The Problem with Countering Violent Extremism

klObama’s Summit to Counter Violent Extremism was one of the most schizophrenic events on record. Its overall strategy was to counter Islamic radicalization while claiming that it had nothing to do with Islam. Even the King of Saudi Arabia and the leaders of a number of Muslim countries are willing to talk about Islamic terrorism. Obama isn’t. But he is rolling out a strategy to influence the theology of Muslims.

How do you change the beliefs of a religion which you can’t even name? You can’t and you don’t.

The whole premise of CVE subdivides “violent extremism” from Islam and then further subdivides violent extremism from extremism. Barbers split fewer hairs than this. CVE tells us that the best way to fight violent extremists is with “non violent extremist” Salafi clergy who have the most influence on them. We’re supposed to fight the ISIS Caliphate with supporters of another kind of Caliphate.

What it really comes down to is paying Muslims to argue with other Muslims on social media. And hope that the Muslims we’re paying to do the arguing are the good kind of extremists, like the Muslim Brotherhood, and not the bad kind of extremists, like ISIS. Even though they’re both vicious killers.

CVE not only doesn’t fight terrorism, it perpetuates the whole reason for it by outsourcing our interaction with domestic Muslims to the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s a big part of how we got a terrorism problem in the first place. CVE’s promoters have convinced us that the best way to fight Islamic terrorism is by partnering with Islamic terrorists.

Obama began by watering down terrorism from a military problem to a law enforcement issue. CVE waters it down even further by eliminating it as a law enforcement issue (the FBI chief was not invited to the summit to avoid making law enforcement the focus) and turning terrorism into a social problem.

The underlying problem with CVE is that it tries to transform a military problem into a civilian social problem. It bogs us down in debating Islamic theology while warning us not to mention Islam. These are not problems that we can solve. Even if there really were a definite split between Muslim moderates and extremists, rather than an immoderate Islam broken into different factions in a power struggle, the government is not the right tool for settling a religious dispute. And that’s what CVE tries to do.

CVE declares that ISIS and its supporters are not Muslims. The Saudis might have the authority to do that. Al Azhar may have the authority to do that. We don’t. The only people who believe these claims are American non-Muslims. Muslims are not impressed by us deciding who is and isn’t a Muslim.

The United States government is not an Islamic authority. We’re not a Muslim country and we shouldn’t try to be. And non-Muslim countries don’t have a good track record of exploiting Islamic theology.

Islamic terrorism is a military problem. It always has been.

Post 9/11, that’s how we first saw it. Islamic Jihadists are not domestic terrorists even if they have the right passport. Nazi saboteurs in WW2 or Communist spies during the Cold War were not a domestic enemy. It’s not the possession of American citizenship that distinguishes a domestic enemy from a foreign enemy, but his cause. Domestic enemies may seek to overthrow the government. Foreign enemies are working to aid a foreign force in inflicting harm on the United States of America.

CVE demands that we fight a war over someone else’s ideas on our own soil. It’s a dead end strategy. At best we would end up with a government approved Islam and an anti-government Islam. And then our accomplishment will have been to replicate the same totalitarian state of affairs in the Muslim world. But it’s far more likely that we will end up being used as pawns in a war between different Islamist groups, such as ISIS and the Brotherhood, funding their causes and bleeding for their political agendas.

But we’re not actually in a war of ideas. It’s still a war of bombs and bullets.

Terrorism against America won’t be stopped on Twitter. It can be stopped at the airport. Our domestic terrorists are mostly Muslim refugees or their children. And the occasional American converted by them. The situation would have quickly gotten ugly if we had allowed large numbers of Nazi and Imperial Japan loyalists to enter the United States during WW2. The Nazis sent in teams of saboteurs who were tried by military tribunals and executed. The spy rings and saboteur teams were not seen as a domestic problem.

The United States did not employ moderate Nazis to try to reason with the extremist Nazis or non-violent Nazis to educate the violent Nazis about the true peaceful meaning of National Socialism.

Instead the issue was defined in terms of allegiance to the United States. Everything else proceeded from that. Either you were loyal to the United States or you weren’t. CVE shifts the emphasis of allegiance from the United States to Muslims. It puts the burden on the United States to integrate Muslims, to make them feel at home, to reassure them so that they don’t turn to violence.

