Reading the Constitution in Congress: So Sensible Even a Teenager Gets It

My daughter’s 8th grade history class is studying the Constitution. With the Republican House’s plan to inaugurate its majority by reading the Constitution aloud, I had a little talk with her about the Constitution.

Israel, American Jews, American Christians and a whole bunch of other stuff too

Cross-posted from Bookworm Room I struggled for a few minutes to find a clever title for this post that would convey the volume of information I’m about to download from my brain, but realized I couldn’t.  A laundry list description will just have to do. You see, last night, I had the pleasure of attending [...]

A Crack in the Armor? Another Conversation with a Leftist Friend

Cross-posted from Bookworm Room I was talking with my lib friend yesterday (the same one who said Tuesday’s vote would inaugurate fascism in America), when he opined that Boehner had said something incredibly stupid. “What?” I asked. “He said something along the lines of ‘the American people want us to lower spending and create more [...]

Socialist Governments Just LOVE to Control Food

Cross-posted from Bookworm Room As Jonah Goldberg pointed out in Liberal Fascism, socialists, as part of their ongoing effort to perfect mankind, are obsessed with food intake.  The Nazis were especially focused on purifying the Aryan body. Now, I’m not likening the San Francisco Board of Stupidvisors to the Nazis — God forbid! — but I [...]