The Left Renews Its Vows With Moscow

Putin130912There were many on the Left in the West who lamented the collapse of the Soviet Union as much as Vladimir Putin. They saw the USSR as the main restraint on U.S. imperialism; helping to arm and support hostile Third World regimes and creating a zone of “peace” outside the reach of capitalism. The leftist view of the world did not change just because the Soviet empire disintegrated. Its motivation is still “anti-imperialist” and it has embraced every movement that has declared itself the enemy of Western civilization. The Ukrainian crisis has sparked a revival of the left-wing love affair with Moscow. What amounts to a renewal of vows in the ideological marriage of the Cold War is evident in how events are presented, with Russia again embraced for standing up to the United States and the European Union.   

The Nation has, of course, taken its usual “blame the West first” explanation for the Ukraine crisis. It’s April 15 report cites the magazine’s long-serving editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel, as saying, “We are witnessing civil war,” one that was “triggered by the European Union’s reckless ultimatum—despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer of a tripartite agreement—which compelled an elected president of a deeply divided country to choose economically between the West and Russia.” In truth, it was Russia’s stooge Viktor Yanukovych who broke off talks with the EU to lead Kiev into the Russian camp. His actions prompted an uprising of the Ukrainian people who did not want to be sold back into a revived Kremlin empire. In the face of an aroused Ukrainian populace, Putin realized there was no chance of controlling a democratically chosen Kiev government. So he resorted to force to grab what parts of the country he thinks Russia can hold.

It should be remembered that vanden Heuvel edited a collection of essays right after the 9/11 attacks. Its theme was that the terrorist attacks were “blowback” against American imperialism. Vanden Heuvel argued that the proper response was for Washington to refer the matter to the United Nations.

At OpEdNews, a radical website that frequently airs calls for President Barack Obama to be tried alongside Dick Cheney for war crimes (particularly for the use of drone strikes), there are columns like those of George Eliason, titled “Kiev’s War Against the Peace-Loving People of South-East Ukraine.” Left-wingers cannot understand why the Ukrainian people would want to be independent from Russia. Aligning with the evil capitalist West, even the democratic socialist EU, is anathema. Thus patriotic Ukrainians are termed “ultra-nationalists” who are then equated with “neo-Nazis.” Pro-Russian militants are called dissidents seeking liberation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is portrayed as wanting to resume Hitler’s march to the East, with the backing of the hegemonic United States.  In an earlier column, Eliason criticized Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (who is of Lithuanian-descent) for having stated during John Kerry’s bid for the Presidency, “If John Kerry is elected; Kerry will work vigorously for Ukraine’s continued independence and prosperity.” That was apparently a fascist thought even though it came from a very liberal source.

Left-wing rhetoric is crude even by the low standards of the Cold War. Consider this diatribe from another OpEd columnist,

With the illegal, coup d’état installed government in Kiev about to engage in some very serious skull cracking to put down a mounting rebellion in Eastern Ukraine there have been some accounts that hired guns from corporate mercenary firms are augmenting the local paramilitary police forces.  With the pushback against the US backed ‘Yats’ regime and it’s neo-Nazi shock troops it is imperative that a real version of the Euromaiden ‘revolution’ not be allowed to take root to oust the stooges of the corporate global finance mafia.

The author, Donn Martin, a self-styled progressive activist, cites a story from the state-run Russian News and Information Agency which is supposedly not as corrupt as the Western media. On April 9, RIA Novosti reported “The deployment of foreign private security firms in Ukraine is unacceptable as they increase the risk of an outbreak of civil war, Dennis John Kucinich, a former US Representative from Ohio and a two-time presidential candidate, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.” Kucinich was such a joke as a Congressman that his own Democratic Party contrived to gerrymander him out of his seat. Leftists have often called Western NGOs “mercenaries,” especially the National Endowment for Democracy, which, it has been alleged, stirred up the anti-Yanukovych protests. For leftists like Martin, U.S.-EU policy is simply aimed at “making Ukraine safe for corporate vultures.” 

Global Research is a Montreal-based group that studies “globalization” with a focus on opposing U.S. and allied operations against terrorism. It has also defended Iran from “predatory” Western policy including “US-NATO-Israel preparations to wage a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran.” 

On March 30, it posted an essay “Canada’s Harper Stokes Imperialism’s Drive Against Russia.” Writer Keith Jones was eager to portray the Soviet Union as a victim whose agony is simply being continued by the U.S.:

It is the US, Canada and their European allies that have moved aggressively against Russia, which emerged from the restoration of capitalism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union economically and geopolitically hobbled. In the past two decades, NATO—the US-led military bloc whose raison d’être was to counter and, if need be, militarily conquer the Soviet Union—has incorporated all of the states of Eastern European formerly allied with the USSR, as well as the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which were part of the USSR until 1991. As a result, NATO forces are now deployed on Russia’s borders.

