Katrina vanden Heuvel Debates Herself on Filibusters

It’s good to see the modern Left still maintains the intellectual dexterity it exhibited when it hewed to the ever-changing Stalinist party line in the 1930s. On MSNBC’s The Ed Show, Nation magazine editor Katrina vanden Heuvel took the bold position that Senate Democrats must “bust the filibuster,” ending the right of the minority party [...]

MSNBC: Rush Limbaugh is “a Racist, Pill-Poppin’ Radio Guy”

When MSNBC gave Ed Schultz a nightly segment entitled “Psycho Talk,” it was apparently in obedience to the truth in advertising laws. On Thursday night, the low-rated host of “The Ed Show” used that segment — which is supposed to highlight over-the-top rhetoric from conservatives — to call Rush Limbaugh “a racist, pill-poppin’ radio guy.”
Schultz [...]

Bill Gates vs. the Famine Lobby – by Ben Johnson


The left-of-center philanthropist says starving Africans should be allowed to eat genetically modified foods.

Democrat: Alan Grayson’s “One Fry Short of a Happy Meal”

How far Left is MSNBC?

So far Left it’s fallen off the Nielsen ratings; and
So far Left its favorite guest is being called crazy — by his fellow House Democrats.

According to Politico, when someone asked  Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, about colleague Alan Grayson — who made a name for himself by saying Republicans want Americans [...]

Progressive Myths About the Founding Fathers, and Hating Whitey

As a reflection of his rebranding as a “progressive,” Ed Schultz accused Glenn Beck of “Psycho Talk” for thinking well of the Founding Fathers. After Beck mentioned his appreciation of Samuel Adams, Ed lectured Beck that the Founders deserved no honor, because they were evil white men.
[M]ost of these Founding Fathers that you think so [...]

Now I’m Only Going to Say This Once: The Three-Fifths Compromise

While chiding Glenn Beck for his cherishing the U.S. Constitution, MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz repeated one of the most oft-repeated lies about the Founding Fathers: they considered blacks less than fully human. In an episode of “Psycho Talk,” Schultz blasted Beck for saying “Progressives” believe individuals are the problem, and “in Samuel Adams’s [...]

New Phony Quotation Alert: Frank Gaffney Targeted

First, phony documents were intended to sink President Bush’s 2004 reelection. Then, phony quotations prevented Rush Limbaugh from purchasing an NFL team. Now, the Left seems to be preparing its next tall-tale transcript to smear conservative foreign policy expert Frank Gaffney. Today’s Wonkette recounts last night’s skirmish between Gaffney and Ron Reagan Jr. on MSNBC’s [...]

History Lessons for Chris Matthews and Ron Reagan Jr.

For a show that prides itself on its knowledge of news and history, Hardball with Chris Matthews made some embarrassing errors last night, including the fact that Ron Reagan Jr. apparently doesn’t understand the Bush Doctrine. Chris and Ron, his guest “expert” on Afghanistan, came up with two historical inaccuracies within minutes of one another. [...]

Are These Really the Left’s Experts?

I managed to watch two MSNBC programs last night attempting to defend Barack Obama from Dick Cheney’s incisive criticism over “dithering” in Afghanistan before my blood pressure hit 300. On the Right, they featured former Congressman Tom Tancredo and foreign policy expert Frank Gaffney, respectfully. Their opponents on the Left were:
The Ed Show: Joan Walsh [...]

Amateur Hour on Hate Speech TV

MSNBC is neither a news network nor a ratings success, but it is good for one thing: taking the pulse of the Left. Judging by his numerous recent appearances, the Left has a new It-boy: Rep. Alan Grayson, D-FL, who made headlines by saying the Republican health care plan is for you to “die quickly.” [...]