Obama Gets Tough on Terrorists, Leftist Heads Explode

When I saw the title “Obama’s Terrorism Policies Worse Than Bush’s” at the Daily Beast, I rolled my eyes and clicked, expecting to find another boring hand-wringing fest about how Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to undo George W. Bush’s eeevil counter-terror policies like Guantanamo Bay. Actually, author Roger Hodge has something a bit bigger [...]

HomoCon Aftermath: Joseph Farah Owes Ann Coulter a Major Apology

When Ann Coulter got condemned as an ideological traitor by World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah for agreeing to speak to gay conservative group GOProud, some of NewsRealBlog’s commenters took Farah’s side, somehow convinced that daring to headline a homosexual event meant Coulter no longer took her faith or her principles seriously. As I said [...]

Oh By the Way, Marco Rubio Hates His Own Race

One of the means by which the Left perpetuates its stereotypes of conservatives is by frequently referencing them as if they’re already accepted fact. Consider Exhibit #43,296: Florida reporter Jim DeFede’s overview of the Florida Senate race at the Daily Beast. It’s mostly about Republican-turned-Independent Charlie Crist (spoiler alert: he’s a shameless opportunist), but DeFede [...]

So Much For Sanity: Kirsten Powers Swings Back to the Left

First there was the sharp leftward turn, then came the swerve back to sanity. Now, the Right Scoop has the…uh, scoop…on Kirsten Powers’ most recent “Hannity” appearance, in which the pendulum of Powers’ political sensibilities swings back to left-wing apologetics. It seems that Sean and the rest of his Great American Panel were too “mean” [...]

The Folly of Over-Analyzing Electoral Strategy

At Mediaite, Glenn Davis is confused by Ann Coulter’s latest appearance on “Hannity.” Coulter’s prediction that the Republican Party will retake the House but not the Senate is straightforward enough, so let’s see if we can’t figure out what’s up with the other part of her analysis: Coulter also said she didn’t really want Republicans [...]

John Avlon: The Sky Is Falling Because Tea Partiers Choose Life

The Tea Party movement has been an immense force for good in promoting political accountability and instilling in the American people a renewed interest in the principles of our Founding Fathers, but I confess that I’ve always been a bit troubled by certain libertarian strains within the movement regarding social issues and foreign policy. Fortunately, [...]

In Witchcraft-Gate, Left Suddenly Decides Alternative Lifestyles Are Terrible

The transparently dishonest character assassins at NewsHounds were lots of fun last time around, so let’s take a look at another of their anti-Sean Hannity screeds. Today, Ellen complains about Hannity’s Christine O’Donnell coverage: Hannity added dishonesty to disingenuousness by saying that Bill Maher “led the charge” for Democrats by “trying to suggest that she [...]

Barack Obama the Tax Cutter? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Poor E.J. Dionne just can’t figure out why Barack Obama isn’t getting the recognition he deserves as a tax-cutter. Yes, you heard that right; after you’re done cleaning the coffee you just spit out off of your keyboard, take a look at his latest column in the Washington Post, in which he laments the fact [...]

Kirsten Powers Defends the Tea Party: Is Her Fall to the Dark Side Reversing?

When I last commented on Fox News Democrat analyst Kirsten Powers, I blasted her for abandoning her once-moderate posture and fully embracing the vile, smear-mongering ways of the hard Left. But in a new post on the Daily Beast, Powers issues a strong defense both of the moral seriousness and political potency of the Tea [...]

Sore Loser Mike Castle Blames Hannity & Friends’ “Lies” for His Defeat

They say patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. In contemporary America, however, claiming to be a victim of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is the first. Licking his wounds from his primary defeat at the hands of Christine O’Donnell, left-wing Delaware Republican Mike Castle is looking to blame his loss on anything but the [...]