultimate responsibility would lie with the President. But this President is not responsible for anything.

In 1997, Susan Rice was a member of President Clinton’s National Security Council. The government of Sudan offered to turn over actionable intelligence on the precise location of a key terrorist to US officials. Susan Rice was instrumental in blocking access to that information, not once but repeatedly. That terrorist was not one of those traded for Bowe Bergdalh. That was named Osama Bin Laden. If Susan Rice had not repeatedly turned away that help, Spann, those six soldiers, the thousands of others lost in Afghanistan, and the 3,000 of our family members that died in fire and horror in New York Skyscrapers and the pentagon and on four crashed airliners would be alive today. She is not one of us. That’s why Bergdahl’s story didn’t cause her the revulsion the rest of us feel. She’s on a side – it’s just not our side.

And what about this man?

The man who grew up in Muslim schools in Indonesia. The man whose chosen mentor was a known communist and self-proclaimed pedophile. The man who thanked his pot-smoking gang, but not the grandmother who raised him, in his yearbook picture. The man that roomed with Muslim radicals at Occidental College. The man who was President of the Harvard Law Review but who never wrote a law review. The man whose political career started in the living room of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers – by the way, here’s a picture of the President’s sponsor coincidentally taken on the same day that the towers fell thanks to his future National Security Advisors ideological blinders. The man who orders his Attorney General not to secure our borders from armed invasion from narcotics traffickers and then ordered him to sue the states for trying to secure their borders on their own. The man who offered to surrender our missile defense shield to the Russians in exchange for personal political gain – in precisely the same way that Benedict Arnold offered to sell out the defenses at West Point in exchange for personal political gain. The man who with the wave of a finger illegally and repeatedly re-writes his own health care law in reaction to poll numbers. The man who stood in front of the United Nations and gave away our first amendment rights in exchange for the promise that the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam. The man who decided not to attend six consecutive daily intelligence briefings prior to the Benghazi attack, who ignored the pleas for additional security, who ordered the rescue attempt to stand down then watched via surveillance drone as our family members Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods fought for two and a half hours in real time, then died on the roof of the Benghazi Consulate and who then went to bed to be fresh for the big Vegas fundraiser the next day.

That guy. What about him? Is he one of us?

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  • Elseebee

    The best Firewall yet!

  • Johnny Palestine

    A nation is a family

    Correct. The word nation comes from the Latin word natio casually meaning “has been born” or ”was born”. The letters ” na ” are used in Italian for ” natale ” and Spanish for ” navidad ”. Both used for Christmas; i.e., a special birth day.

    Nation is a special word not tobe used lightly.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Neither is Barack Hussein Obama ONE OF US! That is where the focus should have been and where it should be today. Our military should not be involved in any more of this Fraud in Chief’s adventures. He is UNFIT TO COMMAND!

  • Atikva

    One of us? Hell, NO!

    So many of his actions against America, starting with his fraudulent candidature to the presidency, warrant his arraignment for treason that one wonders what is the matter with Congress for ignoring them, time after time?

  • Paul B.

    And if the holder of the highest office in the US isn’t one of us, that begs the question of how he was voted in – twice. The answer is multi-generational control of the public schools.

    • Atikva

      Not twice. Once, yes. In 2012, the voters’ fraud may have carried the day, but probably not Mr. Obama. Too many things didn’t add up. In North Carolina alone, 36,000 fraudulent votes are being investigated.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    If there is one comfort to be taken from this, it is that traitors are the first to be shot. Caliph Obama will be in the crosshairs one day.

  • Robert Feldman

    Bowe Bergdahl is the product of an extreme religious homeschooling agenda and didn’t know what he was getting into. You have painted a very interesting one-sided picture because you want to sell an ideology…one of America leaving its own in a terrible situation. Obviously, you have never served and look to a minority of individuals to support your ideas. You will not find ONE high level military person say anything negative about Bowe until he has an opportunity to defend himself, you should be ashamed.

    And, oh by the way…TORA BORA happened as well. Did you suggest #43 was a traitor too?

    For shame.

    • Kerri Feldman

      No high level military person will say anything because they will be removed. They will be removed from their position the same way all the other high ranking military people have been being removed systematically for years now. Wake up already!!!! Shame on you.