Jones makes no mention of the Berlin Wall or Warsaw Pact puppet governments only kept in power by the Red Army. Jones continues, “To achieve this predatory objective, the US and Germany precipitated the current crisis by intervening in Ukraine and fomenting the fascist-led overthrow of the country’s elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, after he balked at signing a pact with the European Union.”  

In the footsteps of Rosa Luxemburg and V.I. Lenin, Jones sees the West as creating the Ukrainian crisis to bail out “a systemic crisis of world capitalism”: 

Through war and threats of war, Washington is seeking to offset the relative decline in the US’s economic might and lay claim to resources, markets and strategic territories….Canadian imperialism also hopes to directly profit from the confrontation between Russia and the western powers, seeing it as a golden opportunity for Canada to displace Russian oil exports to Europe and overcome opposition within the US to the building of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Jones makes no mention of how Moscow has used its leverage as a major supplier of natural gas to Europe to bully not only Ukraine but the rest of the continent. Providing Europe with alternative to Russian energy is a vital part of a long-term solution to the confrontation, but it is a solution that Jones does not want to see as it would weaken Russia. What is alarming is that Global Research claims its views are used as source material by college and university students. 

Over at the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party (you can’t make this up) the mood is that former KGB officer Putin really is a welcome return of the USSR. In December, it presented a history of events leading to the current crisis:

Russian President Vladimir Putin successfully pressured cash-strapped Ukraine into remaining in Russia’s orbit and canceling its planned alliances with the U.S.-leaning European Union (EU) and the U.S.-run International Monetary Fund (IMF)…. For Russia, Ukraine is a matter of fundamental national security. For a Western power, Ukraine is of value only if that power is planning to engage and defeat Russia, as the Germans tried to do in World War II. Putin didn’t merely frustrate the EU and the IMF; he stopped the expansion of Pentagon-led NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in its tracks.

For Leftists, the nationalist revolution against Russian domination was not a real revolution. What Ukraine needs, according to the PLP, is a communist revolution against capitalism, which can only come if the country is kept out of the clutches of the West.

What motivates the Left is not research, analysis or “truth seeking.” It is motivated purely by hatred. Leftists are alienated from the Western civilization within which they live. They reject its values, scoff at its traditions and label its astounding material success as immoral. Yet, everyone needs to feel part of something larger than themselves. Since they cannot embrace anything akin to national loyalty, they align with foreign regimes or movements that share their opposition to their home country. Given that they only want the worst for their native land, to see it defeated in battle and to collapse into ruin and revolution, there is no reason for anyone who wants to see their nation remain strong and prosperous to pay any attention to their blathering. It is important, however, for the general public to know such “enemies within” exist, within the United States as in Ukraine, because it is from their ranks that sedition, treason and even terrorism are most likely to emerge.

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  • Andrew

    Interesting, from what I’ve read of the mood of the Left’s general populace over in the sewers and swamps of the Huffington Post comments section, they seem ready to mount Mccarthy’s bones like dogs over this. Given that Putin has the gall to make their “Dear Leader’s” foreign policy incompetence all the more apparent and I suspect also because he would dare be “mean” to the gays while being an “enlightened” European at the same time.

  • PDK

    Don’t worry about the negro problem resolving itself in your absence, negros will negro until the negro has pilfered his way out of negroism via miscegenation, and into a mulattoed negro of white cerebrum capabilities.

  • PDK

    That was not my post here. Have no idea how that happened.-PDK

  • PDK

    I do not think I can rewrite what I wrote for here. I’m sorry, thanks. Maybe I’ll try again later on.

  • JCW

    Why do both sides of the left-right paradigm insist on using reality as a paraphrase to try and sway people to their “side”? IMHO this article fits that description. just sayin……

  • robiekop

    You have got your facts wrong mr. Hawkins. The left is in love with your president. They think that he is the reincarnation of Jezus and Mohammed in one person.
    In the Ukraine he’s getting support from the fascists in both the Uktaine and in Brussels. Strange bedfellows.

  • rbla

    Russia and Putin have as many or even more enemies among the left than they have friends. The bureaucracy that runs the EU consists of leftists who hate their own civilization. Some questions to contemplate:

    1. How is what Putin is doing different from what Clinton did in his criminal war against Serbia? Are the Russians who make up a majority in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine not entitled to leave as the Muslims in Kosovo did?

    2. How is Putin any more repressive than the petty tyrants of the EU who drag into court and seek imprisonment for any of their citizens who dare raise their voice against the destruction of their culture and displacement of their native population? (e.g. Bardot in France, Fallaci in Italy, Wilders in the Netherlands, Robinson in Britain etc.).