And that’s exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood wants.

Instead of placing the burden on Muslims to be loyal, a burden that all Americans already carry, it commences a process of domestic appeasement for trying to win the loyalty of people who already swore an oath to end all foreign allegiances and defend the nation against foreign enemies. It transforms Muslims into a separate nation within the United States whose allegiance is always contested and has to be constantly won over and over again.

While claiming to combat an Islamic State Caliphate, CVE concedes its central premise.

The allegiance of citizens in a nation at war is not a bargaining matter. Either it exists or it does not. A sensible counterterrorism strategy at home will not aim at parsing different flavors of Islam, but at distinguishing between those citizens whose allegiance we have and those whose allegiance we do not.

Islamic terrorism and support for it, of any variety, is first and foremost a failure of allegiance. It is treason in the practical, if not always the legal sense. It is the action of an enemy who through this betrayal knowingly abandons his or her citizenship.

We do not need to counter “violent extremism”. What we need to do is to be certain of allegiances.

This isn’t new territory. During WW2, the United States not only arrested enemy agents, it also initiated denaturalization proceedings against Nazi sympathizers. Not only did we not take in new Nazis during the war, but we made it clear to the existing ones that they would be executed or deported.

The combination proved to be extremely effective. It did not ensure loyalty. What it did was make it clear that treason would not be tolerated. And it prevented a flow of new enemy recruits.

That is what is needed in wartime.

A real strategy for fighting Islamic terrorism begins with the recognition that we are at war. It identifies the enemy. And it offers those whose allegiances are mixed a choice between committing or departing. CVE does the opposite. It refuses to recognize that there is a war. It rejects the idea that Muslims should be expected to show their allegiance and instead demands that the United States show its allegiance to them. It inverts the balance of citizenship and invests the United States in an unspoken religious debate.

We have lost sight of the problem and so we are unable to arrive at a solution. The problem is military. Islamic terrorism is not domestic unrest, but foreign invasion. It should be understood and addressed in those terms whether it comes through an immigration checkpoint or carrying a bomb over the border.

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  • Joe The Gentile

    Excellent work Daniel!

    Obama is the Messiah of Progressivism, a major, powerful secular religion. In his speech on winning the Democratic Primaries, he told us, with the humility-invoking disclaimers requisite of a True Messiah “that this was the moment the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”.

    He is indeed the Messiah of Progressivism, no doubts about that. Where he goes seriously wrong is that he also falsely sees himself as the Second Prophet of Islam (PBUH). No, he does not believe that literally, but he believes it in an effective sense. His Islam-related foreign policy is based on this delusion. He genuinely believes that he has great Messianic power to influence this religion. If Islam is swinging towards violent extremism, Chicago Jesus is the one to fix it. If his delusion were not delusion but reality, all of what he is doing here, everything Daniel described here, would make sense. And that is why it makes sense to Obama.

    When Obama says ‘No religion preaches violence’, he is not speaking as an analyst. He is speaking as a Prophet. He is teaching Islam the Path, not analyzing Islam for us. The problem is that of the more than a billion Muslims in the world, not one of them sees Obama as the effective prophet of Islam as he sees himself. It’s very sad, but that is what we have in the White House right now.

    • Lizzie Basara

      Obama = Golden Calf

      • Ace

        I like that. Progressivism = GC works for me too but the GC idea is inspired.

  • dwayne robertson

    Global Mayor Obama establishes the criteria for criminal activity as opposed to terrorism. Caliph Obama delineates Muslim theology so the rest of the world can understand. President Obama dissolves his border and convinces the citizens of the US to ignore the fact World War III is well underway.
    Bless his heart. The Social Justice Central Planner just can’t help himself.