    • tryingtopickaname

      So predictable in lefty argument….toss in some half-witted ‘factoid’ about Bush as a means of deflecting from the argument at hand. Your poorly attempted comparison of Bergdahl to Bush is just embarrassing. It was the Afghan fighters on whom we relied for assistance who refused to fight at night and cost the ground that had already been won.

      • Robert Feldman

        It wasn’t Bergdahl to Bush, it was Susan Rice…I was just responding to the ridiculous paragraph below, do you think this is appropriate…really?

        “If Susan Rice had not repeatedly turned away that help, Spann, those six soldiers, the thousands of others lost in Afghanistan, and the 3,000 of our family members that died in fire and horror in New York Skyscrapers and the pentagon and on four crashed airliners would be alive today.”

        • Kerri Feldman

          You do understand why he was saying that right? She was trying to say they knew where Osama Bin Laden was and she blocked the efforts to get him. Susan Rice is a liar and they should never show her face again. People with a brain will not believe a word out of her mouth. Regardless Robert you are pretty brainwashed. Admit Obama is a major failure and now it is time to fix our country.

          • Robert Feldman

            Only if you admit spending $2tril on wars of choice was a DISASTER, perpetrated by the previous administration and will continue to be an issue for our country for DECADES.

            Coming in as President in 2008 was one of the more challenging times in our history as a nation, will you admit that?

            I’m not brainwashed, I just don’t believe the rewriting of history at FNC.

            1. Liberators – not
            2. Paid for with oil money – not
            3. 6 days, 6 weeks no way 6 months – not

            Did George W. Bush have OBL at Tora Bora or not? Answer the question.

          • NAHALKIDES

            No, or course Bush didn’t have OBL at Tora Bora – if he had, he’d have killed him. Bush never had precise intelligence sufficient to target OBL – Rice and Clinton did. That’s a pretty big difference. Also, while Obama routinely cancelled national security briefings, Bush ordered a complete security review. It arrived on his desk Sept. 10, 2001.

            Checkmate, Bob.

          • J.B.

            “Bush did it!” You need new tslking points, you contemptible trolltard. The entire world knows Obama is an anti-American failure. Your OFA lies are a joke.

          • Kerri Feldman

            I will admit none of that. They say we went into Iraq for non-existent WMD’s yet they were there. He used them on the Kurds. (Hussain) Those weapons were transported to Syria. The whole middle east aside from Israel needs to be turned into one big ash tray.. I have had enough of this nonsense. I will never defend these barbaric animals. Defend them all you want Robert. They would never do the same for you. Now get with the program. Obama is the worst President of our entire history. He is destroying our country on purpose. Morons like you are responsible for this mess. Not Bush not anybody but your buddy OBOZO.

          • J.B.

            Also, Saddam launched SCUDS at Coalition troops each hour at the begining of their humanitarian midsion, and if memory serves, over 300 tons of yellowcake uranium was found. Not that Bush EVER claimed the overthrow of Saddam was due to WMD. That was just one reason out of 17.

            Robert Felchman needs new msterial.

        • J.B.

          A trolltard who hates facts. How unusual.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      I did serve for 30 months in Vietnam and I will stand with those men in Bergdahl’s platoon any day of the week. They know he is a deserter. He became their enemy the day he walked away from his unit. There is no excuse for what he did. Feldman, you are the minority, most Americans who served are standing with those who have declared this punk a deserter. There is no defense for deserting, he may be facing the firing squad unless his Fraud in Chief steps in to whitewash the desertion.

      • Robert Feldman

        Thank you for your service! And I believe we can still disagree without being disagreeable.

        – he left his post several times before and came back

        Does that fact alone add a bit to the conversation, either about his mental or maybe even drug induced state?

        Maybe he does deserve the firing squad, do you think it’s appropriate to convict him as a deserter on teevee?

        • Kerri Feldman

          Do you think it is appropriate for his Muslim faced father to get up in front of our country speaking in arabic to his son on the WH lawn. Telling these terrorists that he is not going to rest until every last terrorist is released. You are kidding right Robert?

          • Robert Feldman

            Okay…so now we not only convict the “innocent until proven guilty” on teevee…we also decide their fate based on what their relatives say and so. Got it, you sound just like our Founding Fathers.

            Also curious, what defines a Muslim beard vs. Duck Dynasty? Boston Bruins? SF Giants?

            What gives you the right to judge someone who has been through 5yrs of trauma? Stress is the silent killer, have you ever been affected?

            Michael Albrecht, a US navy pilot married to Bowe’s sister Sky said it was ‘rubbish’ that Bob had any loyalties to the Taliban or Islam. ‘It makes no logical sense,’ said Albrecht, 38, wearing his US Navy uniform complete with a badge of the Black Knights, the elite fighter squadron. ‘He has no sympathies with the Taliban. Just because he speaks a few words of Pashto. ‘There are guys on my base that do that. You wouldn’t accuse them of having sympathies.’

          • J.B.

            “Innocent until proven (sic) guilty?” There goes your phony bio as a vet. You justmsquoted civilian law. And only a trolltard could argue that daddy Bergdahl is not an islamopithecine.


          • Kerri Feldman

            Do guys on your base also promise to fight until every last terrorist (Prisoner) is released from Gitmo? I doubt it. Give it up Robert. A muslim beard is one that is attached to a man praising Allah in Pashto.

        • Webb

          Wow, I’ll bet Bolo-Burger invites you over to his house for Independence Day and Thanksgiving, for being his stooge. Better brush up on your Pashto for asking the blessing from old Allah-hole. They’d think a guy like you has good potential for earning 72 virgins, as long as you’re not too particular regarding body hair and gender. I’m sure they’ll give you a referral.

          • Kerri Feldman

            The only thing that would happen with Robert and Muslims would be a nice friendly beheading. My guess he is Jewish and you know how they feel about Jews. Then again maybe he converted to Islam with the Bergdahl’s. As we already know, convert or die.

        • J.B.

          There is no question that Bergdahl deserted. You are not defending him, trolltard. You are defending Obama. You fool nobody.

          • Robert Feldman

            Finally, you actually said something that is true! I AM NOT DEFENDING HIM, his brother in law is. You know, the one you pretend to respect…the US NAVY – Black Knight…but I see your true colors. You would rather listen to people who fought to stay out of wars, like Limbaugh and Cheney.

            9/11 happened on OUR soil while the “party of defense” occupied the WH…has anyone said “sorry”? Did anyone get fired? Maybe it’s me, but I think 9/11 as slightly more significant than Benghazi.


      No one had any precise information about Tora Bora, so it’s hardly the same thing as Clinton’s blunder and Rice’s outright incompetence. Face it – the Left doesn’t care about protecting America and they wouldn’t be any good at it if they did. Bergdahl should be given a chance to defend himself – at a General Court Martial, charged with Desertion and possibly other crimes.

    • J.B.

      Bergdahl deserted. According to his own letters he was a traitor. Obama traded the five worst Taliban in Club Gitmo for a traitor that got six real Americans killed.

      Your talking points are ridiculous. Only a trolltarded traitor could support what Bergdahl and Obama did. Why are you glad that Obama freed and promoted a traitor who should’ve been court martialed and executed? Why ate you glad that Obama freed the five worst Taliban in Gitmo?

  • Kerri Feldman

    No he is not one of us. Everybody I have anything to do with believes he is not one of us. The question is-How do we get other people to believe this and how do we remove him from the WH and try him for his crimes?

  • Cappy1437

    Very well said. Thank you Bill Whittle. Every American needs to read this. Obama is not one of us. When I saw the rose garden presentation of Bowe Bergdahl’s parents and Obama and how they walked arm in arm and hugged I was sickened. Obama was projecting an image that would be shown around the world showing his unpatriotic attitude toward America. Without a doubt in my mind I bet he told the Bergdahl’s, “If I had a son he would have been just like Bowe. He would have done what Bowe did.” We have a president we can’t be proud of. We have one who never intended to do any of the things he promised the American people. Americans were lied to by someone they didn’t know and they fell for his sweet talk. Shame on those who voted for this scum.

    • Kerri Feldman

      Well said Cappy!!!

  • SoCalMike

    I couldn’t say this better no matter how hard I tired.

  • Isaac Newton

    Very informative and well written article. Barry Soetoro and Susan Rice should impeached, prosecuted and thrown into jail. It’s sickening and heartbreaking to see what the US has turned into thanks to our leftist brethren. Will things ever return to normal?? Die leftist scum die!!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Good piece, Bill. Clear, original, dead right. It deserves maximum circulation.