The Punching Bag Bigots of Anti-Israel Boycotts

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The Italian philosopher and politician Niccolò Machiavelli famously said: “Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception”. After decades of aggression failed to destroy Israel, deception is the “new” game in town.

This deception has a name, or to be precise, a lame sounding acronym — BDS, the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

The BDS campaign has two main ingredients — one is deception and the other is another kind of lie. There’s the sinister deception about the campaign’s own true nature, and a blatant lie about the state of Israel.

The otherwise vocal BDS campaign remains eerily silent about its ties and sympathies with terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The campaign lures in faith-based Christian groups, and LBGT community and feminist groups while at the same time hiding its ties with the homophobic and misogynist clerical regime of Iran.

Yes, indeed. The BDS campaign calls for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, while doing the bidding of its masters in Tehran who offer bounties on the heads of writers abroad and hang poets for penning dissenting verses at home.

The BDS campaign targets and maligns Israel, the only functioning democracy and liberal-minded multi-ethnic society in the Middle East — a country that doesn’t discriminate negatively against its citizens on the basis of gender, sexual orientation or faith; and where every citizen has access to an impartial judiciary for redressing grievances regardless of faith or ethnicity.

The terrible beauty of the BDS campaign is that it does not have to bind itself to facts. This fact-free campaign is all about emotions. The campaign scouts interest groups, communities and campuses for “grievances”. Their game plan is to whip up emotions, ratchet up the hate, and present the mob with a target, namely Israel.

The fact that their issues and grievances have nothing to do with Israel doesn’t really bother BDS campaigners.

There is something for everyone. An all-inclusive package to fight “evil corporations”, “apartheid”, “racism”, “militarism”, “gender oppression” — or any other perceived discriminations. On university campuses all across Europe and North America, the BDS’s message is simple: “If you have a grievance worth getting mad about, we have just the right punching bag for you.”

The BDS campaign camouflages itself as the reincarnation of the Résistance, the Civil-Rights Movement or the Gandhian Civil-Disobedience movement in our times. The fact that it has nothing to do with the reality of Israel isn’t allowed to dampen the mood at this anti-Israel slugfest.

On the other hand, those in the western liberal academia and self-proclaimed “civil society” also have no big qualms about hopping on a bandwagon driven by Hamas or Hezbollah.

The question worth asking would be; what drives elements like Hamas and Hezbollah to hate Israel. It is not about the “settlements”, the “refugees” and the “occupation”. It is about the very existence of Israel; the existence of a free, humane and enlightened society in a neighborhood of bigotry, despotism and tyranny.

The contempt and hatred of Israel is in fact contempt and hatred of Western Democracy and Civilization. The radical Left in the West hates the values signified by Israel just as much as the religious supremacists in the Arab world do. It is a match made in hell in which the BDS campaign plays cupid bringing these sadists and masochists together to form an unholy alliance.

It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so tragic. The BDS campaign uses the avenues and free spaces provided by the liberal and open societies to hit at the very core of values that built them in the first place. It uses University campuses, faculty unions and student bodies to divide and polarize. It targets trade unions, local communities and churches to spread the mean-spirited gospel of BDS.

The BDS campaign will never achieve its intended goal of “bringing Israel to its knees”. However, it is bound to have unintended consequences.

The practitioners of BDS are bent upon disrupting the free flow of knowledge, academic discourse and civilizational advancement in the Western World. They must not be allowed to do so, for we are all in peril if they are.

Vijeta Uniyal is an Indian entrepreneur based in Germany. He is founder of “Indian Friends of Israel”, an initiative of Indian Diaspora in Europe to promote friendship between India and Israel. The article reflects the personal view of the author. He tweets @iUniyal.

  • Cmon y’all

    LBGT community ?? Since when are they a “community.”?? Are bedwetters a community? Nose pickers?

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      I’m part of the “Fed Up” community

    • David Ashton

      We’ve got L & G marriage. Why not B marriage, or is three a crowd even in bed?

      • Martel

        British Muslims sometimes confuse the G with Goat, it has led to several embarrassing situations for the civil servants signing of on the marriage.


    Muslims killing people all over the world – and the fascist left demonizes Israel.

    130,000+ dead in Syria – Arabs/Muslims killing Arabs/Muslims.

    How “progressive”.

    • carpe diem 36

      unfortunately you do not have to be smart or to know facts to be a hater. Apparently they do not care about all those dead and injured in Syria and Iraq enough to complain.


        Can’t blame Israel or the US?

        Then it doesn’t matter and not worth their ire.

