Can the Cant: 9-11 Was Always Already Politicized

From the pages of the Washington Times comes an article filled with hand wringing over the GZ Mosque and Qur-B-Que controversies, quoting various people lamenting the politicization of 9-11. 9-11 has always been political, though. Oh, yes, the reasons for the wanton massacre of thousands in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and on various commercial [...]

The Flight Attendant Celebrity, Media Coverage, Narrative and Confusion

Steven Slater, now famous for his dramatic and fabulous exit from his job as a Jet Blue steward, turns out to have been married once, as his ex-wife was defending him on MSNBC, so perhaps he’s not quite as fabulous as I’d supposed from getting a look at his MySpace page. I understand that the [...]

Justice and Mercy: The Lockerbie Bomber

 The news out of Scotland is that their officials are sick of the United States’ criticism regarding the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who, feeling “low” after his diagnosis with prostate cancer, and missing his loved ones, was released to Libya on the medical testimony of a prison doctor stating that he had but weeks to [...]

Joan Walsh Is on a Tear . . . of Lies

Just a few days ago, I noted that Ms. Walsh had a little fit of demagoguery over Stupak and the nuns.Today’s column carries on the same technique of taking as givens (for purposes of “informing” her audience) assertions that simply aren’t true, then castigating others for moral equivalency.
The opening gambit is to compare Eric Cantor’s assertion that [...]