  • sundance69

    It is amazing to me how the American public strolled into this Presidency with, to steal a term “Eyes Wide Shut”. These fools that elected him to office, twice I might add were led to believe that this man and this man alone had the healing power to once and for all heal this nation of all of our racial disorder and unfortunately many of the fools still believe it will happen. I do not think this was his original intention at all, I don’t even think he cares. He is and always has been on a path to take this government to it’s knees. He despises capitalism and the individual human spirit that made this country great, the reason our ancestors escaped Europe to start a new life for themselves and their children. Our ancestors worked the butts off to build businesses and lives for their children and grandchildren. Some did better than others but that’s America and he cannot stand the fact that everyone can’t be king of the mountain and if they can’t then he will tear down that mountain and “level” the playing field as he loves to say. He uses the race card as a camouflage for his true intentions and if anyone happens to question his motives it is immediately pulled out of the deck and all of the black fools that support him jump to his side and start raising the race flag which is exactly what he intended them to do so he could continue on his original path.
    If Obama and his minions are not stopped this country will be(if we aren’t already) set up for a for a horrific event that will be so intense that we may never recover. There are so many rumors of terrorists crossing into our country from the southern border and infiltrating our society from coast to coast and they cannot be all be untrue. I will bet the farm there is going to take place a simultaneous attack on this country the likes we have never seen, targeting major metropolitan areas with a nuclear or biological event to reek havoc on our population. It will create such disorder and mayhem the likes of which we will not recover from in this lifetime. I truly hope I am proved wrong.

    • nimbii

      It won’t be an attack because that costs too much to rebuild what was destroyed. it will be a PR war to keep the infrastructure undamaged.

      Obama told black audiences a few days before the 2012 election to stand in line as long as it takes to “…vote their revenge.”

      There are debates of what our presidents brought into the White House. This president has brought public fear into the White House. We don’t know what he’s going to try next, but he always seems able to get the MSM on his side to pacify the majority regardless of his evil.

      • Ace

        I’ve looked for a source of your “vote your revenge” point but all I can find is comments by you on various articles that mention it. Do you have a source for that, please?

        • nimbii

          It was on a news clip that appeared on Fox News a few days before the election. That does not mean it wasn’t from another source.

          Obama was addressing a predominately minority crowd and told them to “…vote your revenge.” Can’t take it beyond that.

          Fox did not seem to single that statement out for discussion, but I vividly recall it..

          I’ll do a bit of snooping too.

          • Ace

            Many thanks. “Voting is the best revenge!” was the only apparent direct quote in that article but that’s a distinction without a difference. As the author of that article makes clear, it’s an odd locution and an especially odd one for a president to make in 2012, when the Dems had controlled the Congress and the WH for two of the preceding two years and he’d been president for all four.

            The saying “Living well is the best revenge” is pretty tame and I won’t parse it for something sinister. “Show up your detractors” or “turn the tables by making your critics envious” are likely meanings. The interesting question re Obama’s comment is “Revenge for what?”

            Bottom line: an odd statement and, given his predilection to downgrade his country at important occasions, possibly an indication of his odd worldview.

          • nimbii

            Well said Ace. Thanks.

    • Ace

      Beyond excellent.

  • halevi

    This sounds good, but a REALLY REALLY well thought out hash tag can do wonders to fight violent extremism. The administration is employing the brightest creative minds and marketing organizations and testing out different possibilities. Soon they will have a set of hashtags that will end all terrorism and hatred. Just be patient.

    • Space Cowboy

      What the Obama administration is doing is trying to morally equate what is jihad as somehow being terrorism. Indeed, it conflates jihad as being terrorism and at the same time turns a blind eye to stealth and deceptive jihad waged intentionally non-violently by design.

      However, jihad is a so-called holy war waged by ALL MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD against ALL INFIDELS IN THE WORLD in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam and its followers supreme throughout the world. In addition, it is also a holy fundamental obligation COMPULSORY for ALL MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD in one form or another. As some Muslims wage jihad violently (a small minority). While most wage jihad via stealth and deception intentionally non-violently by design (the vast overwhelming majority).

      Thus, instead of only involving a tiny minority of Muslims that perpetrate terrorism in response to particular grievances, we are talking about the entire Islamic totalitarian society, and that is a very substantial difference in the nature of the threat.

  • 80CharlieGriffith

    A big part of our problem is right here:

    …….pasting from this excellent article:
    “Islamic terrorism and support for it, of any variety, is first and foremost a failure of allegiance. It is treason in the practical, if not always the legal sense.”

    This legal aspect is now being expertly manipulated by the likes of the A.C.L.U. and the C.A.I.R.

