Conservatism needs a transplant

This column was originally published by Salon on October 6, 1997. It has become the topic of the season on the political right: Whatever happened to the triumph of conservatism? Recently, the Weekly Standard ran a cover symposium titled “Is There a Worldwide Conservative Crackup?” Conservative ideas appear to be ascendant, the editors pointed out, but [...]

An academic lynching

This article was originally published by Salon on September 22, 1997. Lino Graglia is a 67-year-old Sicilian-born American who was an attorney in the Eisenhower Justice Department and has been teaching constitutional law at the University of Texas in Austin for 33 years. A stiff-necked Catholic conservative — some would say eccentric — he passionately holds [...]

When “civil rights” means civil wrongs

This article was originally published by Salon on September 15, 1997. During the darkest days of the Cold War, the Italian writer Ignazio Silone predicted the final struggle of that conflict would be between the communist believers and the ex-believers. A similar conflict seems to be shaping up among civil rights activists, as affirmative action undergoes [...]

Spies like us

This article was originally published by Salon on October 20, 1997. Two weeks ago, three leftist radicals from the University of Wisconsin were arrested and charged with spying. The media played the story big. But I still have one question: Why only three? James Clark, Kurt Stand and Theresa Squillacote were all New Left enthusiasts, Maoists [...]

Max Blumenthal’s Inherited Genetic Disorder

First published at FrontPage Magazine on March 8 2007 here. Blumenthal recently attacked the Freedom Center in a piece here. The successes of the academic freedom campaign and the publication of The Professors have produced a rash of websites and a phalanx of pundits devoted to attacking them. Their assaults deploy the unsavory weapons of [...]

The boys in the bathhouses

This article was originally published by Salon on November 3, 1997. Six months ago I wrote in Salon that the AIDS crisis was“just beginning.” Despite — even because of — the development of anti-viral drug “cocktails” and a modestly declining death rate, the sexual promiscuity among gay males that fueled the epidemic, I wrote, was likely [...]

Choke your coach, become a cause

This article was originally published by Salon on December 15, 1997. Try this exercise: Imagine that a white player in the National Basketball Association had first tried to strangle his black coach and then threatened to kill him in front of the whole team. Suppose that this white player had previously threatened a teammate with [...]

My Daughter Sarah and the Lack of Civil Dialogue in our Culture


Progressives turn a deaf ear to a call for reconciliation and healing.

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Fascism By Any Other Name

When conservatives try to meet at Columbia, ideologues shout them down, with the backing of the administration.

Hollywood’s longest black list

This article was originally published by Salon on February 10, 1997. At a time when its latest heroes are a fascist (Eva Peron) and a misogynist (Larry Flynt), it is perhaps not surprising that Hollywood is experiencing a crisis of conscience in finding a place in its heart for a patriot like Elia Kazan. Last [...]