The People’s History Channel

Exhausted after a full day of kayak fishing in the waters off Green Island in the Lower Laguna Madre, I plopped down on the floor and crossed my legs under the coffee table  in front of the TV.  I stared at the laptop for a moment, then opened it and pressed the “On” button.  Roused [...]

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The Truth Behind Climategate and Hopenhagen

The December 7th edition of PBS’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook is devoted t0 Climategate, public opinion on global warming, and the Climate Change Conference taking place in Copenhagen. Ashbrook’s guests included Juliet Eilperin, an environmental reporter at The Washington Post.
Ashbrook skewed the entire segment at the very beginning of the broadcast by musing
“Will Climategate derail Copenhagen?  [...]

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History Repeats Itself: Huckabee Becomes Dukakis

Call it Willie Horton 2.0.   After winning the Democratic Party’s nomination in 1988, then-Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis’s presidential campaign was destroyed by Republican attacks on his role in the release of Willie Horton on a weekend furlough. Horton surprised and shocked leftists everywhere when he did not return to jail, and later raped a woman and [...]

NPR’s Childish KSM Trial Justification: “Terrorism is a Crime”

The Monday edition of NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook was entitled “A 9/11 Trial in New York.”  First interviewed was Evan Perez, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, who incidentally wrote an excellent piece for the WSJ about this very topic.  Ashbrook’s first question was, simply, “Why is this trial coming to New [...]

Leftists in Congress Wage War on Catholics

Editor’s note: NewsReal has written recently about the Left’s hostility to Christianity. Michael van der Galien wrote about the attack on Christians on Morning Joe here. Paul Cooper talked about Chris Matthews’ absurd anti-Christian remarks here.
Radical feminist Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) is very upset with the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  The USCCB was [...]

Maddow: Republican Revolt in NY23 was Astroturf

Rhodes scholar and prison AIDS activist turned Air America radio jockette and MSNBC liberal commentator Rachel Maddow simply HATES Tea Partiers.   It should therefore come as no surprise that she would attribute the recent Conservative revolt in New York’s 23rd district to astroturfing, ginned up by the likes of Dick Armey and FreedomWorks.
On the November 3 [...]