NRB Book Club: Agents of Treachery

What’s better than a good thriller in the summer?  How about 14 good thrillers.
In Agents of Treachery, billed as the first collection of original espionage stories ever assembled, Otto Penzler, literary agent extraordinaire, has assembled an unbelievable collection of today’s most prominent writers of international intrigue.
Among the highlights is an Alistair MacLean-like story of an OSS operative [...]

Obama Administration Sues Michigan for Prosecuting “Federal Issue” of Bank Robbery

In a surprise move, the Obama Justice Department filed suit today against the State of Michigan and Macomb County for prosecuting a Washington Township man for bank robbery, under its controversial and tough bank robbery statute.
Scott Edward Berry, 38, was arraigned in May in Macomb County District Court, after being arrested by the county Sheriff.
“Bank [...]

Don’t Let Obama Cut the Blue Angels

Whenever the budget becomes a potent political issue, liberals target two areas in the defense budget– military demonstration teams, and weapons that assure America’s future dominance.
Lately, conservatives have started to join that bandwagon, to show they are not reflexively against defense cuts.  This is a mistake.
The pride and patriotism stirred by the Blue Angels pays [...]

Dear John: Col. Peters Has a Point—at Least

Yesterday, John Guardiano’s post protesting Col. Ralph Peters’s supposed “cheap shots” at Petraeus, is far more personally pointed than anything Peters said on Bill O’Reilly’s program.
Col. Peters (who supported the “surge” in Iraq) is skeptical about nation building in Afghanistan, correctly pointing out that you can’t “rebuild” something that has never been built.
The key [...]

Why People Hate Movie Critics

When I wrote movie reviews for about 15 years for a midsized (then) daily newspaper, I often heard the wisecrack, “I read reviews, then do the opposite of what they recommend.”  The polite people would add, “Except for you, of course.”
Perhaps the best illustration of the gulf between popular and elite opinion was the 2008 [...]

Pay Cable Documentaries You Should Not Miss

HBO and Showtime justify their subscription rates this month with two
superb documentaries.  HBO is giving prime time to For Neda, a biography of Neda Agah Soltan who was gunned down in a Tehran street durig a democracy demonstration.  Meanwhile Showtime is featuring one of the all time great war documentaries, Brothers at War, in which a [...]

Rush Limbaugh Buys Left’s Spin on WWII Bombing

While discussing the overly restrictive Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan yesterday as part of his defense of General McChrystal, Rush Limbaugh himself inflicted some collateral damage on the historical record and the reputation of the American military.
In declaring that civilian casualties were “the point” in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden, Limbaugh bought the line promulgated by [...]

Amazing Toy Story 3 Treat for Fathers AND Kids

Pixar has accomplished with its Toy Story series what eluded the filmmakers of Superman, Star Wars, and even The Godfather.  A third film that not only lives up to its predecessors, it adds to the reputation of the original rather than tarnishing it.  (Think about it, I bet Raiders of the Lost Ark would appear [...]

NRB Book Club: Hellhound on His Trail, The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin

No matter how much–or how little– you already know about the details of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by James Earl Ray, you will be spellbound by Hampton Sides’ superb new book, Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin.
Hampton focuses on stortytelling here, [...]

Nampion is Right: Killing the Unborn Already CAN Be Murder

Michael Fletcher murdered his wife and unborn child
We have been engaging in a sometimes good, oftentimes merely semantic, (aka typically libertarian) debate on abortion on this site for several days.  The trigger was David Swindle’s slightly improved take on the old saw, “If abortion is murder, why don’t you want to prosecute it like murder?”
As [...]