Hagel Derailed —– For Now

Hagel small file

Obama’s dangerous foreign policy agenda suffers a setback.

Obama Continues Radical Social Engineering of the Military


Same-sex domestic partners receive benefits at the expense of married heterosexual couples.

Minority Students in Chicago: Hostages of the Democratic Party

Chicago Teachers Go On Strike For First Time In 25 Years

Oppressive Democrat-union alliance leaves few options for the youth of the Windy City.

In Defense of Rove


The wisdom of avoiding the needless surrender of power.

Cheated: Sham Education for Minority Students in Dem-Run Philadelphia

Arlene Ackerman

Another Democratic stronghold, another wasteland of public schooling.

Obama’s Middle East: Iranian Arms Flow to Syria Via Iraq


American lives squandered on the president’s abandonment of the mission.

Obama Administration Offers Direct Talks with Iran


The calculating Islamic Republic hails the U.S.’s new direction.

Israel Threatened by Syria and Iran


Jewish State makes it clear it will meet existential threats head-on.

Detroit Public Schools: Bankrupting Minority Students’ Futures


Exposing the racial injustice of Democrat-controlled education.

Stonewalling Benghazi into Irrelevancy


The Obama administration’s modus operandi for defusing scandals.