Opposing the Palestinian War Against the Jews


My speech at Brooklyn College to counter “Israel Apartheid Week.”

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Suicidal Jews and the Anti-Semites They Ignore (and Sometimes Embrace)


My response to misguided students at Yale and Brown.

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Priceless: Jon Stewart on Libya

President Obama gets some Daily Show scrutiny.

Why I Am Not a Neo-Conservative


A wake-up call in the Middle East.

Lest We Forget

There are brave Americans out there defending our freedoms

Glenn Beck Reports the Darkest Evil on the Planet

This report by Glenn Beck on the the Palestinians’ massacre of a Jewish family on the West Bank gets it right — and he is the only major media figure who has.

Killing the Messenger: The Left Strikes Back


Leftists try to turn my night in Brooklyn into a nightmare.

Turkish Muslim Decapitates a Priest: An Austrian MP Strikes Back

Hat tip: Mireille Wolfe

The Heroes of the Palestine Club at Work

Here is a news item that should warm the hearts of the Muslim Students Association, Billy Ayers, the editors of The Nation, and all the defenders of Hamas on the left.

It’s Time for the Jews to Stand Up for Themselves


My night at Brooklyn College.

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