What Is Income Redistribution?

In which our host explains the leftist fantasy that is income redistribution to himself.


I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Thomas Picketty’s new book Capital in the 21st Century has excited leftists with its call for more income redistribution.  The Financial Times and others say the books’ data are suspiciously skewed but the New York Times’ columnist Paul Krugman says he’s received confirmation of Picketty’s numbers on an interplanetary communication device that you can make yourself out of ordinary tinfoil you find at home.

Today, to clarify the underlying issues, the Revolting Truth presents this helpful Q&A.

Q: What is income redistribution?

A: Income redistribution is when you go to work or start a business or make an investment — and earn money — and the government takes the money away from you and gives it to someone else.

Q: So you mean it’s stealing?

A:  No, it’s income redistribution.

Q:  But what if I won’t give them my money?

A:  Then armed men come to your house and take it.

Q: So then it’s armed robbery?

A:  No, it’s income redistribution.

Q:  Well, when the men try to take my money at gunpoint, what if I call the police?

A:  The men are the police.

Q:  The police are robbing me at gunpoint???

A:  It’s income redistribution!

Q:  What if I have a gun too?

A:  That would be wrong.

Q:  If they’re robbing me at gunpoint, why is it wrong for me to defend myself with a gun?

A:  Huh?

Q: Look, instead of taking my money away to give to other people, why not just give those other people jobs?

A:  It’s because there aren’t enough jobs to go around.

Q: Why not?

A:  Because people aren’t spending enough or creating enough businesses or investing enough.

Q:  But that’s because you took their money away!

A:  Right!  That’s income redistribution!

Q:  Let me get this straight.  We need more income redistribution because there’s too much income redistribution?

A:  Congratulations.  Now you’re smarter than Thomas Picketty.

Q:  That’s it.  I’m buying a gun.

A:  But it’s income redistribution!

Q:  Pound sand, you Communist thug.

Well, I hope this handy guide has been helpful in understanding Capital in the 21st Century.

Q:  Come near me again and I’ll blow your head off!

I’m Andrew Klavan with the Revolting Truth.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    Problem is, as we found out in 2012 primary debates, when Newt Gingrich wanted to reduce welfare, food stamps and give people jobs and work, the leftists (and the longterm recipients of welfare) were outraged. To them, JOBS and WORK are four letter words (expletives). They want you to work and give them your their money. These people feel entitled to take your money, your cell phone, TV, etc. The new morality of the left is that you should not have or use a gun to defend your person, family or stuff from their redistribution efforts.

    • andrew semyte

      Let’s not forget the biggest group of deadbeat moochers of US taxpayer $ on the planet- the He bes in Israel.

  • johnlac

    The last thing the left wants is for their vast population of uneducated, ignorant masses to get educations or jobs. The Dems count on there being many millions of people dependent on the gov. to feed them and wipe their a…s. Why would they vote for Dems if they were able to make do for themselves?

    • carpe diem 36

      here is proof:: If people become educated and smart they understand how the economy works, so it is in the interest of the redistributors to keep them ignorant and to support more redistribution. The above dialog is written by a genius. I laughed out loud.

    • cobrakai2002

      Seems to me the the left has higher iq and blue states are more educated than red ones…


      • Richard Fontaine

        This old meme is so pathetic that I hate to point out that the reason Blue States are so blue is than anyone who wants to create a job and actually keep some of the profits moves out of the Blue State and into either a Red State or out of the country entirely. This is why the Blue States have a continual flow of jobs to the Red States and a continual push by Democratic/Socialist politicians to replace the fleeing workers with illegals who will allow the continuation of standard Inner City Democratic voter fraud.

  • Phil McMorrow

    Well done, as usual.

  • mollysdad

    It’s not exactly that the government comes and takes your money. There’s a law that says you have to pay a defined value of money to the Treasury on or before the due date, and if you don’t then you’re a lawbreaker.

    • carpe diem 36

      same thing.

    • I_Am_Me

      You do know that your euphemistic scenario ends with either a complete termination of life (a bullet to the head), or a theft of that same life through incarceration, right?

    • Webb

      Yeah, it’s an illegal law backed up by overwhelming force. The Declaration of Independence says we suffer this kind of soul numbing crap until we can’t take it anymore — then it’s over.

      • mollysdad

        There’s no such thing as an illegal law. There is such a thing as a law that does not conform to right reason (in which case it doesn’t bind the conscience). Perhaps you think that taxes should be abolished and that Caesar should get a job.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    It would be interesting to see the working part of the nation go on strike.

    • andrew semyte

      The only jobs decent paying jobs left belong to govt “workers”

  • Dallas25305

    Income redistribution is about taking as much money as possible from whitey who is working and give that money to Blackie who is sitting on his backside while selling drugs on the side. That is the complete Barack Hussein economic plan. President Zero what a moron.

  • meanpeoplesuck

    If millionaires and billionaires would pay living wages and stop stealing people’s labor, and if they would start paying corporate tax in the US instead of weaseling out by using international shell games, we would not need so much redistribution.

    • Richard Fontaine

      You are so wrong it is painful to read your post. Please, go and try and find a decent education on the basics of economics or at least at a minimum consider staying childless.

  • cdn4ever

    Thanks so much, you should title it as “A Complete Idiots Guide to Income Distribution.”

  • cobrakai2002

    They have you lackeys up in arms because they (top 1%) can’t steal (through buying elections) even more money. Not since the depression has their been a larger gap between the richest an middle class Americans.


    • I_Am_Me

      A chart will only win you arguments with your ideological allies and with imbeciles.

      If the left wants to continue to engage in fraud, deceit, and identity politics built around trying to instill guilt in the successful and envy in others, then they should fail. If they want to have an honest debate about punitive tax policy (corporate tax rates) and unfair tax schemes (progressive tax rate that allows 47% to pay zero along with dividends being treated as capital gains that support trickle-down fraud economics), then maybe something can be done.

    • GulfPundit

      Hey, I’ve got a chart too!