Beinart: Why Can’t Today’s Conservatives Be More Like Bush?

“If only today’s conservatives were as decent or intellectual or patriotic as those of yesteryear.” The best conservatives are always dead; the worst are always alive and influential. When Buckley and Kristol, not to mention Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, were alive, they were hated and vilified by the same sorts of people who now [...]

On Barack Obama’s “Cojones,” Sarah Palin’s Aim Is a Little Off

Governor Sarah Palin ignited another media frenzy by accusing President Barack Obama of, er, not being man enough to stand against illegal immigration. The other night, Palin appeared on “Hannity” to defend her remarks in an interview that David Neiwert at Crooks & Liars objects to as glaringly inconsistent. And for once, he’s got a [...]

Prop. 8 Rejection Shows That Marriage Still Isn’t Safe from Judicial Tyranny

As usual, the Left is reacting to the overturn of Proposition 8 with their trademark restraint and grace. And by “restraint and grace” I mean “rank demonization.” At the Daily Beast, Michelle Goldberg gushes that “bigotry” has “take[n] a hit”: Most people who followed the Proposition 8 trial expected Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker [...]

Note To 9/11 Mosque Defenders: Sure, We Can All Get Along – Just Not With Jihad Sympathizers

Noted Middle East analyst media critic Elizabeth Wurtzel “love[s] the mosque” being built near Ground Zero. Writing for the Daily Beast today, she chastises “the whole Islamophobic crowd—the Fox News hysterics, the Palinolithics, the various Cheneys, the assorted terror mongers” for opposing “an attempt by moderate Muslims to be part of this miserable legacy, because, [...]

Kirsten Powers Tries to Defend Bush Derangement Syndrome with Straw Men, Fails Badly

Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers really doesn’t want to give up on Bush Derangement Syndrome. Here she is on last night’s “Hannity” with a novel defense of the Democrats‘ strategy:
Look, I just reject the premise that we can’t consider what somebody who was president for eight years did. There is a connection between that [...]

Chelsea’s Wedding: The Clintons Save America Again!

It’s been suggested that Barack Obama owes his primary victory over Hillary Clinton in part to Democrat weariness toward the Clintons and desire to put that era behind them. But even for many on the Left, Obama the Reality hasn’t quite lived up to Obama the Dream, which is apparently starting to make the Clintons [...]

Leftists: Old Pros at Racial Projection

Today we’ve got two examples of the Left doing what they do best: smearing conservatives as race-baiters. Like ol’ Wolverine pictured above, they’ve had many years of practice at it, and it’s not very nice.
First up is News Hounds, which accuses Sean Hannity of trying to pressure Michelle Malkin into “suggesting Obama’s a racist”:
Hannity’s racialized [...]

WikiLeaks: Varadarajan Smacks Down the “Puffed-Up Pimp”

Only one of the men in this image is a hero. Guess who?
With his bloodless, sallow face, his lank hair drained of all color, his languorous, very un-Australian limbs, and his aura of blinding pallor that appears to admit no nuance, Assange looks every inch the amoral, uber-nerd villain, icily detached from the real world [...]

The Degradation of Human Life Marches On

Science fiction of today, or family planning of tomorrow?
Some of our greatest leaders have observed that we “cannot diminish the value of one category of human life ‘without’ diminishing the value of all human life,” a truth that is driven home in Danielle Friedman’s chilling new Daily Beast column, which explores the phenomenon of women [...]

Left-Wing Control Freaks and Their Boring Rebuttals

Last night, Sean Hannity interviewed CNS News editor-in-chief Terence Jeffrey on his new book Control Freaks: 7 Ways Liberals Plan to Ruin Your Life. It’s a good interview that skewers the Left’s nanny-state mentality and exposes the phoniness and hypocrisy of their attacks on conservative “fascists”:

That phrase “coercing people out of their cars” came [...]