The Freedomfighter


If “gunfighter” now means fighting guns, then does freedomfighter now mean fighting freedom?

Islam’s Favorite Infidel

aIslams Favorite Infidel graphic for FPM

Guess what screed of hate is a bestseller in Muslim countries?

Bosch Fawstin’s Comment on Secretary of State Clinton’s Testimony


Lance Armstrong in One Word

DOPE small

And the real name of his organization.

Content of Character, Content of Character, Content of Character


Obama chose to be inaugurated on the birthday of a man who, unlike him, truly fought for a color-blind society.

The 2nd Incoming of oBOMBa


Let me illustrate what I think Obama is up to in his second term…..

Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against the West


Giving the enemy cover.

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Captain America Is Too American for Some Americans


The de-Americanization of American superheroes continues.

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“They’ve come to kill us and will die for it.” – Pigman

THE INFIDEL is my upcoming graphic novel about twin brothers Killian Duke and Salaam Duka, whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11.

Batman Falls for “Islam means peace”

Frank Miller worked on a graphic novel called “Holy Terror, Batman” as his response to 9/11, pitting Batman against al Qaeda. But for reasons that are still unclear, “The Fixer” has now taken the place of Batman in Miller’s project, while DC Comics has Batman recruiting a Muslim to be his French counterpart.