Dismal Economic News Haunts Dem Convention


$16 trillion of debt, a declining manufacturing sector, and record food stamp usage are hard to ignore.

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War on Students: Chicago Teachers Union to Strike


Any academic instruction during the mayhem is prohibited by law.

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Media Yawn at Obama Hurricane Reaction


Continuing a long track record of covering the President’s non-response to natural disasters.

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The Left’s Hurricane of Hate


Isaac brings out progressives’ true colors.

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Standing Up for Independent Journalists and Free Speech


Will Democrats put Americans’ interests over the interests of their law industry funders?

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Inside Napolitano’s ‘Frat House’ Department


Lewd office atmosphere promoted by top female leadership goes beyond the pale.

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Muslim Dog Day Afternoon


Man with dog nabbed by Toronto police for offending nearby Muslims.

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Death of Democracy in Egypt — and Silence in Washington


The Brotherhood consolidates power and the U.S. administration turns a blind eye.

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Obama’s GM ‘Success Story’ Headed for Bankruptcy


Automaker CEO suggests hiking gas prices to “encourage” buyers to off-set his company’s financial woes.

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Joe Biden Unchained


The Obama campaign fans the flames of racial hatred.

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