Generation South Park Part 9: ‘Poor and Stupid’ Nascar Fans Think ‘Obama Is Gay’

Editor’s Note: Click here for past installments of the series. Are Nascar drivers (and fans) stupid? Certainly not, but South Park’s Eric Cartman swallows the stereotype hook, line and sinker. In order to fulfill his dream of becoming a race car driver, Cartman decides he has to become “poor and stupid.” By giving his money [...]

“Iron Man 2″ DVD Sales Are Soaring Success For Conservatism

Click here to buy Iron Man 2 and support pro-American themes in Hollywood Hooray for Hollywood!! Yes, we can celebrate because the DVD of Iron Man 2, a conservative superhero, is currently flying off the shelves, soaring over the one million copy mark on the day it was released (five million at end of week)! [...]

Upcoming “Bourne” Film Will Likely Neglect That Real Enemies Work Better

The action genre has long provided a safe zone for conservatives. Where else could Jack Ryan, John McLane, and Jack Bauer do their dirty work? There are plenty of films that depict evil without apologizing for the desire to destroy it. Films like Die Hard, Patriot games, Air Force One, and True Lies work because [...]

“The Social Network” Shows the Cold Face of Facebook

There are over 500 million Facebook users, half of which sign in every day and seventy percent of those users are outside of the United States. 150 million users access the site through their mobile phone; these users are twice as active as those who use a computer. I personally use Facebook a great deal [...]

NewsReal Blog Is Looking for Writers Interested In Politics and Popular Culture

Newsreal Blog’s Concession Stand section has grown considerably in the last few months, but we’re not about to let the momentum stop. I am looking for a few more people who want to write about politics and pop culture. Popular culture is one of the best ways to reach a massive audience. It is also [...]

Netflix CEO “Apologizes” for Calling Americans Self-Absorbed, Customers Don’t Buy It.

When someone comes out with an anti-American comment and then quickly tries to backtrack, usually it means they don’t want the truth out about their real feelings. A perfect example is Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, who recently called Americans “self-absorbed” in an interview. Hastings wrote the following, buried deep within the Netflix site: My Big [...]

Self-Hating Leftist Netflix CEO Opens Mouth, Calls America “Self-Absorbed”

When a celebrity comes out and proves how narrow minded and ignorant they are it comes as no surprise. Sean Penn and Oliver Stone sucking up to dictators again? Yawn. Michael Moore is spewing neo-Communist poison over his audience again? So what else is new? However, if the CEO of a major company that benefits [...]

Ben Affleck’s “The Town” Makes Up For All Prior Atrocities

Take a moment to think about all of the garbage Ben Affleck has given us over the years. Gigli, Bounce, Armageddon, and Surviving Christmas among others are torturous to watch. However, it was his likeable roles in numerous Kevin Smith films, a couple of memorable speeches in Boiler Room, as well as a respectable performance [...]

Saving “The Path to 9/11″ Miniseries That Was Silenced By Political Intimidation

During World War II Hollywood became a place of pro-American and anti-Fascist sentiments. The line was drawn between good and evil. Even the Communist Left in Hollywood knew how to fight against true enemies with films emphatically standing against Fascism (see Fritz Lang’s Man Hunt). Today, it is often difficult to tell what is more [...]

Hollywood Continues Its Life-Long Love Affair with the Mob

No, I don’t mean Hollywood’s submission to the Clinton Machine or lust over the Obama Mafia. Though, these would be fair guesses. I am talking about the film genre that never ceases to be and has not fallen off the map like the western has. While audiences didn’t take to last year’s throwback to 1930s [...]