Black Skin Privilege


Crucified Again


Why Israel Is the Victim


In “Why Israel is the Victim” David Horowitz tells the ugly tale of the war against Israel, laying bare the sordid hypocrisies and deceits behind its campaign of violence. No single volume can con- tain the full story of Islamic terrorism or the coura- geous ways in which the ordinary Israeli confronts it in the streets of his cities. What this essay does tell is the story of the lies behind that terror.

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Black Skin Privilege

Black Skin Privilege

The term “white skin privilege” was first made popular during the 1960s by the Weatherman terrorists as they launched their bombing run against “Ameriikkka,” calling on whites to give up the power their skin color gave them and join the global race war the radicals believed was already in progress.

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Pat Caddell – The Election

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