Erica Jong Believes Progressive “Attachment Parenting” Co-opted by the Right

Erica Jong, feminist author, sex guru and so-called liberal, got everything she wanted in life–without rules. Quite a feat for anyone, much less a woman! However, in her weekend article in the Wall Street Journal, we discover she harbors resentment toward those women who dare to act like mothers by wanting to be with their [...]

Crucify Her! Crucify Her! Journalists Targeted Sarah Palin in Non-Official Campaign

We knew the mainstream media was in collusion in an all out attack against Sarah Palin, but we just couldn’t prove it – now we can.
Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong has exposed Journolist’s gang-up against Palin as the only way to usher in their pick for the White House. Imagine that. All the biggies in the [...]

Will the Church Worship Christ or Marx?

Marxists have used the Catholic Church as a tool for ushering in their social revolution. The Church has always maintained, we are our brother’s keepers–Isn’t this the line the Left uses to send religious people on a guilt trip? While the Left has pulled the Church close to its bosom, they have at the same [...]