    3. Why is it suddenly OK to have a coup deposing a duly democratically elected president?

    4. Why is it that the same crew who thirty years ago were screaming ‘better red than dead’ can’t wait to push the west into a conflict with Russia?

    5. Could it really be that the thing that upsets them is that Putin and Russia refuse to join in the project to dismantle western civilization and hasn’t endorsed the gay agenda?

    Thirty years ago when the last great US president Reagan was putting tactical missiles in Europe the antiwar folks were fully engaged and marching. With a dangerous drift toward war where are they today? If I were advising Putin on how to really reactivate the lefty-peaceniks of the West I would tell him to announce that he’s admitting millions of African immigrants into Russia and to start dressing in drag.

  • RMthoughts

    Please, Mr. Hawkins such neocon drivel from an intelligent man like you. The baton of the Soviet Union has been passed to the USA/Obama administration and the EU which Gorbachev called the “new Soviet Union”, without the gulags, but just as revolutionary and more insidious, out to make the man without morality, without family, without Christian principles, of the new egalitarian dreamt of by Revolutionaries for several centuries.
    Boilerplate “dictatorship of the proletariat” is so “passe”. The new Marxist are running this administration and its foreign polciy toward the fundamental transformation of the USA and also the world. Gramchist/ Frankfurt School of Marxism Post-Marxist/ Marcusians / Structuralist / Deconstructionist / anti-anthropocentric Eco- Socialist/Communist/Tribalist. The revolutionary vector driving culture and society toward equity, be it income equality, gender equality, sexual equality, eco-equality, species equality, etc., are all the bailiwick of the liberal USA – not Russia. Unleashed liberalism has taken us to the abyss and our foreign policies now spreads that to the world.
    Mr. Hawkins doesn’t read the words of Putin. He doesn’t talk of worker equality, proletariat, community organizing, a New Global Order etc., Russia is
    not rebuilding a Soviet Union but a Russia something much closer to the old
    Russian Empire. Putin’s rejection of everything decadent in the post Christian Western culture as alien to Russia and emphasized the importance of Russian Orthodoxy in Russian life. Russia is hated by the EU and US elites because it once again the reactionary in the family of Nations. Just like his Czar predecessor, who strove to show that Russia had nothing in common with the liberal ideas that came out of the French Revolution, Putin’s speaks of rejection of everything of decadent post-Christian Western culture as alien to Russia and Russian life. Those who see an attempt to revive the Soviet Union in get it wrong.

    • Diggd

      You are correct. This is another neocon hit piece. This is why I abandoned our 2 party dictatorship and the false left-right paradigm for political independence and a decidedly libertarian bent.

  • nimbii

    Comedian Johnny Carson once said the reason you see a 10 year-old smoking a cigarette on a street corner was because he wants everyone to know that he’s old enough to make a choice.

    Likewise, leftists want the world to see they are educated, visionary and elite enough to make a choice.

    • Softly Bob

      Because the leftists are not real grown-ups but are desperately trying to make people think they are.

      • nimbii

        Too much Never-Never Land for the Peter Pans of the left???

    • sherrades

      You did say it was a ten year old, I like that .

      • nimbii

        Sign of the times, now it’s pot, or worse.

  • John Collignon

    Finally !! The writer has spoken what is indeed truth about the traitors in OUR government !! These persons must be exposed by mainstream American patriots on talk shows, the big internet sites and by the Tea Party itself ! Communists must be targeted and be made known and the DANGER they are to the survival of our system of government !!! Do not wait; do not waver; do not assuage these vermin, ACT NOW !!

  • Diggd

    Wow. If you can’t see that this whole conflict was created by the west then you are not doing your homework. This is part of a destabilization campaign and encroachment up to Russia’s door steps that began nin earnest after the soviet system collapsed. Covert and overt actions to fold Russia into the global empire have been ongoing and you don’t see it because you have you “everything America does is right” blinders on. This is why conservatives are falling in numbers (just like liberals) and libertarians are increasing. People are tired of the imperial American system and the lies that support it.

  • WJM

    As a conservative I am literally ashamed that most of the right is backing the mob installed government in the Ukraine. Not a member of the current government was elected to office, something the author does not mention. There is a photo of the author’s favorite Senator – John McCain – at the barricades in Kiev with the mob and a neo-fascist who has called for the “elimination” of the Russian Jews in the Ukraine. My side of the isle seems to have this “jump on the bandwagon” mentality when it comes to war. It seems not to matter what is right or wrong or if the President is a Republican or Democrat. If Obama wanted a declaration of war on the UK Senators McCain and Graham who trip over each other trying to vote yes.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Excellent commentary and over view of the Left Wing support for Putin’s Russia.
    Also the mention of Left Wing Dennis Kucinich backing of the Russia take over.
    This is no surprise as he is also part of Ron Paul’s new organization and can add
    the Libertarians and their support for Putin and Russia in their remarks against Ukraine.
    You can see the posts here and other sites of the PaulBots and their left wing taking points.


