Red Eye: You Can Have My Trans Fats When You Scrape Them Out of My Cold, Dead Arteries

Years ago, when I lived in upstate New York, I decided to quit smoking. Around the same time, I developed a craving for Buffalo wings. There was a great wing joint less than a mile away that delivered. I got fat. 25 wings, four or five times a week will do that to you. Sure, [...]

Red Eye: Gay Saudi Seeks Asylum, Rauf Silent

On the most recent episode of “Red Eye,” host Greg Gutfeld and guests discussed a Saudi diplomat asking for political asylum in the United States as his government has discovered he is gay and also has a Jewish, female friend. The diplomat now fears for his life. Ground Zero Mosque Imam and lover of peace, [...]

Red Eye: Chris Christie is Too Big to Fail

Chris Christie, the blunt and outspoken governor of New Jersey, has made no friends on the Left side of the political spectrum. His no nonsense delivery and rye honesty don’t exactly endear him to the touchy-feely crowd. Consequently, Christie has become an Internet hero and a conservative folk legend in his own time. The governor [...]

Red Eye: To Burn or Not To Burn – Radicalism Explored

Remember that nutty pastor in Gainesville, Florida who was going to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 by burning copies of the Qur’an? Terry Jones is calling off the event after speaking with various members of the government, including Robert Gates. “Red Eye” host, Greg Gutfeld, said in a special supplementary Greg-Alogue Obama said the act [...]

Red Eye: Florida Church to Qur’an- “Burn, Baby, Burn!”

The latest edition of “Red Eye” brought together host Greg Gutfeld with Imogen Lloyd Webber, Stephen Kruiser and Joe DeRosa. As always, TV’s Andy Levy and faithful sidekick, Bill Schulz, rounded out the show. The hot topic of the evening was the plan by a small Florida church to burn copies of the holy book [...]

Hello. Our name is America, and We’re Very, Very Sorry

The latest episode of “Red Eye” was a hoot as first time guest Dennis Miller joined Martha MacCallum and the cast to bring fans an extra hilarious hour of fun. Host Greg Gutfeld, back from a brief vacation, led the discussion on varied topics, such as James Cameron’s recent decision to pull out of a [...]

Red Eye, Rauf and – Oh Yeah! – Racism

Comedian Jim Norton, frequent “Red Eye” guest, took over hosting duties for the latest episode while Greg Gutfeld remained on vacation. Norton entertained guests – Lauren Sivan, S.E. Cupp and Anothony Cumia – with his offbeat humor and self-deprecation. The cast and friends discussed such topics as The Situation’s earning power, enhanced screening techniques at [...]

Coulter Vs. Farah on Red Eye: Will the Real American Values Stand Up?

The latest episode of “Red Eye” was extra special as ombudsman, TV’s Andy Levy, stepped out from the little room in which he is normally kept and took up hosting duties for an absent Greg Gutfeld. Guests Ann Coulter, Marc Lamont Hill and Rick Leventhal chimed in on such various subjects as the Ground Zero [...]

Why Do Moderate Muslims Hate the Amish?

No sooner do I write that I will never again post about the Ground Zero Mosque than “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld brings up the marginal topic absolutely no one in America is discussing. On tonight’s show, guests Jill Dobson, Bill Hemmer and the absolutely hilarious Stephen Kruiser discussed Park51’s recent attack on an apparently [...]

Dialogue? We Don’t Need No Stinking Dialogue – Gutfeld’s Gay Bar, Part 4

This morning’s guests were: John Devore, Patti Ann Browne and “Red Eye” creator  and NewsCore CEO John Moody. The cast and guests discussed Charlie Rangel’s 80th birthday bash, the percentage of American births to illegal immigrants, the end of the comic strip “Cathy” and the new Pop Tart World store in New York City. Once [...]