Jamie Glazov Exposes Unholy Alliance on Hannity

ppReprinted from WND.com.

Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine has written eloquently about the threat of Islamic jihad in his books, “United in Hate” and “Showdown with Evil.”

He’s equally eloquent on camera, as he demonstrated in a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

There, he took part in a discussion with Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, KT McFarland and others about the totalitarian movement that seeks to destroy Western civilization.

Also on the show was Michael Ghouse, a Muslim leader described by the Huffington Post as an advocate of pluralism.

At first, at the 11:45 mark, Glazov lays out in no uncertain terms his view of the threat:

“I’ve studied how sociopaths behave, how psychopaths behave. We see this in the unholy alliance right now with the left and Islam,” he said. “What they do is when this vicious ideology, the totalitarian ideology attacks us, and we’re victims, what these people do is make the perpetrators the victims and the victims the perpetrators. So heroes like Pamela Geller that made a memorial grove for … a 16-year-old Muslim girl … she stood up for the memory of a murdered honor killing victim and … thank you that you did that Pamela. “She’s called an Islamophobe. She’s called a hater. These are the heroes standing up for the victims of Islam,” Glazov said.

Then, at the 32:00 mark:

Here he said the U.S. is vulnerable with an “administration that brought the Muslim Brotherhood into the government.” The federal government, he said, has removed references to jihad from intelligence manuals “because the Muslim Brotherhood told us to.” “How can we defend ourselves when Nidal Hasan and that massacre at Fort Hood could have easily been prevented? “The fact is we can’t defend ourselves against this ideology,” Glazov said. “So many people are afraid to come forward because they’re called dangerous people. They’re called racists, Islamophobes. But we’re the ones on the side of the victims, including Muslims.”

Make sure to watch the entire segment!

Also don’t miss Ann-Marie Murrell’s interview with Jamie afterwards in which he gives his analysis of the battle on Hannity:

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  • MyMissKitty

    I’m not a fan of Hannity but putting the spotlight on this topic is one thing I applaud him for.

    • monostor

      Hannity invited Andrew Bostom too – for the first time though – and didn’t let him really talk…Never mind the plethora of “experts” they were bloviating PC slogans to fill in time…

  • Ivan Ewan

    The moderate’s mask slipped right off thanks to Jamie. A sterling offence.

    • Coastliner

      It sure did slip – just like poking a snake.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Ivan!

  • fiddler

    And Tamara was rightly called out! Ridicule is her tactic. She is totally incapable of seeing the obvious threat to our nation and cannot see the obvious truth of those who rightly assert that whistle blowers of jihadists are demonized. Her snotty comment to Jamie, saying: “You’re disgusting” just goes to show how demented she and those like her are! She is nothing more than an unhinged leftist reactionary. Say the “wrong” thing and you are pounced on with PC golf shoes!

    • phoebeintheforest

      PC golf shoes…good visual!

      • 1776Patriot

        How about track shoes?

    • Rick

      I recorded that show and watched it twice. Did you catchTamara’s remark that “those Nigerian girls were Muslim,By the way as well, it wasn’t just Boko Haram it was those Nigerian girls”. There was no mention that these kidnapped girls were Christian and forced to convert to Islam. I expected
      to hear her remarks corrected, but the conversation turned in another
      direction. I watched that part several times to make sure I had her quote

      Also I couldn’t believe she said that she knew more about Islamic countries than Brigitte Gabriel because she had spent 2 weeks in Morocco.

      • wileyvet

        That was hilarious. Supposedly riding The Marakesh Express makes her an expert.


          Great song. My favorite of CSNY. Written by Nash.


        “Also I couldn’t believe she said that she knew more about Islamic
        countries than Brigitte Gabriel because she had spent 2 weeks in

        Tamara went to Club Med Morocco.

        Tamara should have been pilloried on the show for that remark – not let off easy.

    • wileyvet

      Put her in a Burka, marry her off to a “Good” Muslim man and send her off to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Qatar. She’ll come round after a few beatings as sanctioned by Koran verse 4:34.


        Tamara would love the beatings – it would give her street cred.

    • J.B.

      She’s a pre-programed ideologue. All lefties are. That’s why they cant be reasoned with.

    • imsteph

      she is a bully and her weapon of choice is name calling and the ‘air’ of superiority that she puts on.
      and as for the kidnapped girls—bh just changing it up, I suspect. sex slaves and human trafficking spring immediately to mind.

  • Docs357

    Truth and Accountability. You try and deny it circumstances in life will hold you accountable they don’t care who’s looking on either

  • Lanna

    Jamie exposed them…..Islam wants to disable your rights to defend yourself and call you islamaphobic…when all the while plotting and planning to take over by destroying the American system of justice!

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Lanna!


      Being called “islamophobic” is like being “na zi-phobic”

  • Maynard

    I hope Tamara Holder gets to go and live under this religion she seems to think is so kind and gentle. ‘Bet she’d wanna come home soon.

    • Patriot077

      She should read Phyllis Chesler’s books about the realities of Islam and women’s “rights” in a Muslim country.

  • Patriot077

    God bless you, Jamie. You are exceptional. And so is Pam Geller! Thank you for telling them, in inarguable language, how ignorant the left is.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you PatriotO77!

  • crossbow87

    Damn, Jamie, get some! You were the only one to actually reference the content of Islam. And if a leftist isn’t calling you names, you’re probably not using the truth. Good job.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you crossbow87!

  • wally

    I luv u magic mulatto sodo-bathhouse adept Hussein and your zulu-butted Moomoo too.

  • semus

    Great job Jamie.

  • Phargraves2

    Jaime GREAT JOB!! Keep up the good work. The majority of Russians were not communists but the Communists took control because they would KILL. The majority of Germans were not Nazis but the Nazis controlled because they would KILL. So the argument that the majority of Muslims are peaceful doesn’t amount to a hill of beans……….