    The West is no longer the master of the globe. We are one among many cultures and civilizations.

    • Jdcsa usayy

      Yes, when a once great power teaches its children to be weak and afraid and self hating (the endless trashing of America’s history and proven greatness and a psychotic guilt about a racism more than 50 years gone) it is no surprise when it commits suicide. Intentional self destruction motivated by college Marxists’ inculcated self loathing. America is now as weak as lesser nations because its screwed up intellectuals and power brokers have cynically and intentionally decided to eviscerate America.


    Let Europe deal with its own problems instead of making them ours.

    • Jdcsa usayy

      If Putin and Russia take over Europe it will become our problem. Europe has a population more than twice ours (about 300 million in US and about 731 million in Europe). It has an economy about as large as ours, US GDP about $17 trillion, the EU GDP about $16.5 trillion. Isolationism is international suicide. If we withdraw from world events, one day we will become an island surrounded by hostile governments. Try ignoring the world then.

      Although it is unwise to “play policeman to the world” and prudence would advise us to careful where and when we become involved in international events, we must be proactive to defend Americas best interests as best we can judge at any one time.
      What is happening with Putin and the Ukraine is the direct result of a weak foreign policy that is only slightly more than total isolationism.

  • SoCalMike

    As soon as the Wall fell the Left in this country cried for some mourning period then set right about rewriting history in the service of their ideology and preciously false beliefs.
    In their version of the end of the Cold War, Gorbachov, the UN and American diplomats and news writers persuaded high minded Gorby and the Soviets to “tear down this wall” while singing goombaya all the while doing their best to contain warmongers Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul.

  • Gort Speaks!

    OK Hawk….ins did I miss something here or has Obummer Kerry and Hillary joined McCain and the neocons in this war against Russia ? who’s screaming for blood more the left or right? What would we do if mexican nationals took over southern California and cut us off from our naval base…use harsh language to get it back? Crimea and East Ukraine was Russian before Washington became president…get over it its theirs and they would be negligent to let it be taken by the NWO gang. Its none of our business what Russia does with its historic boarders, we should be more concerned with ours.

  • walter99

    This is nothing new. The left will rationalize any amount of military aggression as long as its aimed at the West and its allies. What really interesting is how they revert to 19th century notions of “spheres of influence” when it comes to justifying Soviet/ Russian aggression. Of course, when the Soviets began to prop up dictatorships in Cuba, Nicaragua and fund terrorist organizations in Colombia, it was “America, hands off”.

  • sherrades

    Looks like O and Pu are playing good cop/bad cop. Thanks David Horowitz for trying to explain on Sean Hannity’s radio program This afternoon what is obvious to anyone who pays attention On O’s behavior with Pu’s takeover. I wish you had been given time to fully explain what so many are overlooking when it comes to people reporting that O is looking weak. Pleeeeeze.. He knows exactly what was going to happen and what he and his cronies are doing. If Sarah Palin knew it in 08 and Mitt Romney warned him in the debates on national tv., believe me, O knew it when he told Romney that he was just looking at his old ways and old ideas. As long as the Left keeps telling people they are giving them stuff, people don’t really care what anyone reports. “Gimme My Stuff, What? They said What? Oh well, you’ll have that, .now where is my stuff?” Pleeeze. I love it , all over the world now, if anyone disagrees with socialism or communism, they are immediately called “Far Right”. Meanwhile , you have” the people” of the world like “the people” of the USA who get hurt and are distorted and made to fight each other.

  • sherrades

    O is watching Pu and getting some more tips.

  • Pete

    Meanwhile the Nixon – Reagan – Bush Republicans were handing over our jobs, technology, and economy to their pals the Red Chinese.

  • palsimon

    Ever hear of “examining one’s conscience? After reading this article I did examine my conscience and I have to admit to the truth. I would like to switch my own kind and generous, humane, totalitarianism for the present unkind, greedy, oppressive totalitarianism under which we live in America today. And your author should understand that it is understandable that citizens will not be friends and will not be loyal to a government that is not kind to it’s citizens. The present American government is not kind to it’s citizens, so it will have many enemies. And the more unkind it is, the more enemies in it’s house.

  • Thor Odinsen

    I used to think that Front Page was a reliable news source. Silly me! It is obviously in the same tank as Obama is and trying to define everyone who sees through the BS as a “Leftist” in order to make sure conservatives stay hoodwinked!