Cyber-Peace through Cyber-Strength


Why the United States and its closest allies need to get serious about protecting cyberspace.

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Carter Country


The similarities between the Obama and Carter administrations continue to mount.

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Lowering Our Sights


Our nation’s looming self-imposed exile from space.

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Primary Roulette


Who will be the first to announce his or her presidential ambitions?

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1979, 1989 or 2009?


Gauging the nature of Egypt’s Revolution — and the urgency for America’s response.

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President Government


Obama’s State of the Union address reminds us how fast things can change in Washington—and how much remains the same.

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Obama’s Human Right Failure


Ignoring global stirrings of Democracy like no president before.

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Eleven for 2011


Eleven hot spots to keep an eye on in the year ahead.

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The Fragility of Afghanistan


A new review of the war in Afghanistan shows momentum for our side building — but will it last?

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The Barbarity of Beijing


Jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo is only the beginning of China’s human rights abuses.

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