David Horowitz’s Archives: The Threat at Home

This article was first published on May 5, 2009, here. (What follows is an edited version of a radio interview on KKMS AM 980 with David Horowitz conducted by hosts Lee Michaels and Jeff Shell. The show opened with the one of the hosts asking the following question: Tell us a little bit about yourself, because [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: How the Left Undermined National Security Before 9/11

“While the nation was having a good laugh at the expense of Florida’s hanging chads and butterfly ballots, Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi were there, in Florida, learning to drive commercial jetliners [and ram them into the World Trade Center towers]. It will take a novelist to paint that broad canvas properly. It will [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Willful Misunderstanding

My book The Professors has garnered a fair share of attention. There are already 3 million web references to “dangerous professors,” its subtitle. While obviously not all the Google references are to my book, a glance will show that all of the references on the first ten pages of the index are. (I leave it [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: The Surreal World of the Progressive Left

The big news during Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week was the disruption of my speech at Emory University by leftists who, it so happens, weren’t actually students. They were members of the Coalition United for Peace and Justice, one of the leading groups in the movement to save the Islamo-Fascist regime in Iraq from being overthrown by [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: The Manchurian Candidate

This article was first published here on Sept 11, 2009. Those who were surprised by the White House appointment of Van Jones – a self-styled “communist,” and a proponent of the idea that the Katrina catastrophe was caused by “white supremacy,” haven’t been paying attention to developments on the left since the fall of Communism, or [...]

What Public-Sector Unions Have Wrought

From Jeff Jacoby: ORGANIZED LABOR in the United States achieved a milestone in 2009 that once would have been unthinkable: for the first time, union members working in government jobs outnumbered those working in the private sector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of unionized private employees fell last year to [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives:: Are Communists (or neo-Communists) Dangerous?

This article was first published on September 22, 2009. Last Friday night, O’Reilly and Beck had a back-and-forth about communism (inspired by Beck’s takedown of self-proclaimed communist and presidential adviser Van Jones). O’Reilly opined (I hate that word but he likes it, so there it is) that he was afraid of Islamo-fascists but not of communists. [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Port Huron and the War On Terror

Editor’s Note: Beginning today the NRB feature “From the Writings of David Horowitz” is getting an upgrade. From now on we’ll be republishing full-length articles from David’s archive instead of just quotes.  We hope you enjoy it. This essay was first published on July 23 2002 and can be found here. Forty years ago, I [...]

Something We Did


A new play slanders me as a villain — while praising the Left’s cold-blooded killers.

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Unholy Alliance Five Years Later

Five years ago, I published Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, to explain how social justice leftists could warm up to Islamo-fascists and to warn Americans that they had a fifth column in their midst. Most of these American radicals will function as apologists and enablers of Islamo-fascists but some will actively collaborate [...]