    It is this growing and newly permitted ambiguity of “Treason” which is apparently keeping Obama and his claque in office. We wouldn’t have permitted this during the Second World War. Unthinkable during those years. I remember them.

    Remember the shy, shrinking violet of a Liberal Democrat, Franklin Delano Roosevelt who issued his Executive Order Interning the Japanese residents in America?

    Lawfare eventually gained a Congressional apology towards these Japanese-Americans many years later. But in a time of National uncertainty as we experienced one very bloody military defeat after another in December and then up until the Doolittle raid on Tokio [old spelling] in the Spring of 1942, it was “First Things First”.

    We need that attitude right now, very badly. Our Muslim enemy is very, very good at Lawfare inside our America.

    • johninohio1

      I like your justification for interning the Japanese in the US at the start of WWII. It made perfect sense, not as a ‘lashing out’ as our latter day America haters would have it, but as a security measure in case some were sleepers who could assassinate and sabotage.

      • 80CharlieGriffith

        Thanks, johninohio1.
        We need perspective, perspective, perspective in thinking out our current cultural War, not “cool” snappy phases.
        We’re simply not wired the same way as our Muslim adversaries.

  • Space Cowboy

    A real strategy for fighting terrorism.

    We are not at war with terrorism. Never have been; never will be.

    Instead, we are at war with the ideology that drives jihad, which is mainstream orthodox Islam. As jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, involves all Muslims as opposed to only a tiny minority, and manifests both violently and non-violently as opposed to always and only violently as in the case with terrorism.

    Indeed, waging jihad in one form or another in the cause of Allah is a fundamental holy obligation COMPULSORY (Fard) for ALL MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD according to the doctrines of Islam, and as a matter of fact is one of Islam’s most important pillars.

    Moreover, violent jihad relative to terrorism is far more gruesome. As only jihadists conducts mass beheadings of infidels, throws gays off of high buildings, burns apostates, blasphemers, heretics, and hypocrites alive, and enslaves infidels.

    In addition, if jihad was recognized for what it is as opposed to what it is not, leftwing moonbats like BHO and GWB couldn’t wage nation-building missions to lift up Muslims out of poverty because they are dumb enough to believe that Muslims are terrorists reacting to grievances and that “poverty and despair” are the “root causes” of terrorism.

    Instead, everyone would fully understand that jihad is a so-called holy war waged both violently and non-violently by ALL MUSLMS IN THE WORLD against ALL INFIDELS IN THE WORLD in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam and its followers supreme throughout the world.

    Indeed, the infidel world would not only ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP because it is really stealth jihad waged intentionally non-violently by design, it would also eradicate Iran’s nuclear weapons program and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal and nuclear weapons program, and then fully abandon and totally isolate the Islamic totalitarian world until such time as they could demonstrate to civilized society that they have eradicated the ideology of Islam totally from their society.

    Indeed, that’s the only way for the infidel world’s collective Islamic jihad problem to ever be solved. As the only other alternative is permanent and perpetual jihad.

    • DowntotheBone


  • DowntotheBone

    Another home run, Mr. Greenfield.

  • Space Cowboy

    Even the King of Saudi Arabia and the leaders of a number of Muslim countries are willing to talk about Islamic terrorism.

    Of course, because the last thing the King of Saudi Arabia wants the infidel world to find out is the truth, i.e., what jihad actually is, and that the Saudis have been the biggest proliferators of jihad on the planet. Moreover, he never would have said what he said if he wasn’t also obviously attempting to use the infidel world again as its proxy to fight another jihad for them. Something they have been very successful at in the past.

    You see Islam is a double edged sword that cuts both ways. It not only is waging a so-called holy war against ALL INFIDELS IN THE WORLD to ultimately make Islam and its followers supreme throughout the world, it’s also targeting all apostates, blasphemers, heretics, and hypocrites such as the House of Saud. Who are erecting a border fence along their border with Iraq designed to keep the members of ISIS out of Saudi Arabia.

    Indeed, the Saudis are the beneficiaries of a nation-state bestowed upon them by the infidel victors of WWI, and nation-states as opposed to Caliphates are purely Western infidel manifestations that as such are thoroughly un-Islamic, which makes the House of Saud hypocrites, i.e., apostate rulers, in the eyes of all devout Muslims.

    Post 9/11, that’s how we first saw it. Islamic Jihadists are not domestic terrorists even if they have the right passport.

    However, violent jihadists have been taking advantage of our lax immigration laws to gain access to this country, which is exactly how they all gained access in the first place. Not only that, but Islamic immigration has actually greatly increased subsequent to 9/11 under both GWB and Obama. In fact, Obama is currently flooding as many Muslim immigrants into America as he can right now.

    Nonetheless, perpetrating violent jihad attacks on a large scale here in the infidel world is actually counterproductive to the Islamic totalitarian world’s long-term strategic goal of making Islam and its followers supreme throughout the world. Which is exactly why the number of violent acts of jihad in the USA and also throughout the infidel world has been so relatively low since 9/11.

    As waging jihad violently on a large scale here in the infidel world will not only inevitably quickly be defeated, it will also quickly result in the mass expulsion of all Muslims from the infidel world, and that would represent an extremely devastating blow for the Islamic totalitarian world and their perpetual jihad to make Islam and its followers supreme.

    Thus, they primarily wage jihad via stealth and deception intentionally non-violently by design instead for the most part, which they do very effectively since all the focus is on the mass hysteria of stopping terrorism.

    For instance, several Euroloon countries in Europe will become Muslim minority countries by the year 2050 unless something very drastic happens in the interim. Is this manifesting via violent jihad or via stealth and deceptive jihad waged intentionally non-violently by design? I think the answer is rather obvious.

    We need to understand that the problem doesn’t consist of only a tiny minority of terrorists, but instead consist of ALL MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD in one form or another waging jihad. Some wage jihad violently (a small minority). While most wage jihad via stealth and deception intentionally non-violently by design (the vast overwhelming majority).

    Indeed, all apparently moderate Muslims living in America and throughout the infidel world today that our media elites and our politicians always go out of their way to assure us are peaceful Muslims are actually stealth and deceptive jihadists waging jihad intentionally non-violently by design for the strategic purposes of mass Muslim infiltration of our societies, mass Muslim infiltration of our governments, mass Muslim infiltration of our colleges and universities, our Medias, and our institutions, mass Muslim infiltration and exploitation of leftwing political parties and their supporters, Islamization of our infidel societies, and for eventual demographic conquest. And that represents an exponentially far greater threat for the infidel world at large relative to violent jihad that is so often conflated as somehow being terrorism.

  • Peter Castle

    Obama and his pacifistic administration oppose any war that might help America. Obama and his comrades are Sixties-style counter-culturalists who oppose what most Americans favor and govern in a peculiarly anti-American manner.

    See “CVE: How to Submit to Jihad” at

  • bouvard

    Our cultural, corporate, and political elites cannot ask for our allegiance because they themselves long ago abandoned it, and wouldn’t know what to ask for or imagine we would give it as long as they purport to represent us. This is only slightly less true of Rs than Ds, with very few exceptions.

  • Dawn Perlmutter

    In addition to minimizing the threat of jihad to a root causes social justice issue, there is another agenda for using the CVE term. It allows the administration to include right wing groups in the same category. Sovereign citizens and militia/patriot groups are perceived by law enforcement agencies to pose the greatest threats to the United States.

    • nimbii

      I had never heard of sovereign citizens until a few days ago. I guess that’s the new domestic enemy.

      Mystery why DHS is so important to protect us when the southern border is wide open permitting thousands of unknowns to enter our country each week regardless of whether they are peaceful and law-abiding or not.

      I guess if the Dems can’t be the rulers of of the country without illegals voting they will rule over our ashes with them voting.

      • Pigasus

        Illegals voting? Do you have any special information?

    • Ace

      You are correct. That is the real agenda, absurd as it is. Alas, I don’t think LE agencies actually perceive that right-wing groups are the greatest threat. I have no doubt that the going-in position of the feds has always been that the patriot groups are to be marginalized. Carefully-controlled, double blind, blessed-by-Harvard research papers to follow.

  • Space Cowboy

    You know you struck gold when all of your pertinent comments get deleted. You either agree with the thin skinned editors here or otherwise you get deleted. So much for the freedom of free speech and the mirage that this place is somehow a conservative forum where ideas and opinions can thrive because they can stand the test of scrutiny or be discredited in the spirit of debate. There is only one perspective allowed here, theirs! If you don’t like it, hit the road!

    • Joe The Gentile

      It’s complicated. Those who deleted you did not necessarily disagree with you. It’s possible that they thought your post was ‘before its time’, without necessarily believing that it was wrong on its facts.

      There was a time during which I used to myself use the word ‘Islamism’ for what I now call ‘Islam’. It was a process of learning that brought me to where I am. It was probably the same for you. Truth be told, I still use ‘Islamism’ when I feel it suits my purpose.

      What I now say sometimes is the tongue-twisting ‘Islam is Islamism’. And it is. And it is not hard to prove it. There is no Islam which will openly distinguish itself from Islamism by renouncing Jihad. None. There never has been. And I believe there never will be.

      • Space Cowboy

        Actually, Greenfield has been deleting my posts for months because they often conflict with the misinformation contained in his articles.

        • gwsmith

          Sour grapes! Stop the complaining and make your point!

        • truebearing

          Maybe they are getting deleted for being so monotonously repetitive.

        • Pigasus

          I recall the angry child avatar posted by someone titled Obama Mama, or something like that. I recall the invective, the rudeness, the torrent of gratuitous ad hominem attacks.
          Grandiosity is not a virtue. It is a personality disorder.

        • MLCBLOG

          Waa waa waa!!

        • MLCBLOG

          Perhaps you are being humbled. May it bless your life.

  • vonrock

    Pretense, Denial and Treason. Hook, Line and sinker.
    Fumigate the Whitehouse now.

  • Lanna

    People see the beheadings, burnings, and barbarism committed in the name of Islam, people are really not listening to Obama’s explanation! We most certainly do need to counter violent extremism!

  • truebearing

    “CVE demands that we fight a war over someone else’s ideas on our own soil. It’s a dead end strategy. At best we would end up with a government approved Islam and an anti-government Islam. And then our accomplishment will have been to replicate the same totalitarian state of affairs in the Muslim world. But it’s far more likely that we will end up being used as pawns in a war between different Islamist groups, such as ISIS and the Brotherhood, funding their causes and bleeding for their political agendas.”

    This is Obama’s goal. Legitimize Islam with the Left’s dialectical method. It satisfies both his leftist and Muslim dual loyalties.

    Once the government panel of Muslims determines what is acceptable Islam, it becomes the thesis. The “counterfeit,” or unacceptable Islam is the antithesis — in this case ISIS. The synthesis is government endorsed, mainstream acceptance of Islam in America. Then the process begins all over, with more Muslims wanting more and more independence from our laws and cutural values, and less rights for other religions. Meanwhile, as their numbers grow at breakneck speed, they get to a point where only all-out civil war can dislodge them, as is already the case in Europe. Add a president-turned Muslim dictator to the scenario and the process speeds up exponentially — holding the borders open and allowing illegal Muslim immigration* by the hundreds of thousands, for example.

    Now that the US has been duped into affirming the “good” Islam, we are ready to take action against the bad, fake Islam. Now we can commence a new era of singularly deadly folly in foreign policy. No longer will we nation build. Now we will Caliphate build…at the expense of every American.

    *By some estimates, more illegal Muslims are entering the US than Mexicans or Central Americans.

  • RAM500

    Who’s gonna stop Obama from hustling many additional thousands of Muslim Syrians, etc., into the US? He’s seeking to expand the reach of radical Islam.

  • momprayn

    Terrorism against America won’t be stopped until we remove the stealth terrorists that are both domestic and foreign that hold the highest offices in the land in the White House, or shall I say White Mosque. If I must be clearer – it’s the whole Obama Admin. and some in Congress who are Muslim Brotherhood operatives. It’s beyond me at this point how anyone cannot see the hard truth of this. Evidence abounds. Why are “Conservative” commentators, media still not spitting this out to warn those that are still unaware while we still can??!!!

    Do you not know that the internet is now being hit (via Trojan Horse of Net Neutrality) to be under their control to keep facts, truths from us and thwart organization against them? If they get their way, you guys won’t be able to write anything. If I were you, I’d be using the time you have left to start posting more truths or be guilty of being enablers. If we want to seriously do something effective, we must remove those traitors here that are aiding them, don’t you think?!
    It’s plain as day the Obama Admin. is in cahoots with the MB and Globalists to Islamize America and change other countries rulers to MB for their Caliphate.
    Great site with much info, besides Pamela Geller is Walid Shoebat, ex-Muslim who is known for his unique, excellent investigations, knowledge and evidence of all this. Make it a regular check…..

  • momprayn

    “During a press conference on how to combat radical Islamic extremism, Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (U.S. Navy, Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, stated that under the leadership of Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated all of the National Security Agencies of the United States. Furthermore, Lyons said that Obama is deliberately unilaterally disarming the military and spoke to the need for the new GOP controlled congress and Military leaders to stand up to the administration and uphold their oaths.”


    Allen West – Says censure Obama for being Islamist sympathizer and asks important questions

  • momprayn
  • momprayn

    Re DHS report:
    “Obama and his appointed thugs have made the good guys the enemy. Clearly, they anticipate that Americans will act against his coup at some point, and they are taking pre-emptive action. Criminalizing patriotism.
    The world is in chaos. … And the Obama administration has turned against … Americans.
    .. is anticipating some kind of civil war or civil action, and so they are drawing the line – declaring those who stand in defense of the Constitution enemies of the state
    Obama refuses to call Islamic terror Islamic, but will designate Americanism a terror threat.
    The DHS is a useless agency; worse, it has become Obama’s political stormtroopers, targeting Obama’s enemies list. Where are the Republicans on this? They should be making this the centerpiece of their opposition to Obama and defense of freedom. Instead – silence. ”

  • momprayn

    Obama’s Policies Are Part Of A Master Plan To Revive The Grand Muslim Caliphate
    “.. a quick look at his direction of U.S. Foreign Policy on Islamic issues will reveal that he is meticulous and careful ensuring it fits Islam’s historical and eschatological agenda.

    ..we (Muslims) were in your (America) learning centers discussing how the Muslim Brotherhood will influence every aspect of your system from government to education, all as a plan for a grand caliphate which is to be supported, infused and initiated right from your backyard and from within your system?
    Obama is not as naive as you think in administering his policies. A Muslim in the White House is exactly where prevent the most powerful nation on earth from preventing this Caliphate to rise it is attempting to do already. Obama, who speaks fluent Arabic and knows Islam quite well is no different than his friend who resides as the Sultan of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. These two are key in this master plan ..”

  • dashcam55

    A real strategy for fighting Islamic terrorism begins with the recognition that we are at war.
    The “WAR” started when Muhammad was kicked out of Mecca and has continued ever since although Governments refuse to believe it.
    Australia is starting to go down the path of through money at the Muslims and the problem disappears, WRONG.
    The problem is the Quran which tells the believers to hate, kill, rape and subvert everyone.
    There are NO moderate Muslims only those that obey the Quran and apostates born Muslim and not obeying the Quran.

    • Northerner707

      “kill hate and subvert everyone”? Is that a direct quote? So your strategy would be to .. what? Kill ALL the Muslims because they are ALL bad because the Qur’an says so? Should be interpret the words of the Bible just as literally? There are certainly moderates and extremists in each of the monotheistic religions, to deny that is simply the highest degree of ignorance.

  • Optimus_Maximus


  • nimbii

    it’s really the whole idea Pigasus.

    Why would Dems go to the trouble of giving illegals access to social services, keep them here unless they are provided a way to vote (illegally for Dems of course).

    Also, Michelle Backman said it is a short journey from illegals having drivers licenses, and social security cards to liberals pressing the issue by saying: “How can we prevent these good people from voiing?” Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

    In addition, same day registration, absentee voting, and as we have in Washington, mail-in ballots support this type of thing.

    What’s to stop turning in stacks of ballots from nursing homes and places where illegals would reside?

    Washington is a liberal state thanks to Seattle, et al, and mail-in ballots benefit Dems enormously.

  • NoTroll Zone

    B Hussain O, is a shia musslim, and as such, supports musslim brotherhood and Iran in their pursuit of the destruction of USA and Israel.