        Like KGB Putin threatening the Ukraine – and no “Hands Off Ukraine” protests from the usual FAKE anti-war aholes.

  • Lanna

    Islam is the lieing destructive, anti-semetic Jihadist bigot of the world…the only thing they will receive in the end is God’s wrath!

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    I remember seeing that same sign while visiting my old campus in Canada a few years ago. “Stop the killing in Gaza”. I felt compelled to inform the radical freak that the main contributors of death in Gaza was Hamas (this was during their purge). Idiot had no clue what I was talking about yet alone the narrow escape of Dahlen…

  • mamabear

    I read that America claims that over 80% are Christians. YET they must not read scripture because G-d is plain in telling and warning all people that Israel is HIS Chosen people. G-d has said: All nations who come against Israel will be destroyed..and also those who do not bless Her as she has blessed the whole world, even the ones who don’t care about Her one way or the other are CURSED. I guess they think G-d changed His mind. But G-d said: I change NOT, no shadow of turning..And fear is the begining of WISDOM..He also said HE IS IN the wind and shows all the ways to destroy to get attention to His Word and that it is better to believe G-d than man.. I would think they would believe G-d..

  • nopeacenow

    Excellent column. Too bad it is not being widely distributed in the main stream media where the public could read it and understand what is going on. On this site the author is preaching to the converted. I want to see this column in the NYT and WP where it belongs and where it will do the most good.


      Better – “preaching to the choir”

    • Tommy Friedman

      He originally wrote it for a European magazine. Europe needs to hear this.

  • Habbgun

    There is something manifestly wrong with the academic system if it is so tailor made for the espionage of foreign countries. It is been the focus Communists, Nazis and Islamicists. It can’t be a true functioning intellectual organization if it is so easy to manipulate.

    • Martel

      The intellectuals during the 20th century have time and again picked the wrong side to defend. Winston Churchill was a fool for his ‘warmongering’ against Hitler when Chamberlain was the mouthpiece of the British intellectuals, later they aided the communist cause and now they have adopted Islam. This trend to me indicates a serious problem within these institutions.

  • wileyvet

    Israel is what the Muslim world, and Islamic culture can never produce. It reflects back at them their own failings as a people, race, culture etc. The BDS movement is nothing more than a deception to rationalize and justify its leftist participants irrational Jew hatred. The fact that its founders, leaders and organizers are Muslim should come as no surprise. They have hated the Jews for 14 centuries, they resent the loss of “Arab” land to Jews, and are bitter and envious of Jewish/Israeli success in such a short time when juxtaposed with their centuries of Islamic stultification, intellectual and economic stagnation and overall societal decay.


      wileyvet AKBAR!

  • carpe diem 36

    BDS is nothing if not blaming the victim. Israel is not the aggressor, never was, always wanted peace and the promotion of live and let live. so those advocating DBS are using lies to blame Israel for the horrible lives the Arab countries cause to the Palestinians. Had they been like Israel who took in refugees from all countries but especially Arab countries who forced Jews who lived there for generations, and forced them to leave their properties behind, are the one who are doing the same thing to the Palestinians. If those advocating DBS knew or told the truth they would do what they are advocting to the Arab countries.

  • The Facts

    An Indian has said that people’s self-perception as Gandhian peaceful resisters is mistaken. Therefore he must be right, no?


      Get back to work shoveling snow off driveways.

  • antioli

    What they preach against Israel they also preach against the “Crusaders”

  • Martel

    The Jews unfortunately brought it upon themselves. Europeans have repented for their part in the European-Jewish conflict to the point of self-extermination, all the Jews have to do is admit the level of historical revisionism, under the watchful eye of European self-loathing socialist, has distorted the truth about many chapters in the historical analysis of this age old conflict. The inquisition, the crusades, the German and Eastern European manifestations of “antisemitism”, in every public school, children hear only one side of this conflict. They are basically taught that throughout European history, the Europeans, for either mysterious or purely immoral reasons conflicted with the Jewish populations. Elie Wiesel and other prominent Jews saw to it that our history books would be bursting out of their seams discussing the immorality of the European people.

    The Jewish intellectuals did have some good intentions in doing so, they believed it was a manner to safeguard their future. Similar to the way the Jewish community struck down on Lindbergh after his Des Moines speech in 1939. The Jews organized the business community and punished Lindbergh for worries about the European race. Now.. the organizating of historians and the general academic community for their purpose has convinced every young Westerner that those who represent the finest of European civilization, are the representatives of long lineage of irrational bigotry.

