Genius Envy: Ed Schultz Gets Tweaked by Rush

Last night, Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, fell into a trap set by the object of his Genius Envy, Rush Limbaugh. In his Psycho Talk segment, Ed mocked Rush for saying on his radio program last Friday:
The media tweak of the day: Hitler put people in jail to lower the unemployment numbers. Another [...]

CNN to Lou Dobbs: Don’t Let the Door Hit You….

Lou Dobbs’s departure from CNN has turned into a cause for celebration — at CNN. Network president Jonathan Klein dismissively called Lou’s program “advocacy journalism” in an otherwise respectful tribute. But quotes an anonymous network source:
“I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be missed among the rank-and-file employees at the network,” said [...]

Genius Envy: Ed Schultz Pads His Resume, Taunts O’Reilly, Steals (Credit for) KFGO’s Peabody

What’s more pathetic than a less talented individual taunting a more successful person with his achievements? If that man flaunts an award that isn’t exactly his. Last night on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, Ed Schultz mocked a two-year-old clip of Bill O’Reilly in his “Psycho Talk” segment. Bill’s guest happened to be Ed Schultz, then [...]

The Real Issue in the Carrie Prejean Fiasco

Some readers have asked if — with the release of topless photos and now a solo sex tape — conservatives, or Christians, or conservative Christians, should consider former Miss California Carrie Prejean a role model. The question strikes me as off-base, a hybrid of the cult of hero worship and the 24/7 media’s information overload.
The [...]

Did Pageant Officials Distribute Child Pornography to Smear Carrie Prejean?

It looks like the leftist partisans who violated Joe the Plumber’s privacy, rifled through Linda Tripp’s confidential records, and spent weeks literally navel-gazing at Bristol Palin’s real and imagined pregnancies have hit a new low: leaking an underage pornographic video to smear Carrie Prejean.
By now, the media have ensured millions of people who never learned [...]

Lou Dobbs to Leave CNN

Now Lou Dobbs really is Mr. Independent.
The last of CNN’s original news anchors just announced he is leaving the network he joined in 1980, and this evening’s episode of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” will be its final broadcast. He will continue to host his national radio program. Dobbs revealed his motives in a straight-forward statement at [...]

CA State Worker Says SEIU Thugs Beat Him Up

As the nation waits to see when or if SEIU members involved in a physical confrontation with Kenneth Gladney outside a health care town hall meeting in August will ever be prosecuted, another allegation of union violence has cropped up. A California state worker went to the hospital bloodied and bruised Thursday night as a [...]

Educating the Left: Here Are Some Real Hate Signs

Before Keith Olbermann accused Rep. Michelle Bachmann of fomenting a rebellion, MSNBC’s David Shuster had already hiked the old hyperbole trail. Sitting in for Ed Schultz on The Ed Show, Shuster insisted the rally opposing President Obama’s socialized medicine bill “had all the trappings of a proverbial orgy of bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, and hate!” In [...]

Huge Military Slaughter — But First A “Shout Out” to Obama’s Bud

Editor’s Note: Read David Forsmark’s NewsReal commentary on Keith Olbermann and MSNBC’s pathetic attempt at covering this story here.
Shortly after police say Major Malik Nadal Hasan opened fire at the largest active duty armored post in the United States, Ft. Hood in Texas, President Barack Obama held a press conference to address the issue. Before [...]

Glenn Beck Nearly Dies and the Left Cheers

For those who missed it, Glenn Beck left his radio program early yesterday, saying he felt ill. Filling in on his TV show, Judge Andrew Napolitano announced Beck has a case of appendicitis. The Left reacted with its usual reaction: glee and bloodlust. A few of left-wing headlines shout:

“Glenn Beck Sadly Escapes Death After His [...]