Canadian Liberal Leader Ignatieff Wooing Women to Defeat Harper

Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals believe female voters can help them defeat Stephen Harper and will fight the next election on a platform designed to show that only Liberals understand the anxiety Canadian families are feeling about the economy.

Mexican Refugee Claimants: When Should Sympathy Triumph?

Daniel Garcia fled Mexico with his sister as a result of violence he says they faced because of her sexual orientation. Does this case warrant special treatment by Canadian immigration authorities?

Elected Politician Joins Arab Stormtroopers in Terrorizing Jewish Storeowner

In a shocking affront to democracy,   publicly elected politician Amir Khadir from Montreal, Quebec, has joined in a demonstration to harass an Israeli store owner. For full story click here Yves Archambault is owner of the shoe store Le Marcheur which carries Israeli made shoes.  Regular pickets to boycott the store have been ongoing since [...]

Editor’s Pick: Beware the Islamization of the West: Advancing the Criminalization of Free Speech

Originally published on December 1, 2010 Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is facing criminal charges in Austria for “hate speech” following a presentation she made about Islam at a seminar.  In her talk, the Act for America member and chapter leader condemned political Islam–not Muslims– with its spreading influence across Europe.  According to Elisabeth: Islamic doctrine discriminates against [...]

Aberrant George Galloway Turns from Cat to Attack Dog

Something positive actually emerged out of the infamous British ‘firebrand’ George Galloway‘s visit to McMaster University in Ontario.  Although he predictably degraded himself with his erroneous rhetoric, he didn’t quite sink as low as purring like a cat for attention. (For the perturbing YouTube video look here; a fallout report is  here.)  Instead, he lived [...]

Heterosexual Sex Blamed for Subjugation of Women

The predictable strategy of far Left feminists when challenged by conservatives for their absurd ethos is to levy public personal ridicule to divert attention away from the real issue. This debased tactic isn’t just a leftist mania in the Americas;  it’s ubiquitous and took a bizarre spin in Germany this week. Alice Schwarzer–a hardcore, ultra-feminist [...]

A “Credible and Legitimate” UN? Then Obama Should Bow to Harper and Netanyahu

The putrid fumes from Canada’s rejection at the UN Security Council circulated anew when Obama declared in India: the United States seeks an “efficient, effective, credible and legitimate” United Nations…in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed United Nations Security Council that includes India as a permanent member. Obama bowed to an audience [...]

My Personal Experience on a Delegation to Holocaust Sites

In a breakaway from my usual blog style, I will discuss my recent personal experience which has taken the better part of this week for me to begin absorbing.  On October 29th I returned from a Canadian delegation trip to Berlin and Krakow to visit key Holocaust sites. Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust [...]

Canadians Plan to Violate Gaza Blockade with Mega Union in Tow

A group of Canadian activists is claiming to have raised 100 thousand dollars—a third of its goal—to buy a ship to violate Israel’s blockade of Gaza.  Yet there is no plan to do the same to the Egyptian blockade,  nor to the unjustifiable Turkish blockade against the Greek Cypriots.  What’s more disturbing is that among [...]

Obama Tries to Rekindle Delusions of Unity for Midterm

In an exclusive People interview, Barack Obama openly admitted that in his first year as American President he had failed to “bring the country together in a way that we had done in the Inauguration.”  Coming up to mid-term elections, nothing has changed. To be fair,  how could this fizzling out of unity not have [...]