Why J Street Attacked Sarah Palin


And why it didn’t attack fellow leftists and Democrats who abuse the language of Jewish suffering.

Tutu and the Jews


The Bishop’s long history of ugly hate.

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Hamas Confessions


Finally, a Hamas leader admits that Israel killed mostly combatants in Gaza.

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Whose Occupation?


Who is really responsible for Israeli security measures in the West Bank?

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Wikileaks Contradicts Obama Administration on Iran

Obama stressed out

Obama’s pressure on Israel is exposed for the canard that it is.

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The ACLU Demands “Killing Warrants”


Should the U.S. government be required to get a warrant to target Anwar al-Awlaki for assassination?

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Undermining Peace


As the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks get underway, the infamous Goldstone report looms ominously.

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What’s Stopping the Peace?


Why a peaceful resolution between Israel and the Palestinians is unlikely in the near future.

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Israel’s Actions: Entirely Lawful


Stopping the Gaza flotilla was entirely consistent with both international and domestic law.

Legitimating Bigotry


The legacy of Richard Goldstone.