Half of Democrats Out To Lunch in the War Against Radical Islam and By the Way, Why Isn’t Hasan Being Water-Boarded to Find Out Who His Contacts Are?

On America’s Newsroom this morning, pollster Scott Rasmussen reported the results of a new poll that shows 60% of all Americans want the Muslim traitor Major Nidal Hassan tried in a military court for a terrorist act, while only 27% want it investigated by a civilian court as a criminal act (with Johnny Cochran clones [...]

Liberal Idiocy on Fort Hood – by David Horowitz


Guess what the mayor of Chicago blames the shooting of 41 soldiers on?

How Embarrassing Is It To Be A So-Called Liberal In The Midst of a Holy War?

Why is it that when a so-called liberal opens his mouth about the Ft. Hood massacre by a Muslim jihadist I know that I’m going to feel less safe? The corrupt mayor of Chicago (and presidential patron) blames the shooting of 41 soldiers — at the deployment center for the wars against Muslim jihadists in [...]

The Nation Magazine Pays Tribute to a Despot – by David Horowitz


The Left’s flagship journal celebrates the fall of communism — by celebrating communism.

Our Brain Dead Country – by David Horowitz


The Ft. Hood killings are the chickens of the Left coming home to roost.

The Nation Celebrates the Fall of Communism by … Celebrating Communism!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as important to the 20th Century as the victory over Germany and Japan — probably more so, since Nazism was not an ideology with hundreds of millions of followers in the West and throughout the Free World that Communism had.
Among them were the editors [...]

Fire General Casey

You have to view this segment of the Meet the Press interview with Army chief of staff General George Casey to believe it — to believe that our army could be led by someone as incompetent in national security matters as  this man showed he was, first by claiming that the army hadn’t “missed anything” [...]

How So-Called Liberals Are Incapable of Rational Thought: Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias and I watched the same C-Span broadcast of the House debate on a parliamentary motion to extend remarks on the House bill. According to Yglesias, sexist Republicans (including — although he fails to mention this — Republican women) attempted to suppress the views of members of the Democratic women’s caucus by talking over [...]

Our Brain Dead Country

A Muslim fanatic with an Internet site praising Islamic suicide bombers as defenders of their comrades is a Major in the U.S. Army with access to military intelligence and lethal weaponry. And it’s not as though the army didn’t know that he was a Muslim fanatic and supporter of the Islamic jihad against the West. [...]

Candidate of the Left – by David Horowitz


A year after the election: we were right.