Oops! “Peaceful” Imam Tried to Shoot Cop in Past

The Detroit News reports that the late, unlamented, radical imam, Luqman Ameen Abdullah who died in a shootout with the FBI, tried to grab a gun and shoot a Livonia cop in 1980.   The Imam Formerly Known As Christopher Thomas has a long record apparently, of “peaceful resistance.”
THE DETROIT NEWS: Livonia — The man who [...]

Hapless Chris Matthews Making a Joke of Himself with Continued Selective Outrage

Like the geek with a kick me sign on his back, Chris Matthews not only doesn’t get that Rush Limbaugh is directly gigging him with the constant references to the “Obama regime,” he is keeping the gag going with his continued manufactured outrage—and all of his MSNBC friends at the not cool lunch table are [...]

Obama Makes Biological Warfare More Attractive to Terrorist States

Obama Announces America’s New “Nuclear Posture”
The New York Times today reviews Barack Obama’s latest gutting of American strength in an effort to make the bad guys love us. In the process, he makes biological attack the most attractive way to inflict mass casualties on Americans.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: It eliminates much of the ambiguity that [...]

Resurrecting Hate

While actual Baptists celebrate Easter today, the family cult that calls itself the Westboro Baptist Church is celebrating the death of American soldiers—and the federal court which washed its hands of its responsibilities and turned a fallen Marine’s father over to this rabid mob.
A District Court had hit the Westboro cult with a multi-million dollar [...]

Faith and Fiction


A thriller writer and an FBI veteran eschew sermonizing for suspense in two Christian fiction hits.

The Best Hour in Television History?

Timothy Olyphant as US Marshall Raylan Givens in FX’s “Justified”
When I was first married, we basically watched prime television on one night– Thursday.  First stop CBS for Magnum P.I., then over to ABC for Taxi and Barney Miller, and ending up on NBC for Hill Street Blues.  Other than that, it was mostly sports and [...]

Good Shooting!

In his latest superb book, Intellectuals and Society, Thomas Sowell describes the “intelligentsia” as people who are certain how many shots a police officer should fire in a stressful situation, even though they have never even fired a shot on a pistol range.
Today, the Detroit Free Press reports on a protest by the usual suspects [...]

Protecting The New Victim Class—Democrat Members of Congress: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann Part 39

“We’ve gotta clamp down on it.”  Bart Stupak
It began with Keith Olbermann who returned for one night to do a little happy dance over the passage of Obamacare—and to call for the arrest of people who were mean to Barney Frank.
OLBERMANN:  Two days ago, a Tea Party protestor shouted the “N” word at Congressman John [...]

NewsReal Blog Film Club: The African Queen Finally Available on DVD!

The African Queen (Commemorative Box Set) [Blu-ray]
The African Queen [DVD]
Perhaps the greatest hole in the universe of what films are available on DVD has been filled today, with the release of the restored John Huston classic The African Queen.
If this film in not in your top 50, then you have no business making top 50 [...]

Hawking Adultery

Adultery should be for fun AND profit, according to Jenn. Q. Public.
For a few, mostly unmarried, bloggers on this site, every proposal that marriage is and should be a legal contract with consequences, is a slippery slope toward theocracy and a direct attack on homosexuals.
This curiously aggressively defensive attitude generally takes an argument that either [...]