Yes, WikiLeaks’ Latest Document Dump Is a Big Deal

If conservatives are outraged about something, you can bet that Peter Beinart will soon be on the case, there to explain why it’s no big deal and you should just go about your business. Today on the Daily Beast, Beinart explains why the latest batch of revelations from Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks is an overblown drama: [...]

Southern Poverty Law Center Smears the Family Research Council – Using One of FRC’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

When it comes to wailing about the rise of “extremists” on the Right, few organizations play the game more doggedly than the Southern Poverty Law Center. Looking through their “What We Do” page on “Hate and Extremism”—which discusses suing “hate groups” for “murders and other violent acts,” and bears pictures of cross burnings and sieg [...]

Inside the Mad Mind of Michael Scheuer, Token Expert of Appeasers, Isolationists, Anti-Semites, and America-Haters

Among the angry rantings of anti-war leftists and Paulite libertarians, you’ve probably noticed one name popping up again and again: Michael Scheuer. Scheuer is a former CIA officer who headed the agency’s unit on Osama bin Laden. His popularity with war critics stems from his argument that Islamic terrorist attacks against the United States are [...]

Predictable: Necessary Interrogation Tactics Doomed Gitmo Prisoner’s Civilian Trial from the Start

Harassing harmless American citizens in the name of national security is one thing; harshly treating terrorists is another story. For obvious reasons, we tend to be far less sympathetic to the interests of the people trying to murder us, but even with moral qualms out of the way, handling captured terrorists presents complications of a [...]

American National Security Needs Obama’s Impotent US-Russia Nuke Treaty Passed This Instant!

During the Bush years, Democrats and leftists came to loathe the stinging charge that their foreign policy views posed a threat to national security, and now that one of their own is the commander-in-chief, it’s payback time. At the Daily Beast, former Assistant Secretary of State Leslie Gelb accuses congressional Republicans of being willing to [...]

Balancing Liberty and Security: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

Keeping this from happening again should be our top concern. But “strip and grope” security won’t do the trick. Outrage over the Transportation Security Administration’s new “strip and grope” airport searches seems unlikely to die down anytime soon, because most people sense a big difference between the mere hassle of being told what you can’t [...]

Hyperbolic Hypocrite Andrew Sullivan Outraged by Rush Limbaugh’s “Bald Racism”

Looking at modern-day Andrew Sullivan, it’s hard to believe that he was ever considered a sane, respectable member of the Right. Today he’s infamous for bizarre rantings on everything from Sarah Palin’s children and Catholicism to domestic politics and that scheming Israel, and to the extent that he retains any conservative views, they’re easily eclipsed [...]

Do Republicans Owe Their Control of the House to Sean Hannity?

Republicans can attribute their success in taking back the House of Representatives to numerous factors: the Tea Party movement, unemployment, the people’s sense that the federal government’s overreaching Democrat leaders weren’t listening to them, and…Sean Hannity? There’s no doubt that talk radio generally is a potent force for promoting conservative politics, but the American Spectator’s [...]

Is Saul Anuzis the Man to Turn Around the RNC?

After their big electoral victory at the beginning of the month, the next question for Republicans is, how do they maintain and expand their control of Congress? An obvious component to that question is what to do with beleaguered Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele, who’s managed to lose the confidence of just about everyone [...]

Hot Post:Anti-Semitism Arrows Fired at Glenn Beck Miss the Mark

This popular post was first published on November 11 here. You haven’t really made it as a conservative until leftists start calling you either a raging bigot or functionally illiterate. Ideally both. It has nothing to do with whether or not you’ve actually done anything bigoted, and everything to do with whether or not they [...]