David Horowitz’s Archives: Mercy for a terrorist?

This post first originally appeared at Salon, on August 2, 1999. Who in America today could be associated with a gang that carried out an execution-style murder of a prominent public official and the murder of a pregnant woman during a bank hold-up, and then, when finally arrested, be championed as an “idealist” by church [...]

A Historic Election, An Early Thanksgiving

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Today is a day for conservatives to thank Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

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David Horowitz’s Archives: The Greek Crisis and the Reactionary Left

This article originally appeared on 7 May 2010, here. I put this question to my investor friend, whom I’ll call Angel Ware, about the situation in Europe: Any insights into the ramifications of the Greek crisis? Here is his answer: “Well, it depends. The first question is whether or not the EU (i.e. Germany) will [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Traitor in chief

This article first appeared at Salon on 28 May, 1999. On many occasions over the past few years, including innumerable campaign appearances and three State of the Union addresses, the president of the United States has looked the American people in the eye and assured them that because of his policies, “There are no more [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: The American Way of Bigotry

This article first appeared at Salon, on September 13, 1999. One of the many letters responding to my Salon News column aboutblack racism and denial was from an angry Chicago reader named Alice Huber, who introduced herself as an African-American woman married to a white man. According to Huber, I was indeed a “bigot,” as [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: What’s gun control got to do with it?

This post first appeared at Salon, on July 6, 1999. The other day I picked up a phone message from a woman concerning a charity event for homeless youngsters that I was helping organize in Hollywood. The woman is a liberal, and she said she had found a friend who was willing to volunteer her [...]

David Horowitz’s Thoughts on the Election

I don’t think Democratic voters, disillusioned with Obama, are going to come out in force on Tuesday and I think that Republicans — scared for their country to a greater degree than they have ever been — will. It is my guess (and it is a guess) that the tide against the Democrats is so [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Don’t Look Back

This article first appeared in Salon, on October 25, 1999. The other day I received an e-mail from a stranger posing two questions that have been on my mind for some time; thus his message seemed uncannily personal. “I was curious,” the writer said, “if you have ever looked at your political ‘apostasy’ and wondered [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Betty Friedan’s Secret Communist Past

This article first appeared in Salon on January 18, 1999. What is it with progressives? Why do they feel the need to lie so relentlessly about who they are? Recently Rigoberta Menchú’s autobiography was exposed as a complete hoax. Now it’s Betty Friedan’s turn to be revealed as a feminist fibber. In a new book, [...]

The Politics of Public Television


The firing of Juan Williams reveals, once again, the gulf between the politics of public broadcasting and the public it allegedly represents.

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