Obama Power Grabs on the Horizon

Picture 1

How the Democratic Party will show its totalitarian face in the coming weeks.

Jihad-Denialist Nominated to Head CIA


Obama’s delusional view of Islamic terror finds an apt figurehead in John Brennan.

The Real Mohamed Morsi


A regime awaiting U.S. weapons has an Islamist leader who calls Israelis “bloodsuckers” and “the descendants of apes and pigs.”

Are We Already in a New Recession?


Much of the economic data say yes.

Taking Up the Debt Ceiling War


Why conservatives must rally the nation against Obama’s mission to take us over the bankruptcy cliff.

Far from the Fiscal Cliff Finish Line


A House vote looms.

Debt Ceiling Disaster Ahead


The fiscal cliff showdown is eclipsing the much more dangerous problem the country faces.

Obama’s Regulatory Cliff Draws Near


Millions of jobs are on the line.

Why Kerry Remains Unfit for Command


A look back at the ugly truths the Swift Boat Vets brought to light about the senator.

Fiscal Cliff: Democrats Fiddle While Nation Burns


Even if a deal is reached, the entitlement fix is already in.