    This has put the American Patriot in a defensive position which leaves no room to manoeuvre, in fact, it is a lost battle. Until the Jewish community frees them from their chains, the American conservatives are a lost cause. Even with someone who, dorky as he is, is as innovative as Bill Whittle, it only puts of the inevitable. Its a sad spectacle to watch American patriots standing up for Israel, while Israel and the Jewish diaspora do not stand up for the Europeans who build America. David Horowitz has gone quite far in defending Europeans from anti-white racism, but he has refused to take a critical look at the Jewish aspect of ethnic tensions in pre-WW2 Europe. In the meanwhile, deracinated Europeans, Blacks and Arabs are uniting in hate across the Western hemisphere.

    Any American conservative who still defends Israel, and gets nothing in return, is simply mad. You are being used, not because Israel is in the wrong, but because you could be easily freed of the endless racism accusations if you would no longer be seen as the representative of a European history which warrants nothing but shame. All the Jewish community has to do, is to be open about the role of their ancestors in fomenting tensions with Germans, Poles, and others.

    • David Ashton

      There is some sense in these comments on an issue as EXTREMELY complex as it is both sensitive and explosive. Jews do not need to engage in public Self-hatred but in some private self-criticism about their own “political autism”. Time now to stand with rational white Gentile conservatives not only against Islamism and Communism but against compulsory multiculturalism and black x white miscegenation. David Horowitz has made his intellectual and moral pilgrimage from Moscow to Jerusalem. Now his supporters – including non-Jews grateful like me for his indictment of the leftist poison and whitewashing of communism in academic circles, for example – must give some thought to helping the beleaguered white Anglo communities.

      • Martel

        McCarthy is still considered a persona non grata, in the American National Biography(1999), in an entry written by CPUSA affiliate Markowitz, the Rosenbergs are described as victims of “antisemitism”. Charges like these are the reason McCarthyism is a pejorative today. The inquisition, the crusades, actually, European in general suffers tremendously from similar false charges. This is one of the main reasons why political correctness is so effective, we consider our ancestors bigots.

        I do agree with you that we can be thankful for all the work Horowitz has done, Although his reactions to the work of Diana West make me wonder whether his Jewish identity and a lack of understanding of the Jewish-European conflict have motivated his absurd reaction to her book which resonated through various Jewish-owned institutes including the Gatestone Institute.

        • David Ashton

          If my last 20 years had not been troubled by an unusual incurable illness of a family member, I think I might have attempted a study on a substantial scale of 20th-century “antisemitism”, which would have pleased few but might have enlightened some, but all that can be done now is to recommend a few by no means imperfect writers to “all sides” in a dispute currently aggravated by the Green Line issue.

          However, a few very tiny points may be of some interest. As a boy with a well-informed anti-Soviet father I often engaged in debate with a Jewish school friend whose father was local CP Treasurer, and this gave me a lifelong interest in Soviet propaganda methods; Ron then had two photos of Stalin on his bedroom wall – “Stalin is ALWAYS smiling, Dave,” he once said, and later: “The Rosenbergs are innocent victims of antisemitism, just like Jesus who was also executed”!!! (His mother worked for one of the “traitors” in the Korean war which, of course, America started.) He was an excellent actor (e.g. Malvolio) but insisted on playing the stereotypical. English army officer Stanhope in a sixth-form production of “Journey’s End”, but since he didn’t “look” the part, we had to drop the project discreetly without upsetting him with the reason.

          On McCarthy it is extraordinary that even reputable works of reference mistakenly refer to the SENATOR’s “HOUSE Un-American Activities Committee”. The fact that Stanton Evans has been ignored rather than answered or even smeared suggests that his rehabilitation has been on the right track, though the old lies carry on automatic pilot. Ronald Radosh in particular has done some honest spade-work in this notorious “beit kevarot”.

          Anyway I prefer Tailgunner Joe to Uncle Joe when it comes to victims (Jews included).

          • Martel

            Stanton Evans has produced some fine works. I take it you missed the Diana West debacle. Its difficult to take Ronald Radosh serious ever since. Both Radosh and Horowitz turned back into their old selves as belligerent, childish, left wing fascists who would be more at home in the UAF then heading a conservative magazine. They ordered reviews from their comrades who by admission had not read the book, their own “reviews” where not only factually erroneous but contained more personal attacks then actual arguments. After starting with unprovoked insults, and Diana West’s gracious responses, they somehow managed to convince themselves they were the victims.

