The Republicanphobia Drive


Left-wing chronies strike up a new strategy as Obama’s smiling, pop-star image wears out fast.

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Hidden From the Gaze of Men


What is it that the burqa is really saying about women?

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Shame on Gay Pride in Toronto


Why is a Jew-hating gay group being allowed to join the 2010 parade?

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French Canada vs. Sharia


Quebec courageously introduces a bill that says no to the niqab. Will other Canadian provinces follow?

The Meaning of Miss Muslim USA


How much does the Left care about what would happen to Rima Fakih under Sharia Law?

The Canadian Counterterrorism Money Solution


A new promising frontier emerges in Canada in the terror war.

The Islamization of Canada


Welcome to the ideal place to live for extremist Muslims.

Racial Preference Over Profiling


The America Obama wants to build is a counterfeit to what Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned.