Stonewalling Benghazi into Irrelevancy


The Obama administration’s modus operandi for defusing scandals.

‘Green’ Stimulus Money Funds Chinese Tech Advancement


Cutting edge military technology to be sold to the People’s Republic.

The Diversity Cult’s Attack on the Military


The Center for Military Readiness reveals the destructive agenda behind putting women in combat.

Obama Ignores Deadly Risks to Women in Combat

Iraq War 1

Gender radicalism’s attack on the military claims another victory.

A First Term of Failure on Race Issues


Will four more years of Obama bring more economic devastation to the black community?

Leftists Rally to Support Iran’s Genocidal Quest for Nukes


Marxist-Leninist group founded by former U.S. attorney general promotes “Hands Off Iran” petition.

Why Obama Gives Video Game Violence a Pass


For the Left, the entertainment industry is sacrosanct.

UC Irvine’s ‘Islam Awareness Week': A CAIR Convention

Picture 6

The latest example of the Muslim Brotherhood’s unsettling influence on U.S. campuses.

Obama’s Three Years of Budget Failure


The president demonizes Republicans over the debt ceiling while leading the nation into the abyss.

A ‘Path to Citizenship’ for Illegals?


Obama and Democrats push ahead with sweeping immigration “reform.”