          • David Ashton

            I haven’t yet read Diana West’s responses. Radosh, Klehr and Company possibly do have a Keep Off the Kosher Connection consideration at the back of their minds, when it comes to anti-nazi = communist subversives between 1933 and 1947. Hence perhaps the acquittal of Oppenheimer. On the encylopaedic question of Jews and Communism, I would recommend that we all start with Andre Gerrits and Julius Carlebach rather than David Duke, or even Kevin MacDonald.

          • Martel

            Diana West behaved as the polar opposite of those surrounding Horowitz. Gerrits seems to be the opposite of what we need, his version of history is well established, as he writes about the ‘myth’ of Jewish communism. I am not a fan of Duke, but I don’t find anything morally objectionable about Macdonald. Keep in mind that what he does is no different from Jews discussing European antisemitism, he simply discusses ethnic hostility amongst Jews. Our negative self image is mirrored in the difference in our reactions to both parties.

          • David Ashton

            The information, original analysis and detailed documentation in Gerrits is more important than his shrewd choice of title. I do not oppose MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” on “moral” grounds – his pioneer study and extensive material are very important, though personally I am more impressed by his sections on Freud and Boas than on Bolshevism. Forgive me if I do not go into the “Jewish Communism” question here, despite my interest in and knowledge of the subject. I do not have time and this website does not have the space.

          • Martel

            I will look into Gerrits, though I am expecting the usual analysis of bigoted Europeans and victimized Jews.

          • David Ashton

            You might find Lindemann’s “Esau’s Tears” a refreshing change too.

          • Martel

            Thanks, appreciate the references, I had been looking for a discussion about this particular book of Solzhenitsyn.

    • Habbgun

      Listen Jews aren’t always wonderful but they are usually acting in the footsteps of the greater society. Europe, the American Left are the progenitors of modern conflict and the Jews are hangers on. When we see Israel we see how little actual power Jews have. Jews are a symbolic center and nothing more. Deracinated whites,blacks and hispanics point to family issues not the Jews. Sorry but I have no personal way to release you. Not at all. I have enough of mine own worries. Send donations and maybe I can make the time.

      • Martel

        The American left was developed by Jewish financiers and intellectuals as is thoroughly documented. Political correctness is a product of Jewish genius.

        The Zionist Jews have lost a great deal of power, they overplayed the antisemite card and the people no longer listen to it even in moments when they should, such as in the brewing conflict with Iran. A Israeli minister recently called Europeans antisemites for banning religious slaughter of animals, as an example of my claim. I would like to see Israel survive, but I find it absurd to fight for Israel as US conservatives do without getting anything in return. Its a one sided love affair.

        • Habbgun

          So this is the game….you are just a victim and the Leftists and the worst of the rightists are just putty. Not so. Get your own house in order and you will see improvement. As for Zionists. True Zionism never was and never will be a victim card. It was about a nation for the Jews and it should also be about Jews acting in the proper way. Sorry have no reparations to give. You might want to take your deracinated self to Japan or S. Korea or even Saudi Arabia. They have money to burn. I don’t. Sorry to break it to you

          • Martel

            So in your view, Europeans have funded anti-Jewish operations, and have discriminated against Jews throughout history. But when I wish to discuss the other side of the conflict, your first, obviously informed comment is denial and an ad hominem argument as the cherry on top?

          • Habbgun

            What is else could you want but reparations. Europe has historically been a self pity party with each side playing victim while arming. I want Jews to be Jews and out of politics as much as possible. You want something tangible….that leaves reparations…or something like that. In Europe that always does. Just look at the post-WWI treaty. Reparations and no real vision for the future. The European Way!!

          • Martel

            At least you admit your negative views of the European people. I don’t want reparations, are there even any reparations received by Europeans today?

            You clearly didn’t understand my initial comment where I explain what I desire from the Jewish community, who Europeans have given all. Either way, I don’t see anything interesting arising out of further discussion.

          • Martel

            Where do you get the idea that I am asking for reparations?

  • Habbgun

    You mean the Ghettos the conspiracy theories, the Inquisitions and expulsions and a genocide. Listen Europe improved but it was nothing great and then when it did improve it was on condition Jews basically give up their religion and assimilate. Then when Jews were Leftist like Euros themselves Euros whined about the Jewish leftist.

    Europe gave nothing especially when compared to U.S. and Europe still most anti-Israel in the world. I live in Brooklyn and the Dutch and Germans are sending their Leftists in droves. One reason we have DeBlasio. Please tell me more.Europe is an arrogant disaster and always will be. Americans in general often have negative views of Europe and why not. We send troops when you screw up and then you spit at Americans.