Assisted Suicide: A Retreat to the 1967 Borders


Going down the dark road of appeasement.

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Why Peace Is Impossible


How is a resolution possible if Palestinians deny basic facts of Jewish history?

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The Palestinians’ Blossoming Failed State


The world is on the verge of endorsing a deteriorating welfare state with no semblance of government.

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A Wrong Turn in East Jerusalem


One Jewish man’s brush with death in a Palestinian neighborhood shows why the city can never be divided.

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Israel: Frozen in a Moment


Is the peace process a diplomatic black hole?

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The ‘Right of Return’ Is No Bargaining Chip


Why the negotiation paradigm has to change.

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The Livni Fallacy


Will the left-wing Israeli leader ever learn from the failure of her policies?

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Lies My President Told AIPAC


Obama’s latest sham rhetoric to the Jewish community fits a pattern of duplicity.

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